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Yet another similarity to gta3


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once you have bought sunhine autos, get any car that is on the first list. go and put it in, but DO NOT LEAVE YET!.


look in the north-west corner o find a computer with some text on it. remind anyone of what was in joeys garage in GTA3?'


Flamers, just don't bother posting. SOme Newbs Dun't know about this.

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Kruton 9000, my good sir. And the boxes are still marked M101 or something to that effect.


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who knows if they put it there on purpose or they got lazy, cuz half of the people didnt look at joeys comp when he gave the mission, to busy lookin at misty ;)

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Good find...


That's another thing I wouldn't dream of finding..


Now all I have to do is start the game again to check it out :sarcasm:



The Precinct - We're upping our standards, so up yours!

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you've amazed me!


nice work my friend




i'm a Newbie and i have no experience...


anyone would like to be a sensei and teach me the wonders of Vice City?


sorry i'm WAY retarded  :beerhat:

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Another thing that people have probably already spotted, but Im going to say it anyways, if you go to Kaufman's Cabs and go over to the two games by the wall on the south (right of the entrance), look at the machine on the right. Look familiar? Heh heh, Pogo the Monkey makes a return.

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yaa i noticed that as well, also if u go to the film studios there is a poster of bad fellas, with salvatore joey luigi and toni on it. also in phil cassidy's trailer, there are soldier of fortune posters, and one poster says f*ck.

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