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Killing Lamar - new horror missions

Sancho Pantches

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Sancho Pantches

Those ps4 capture missions where inspired by the desire to waste Lamar,
for being such an annoying character.
His appearance in the lowrider dlc and the upcoming halloween holliday
created a lovely opportunity to do so.
Hence, those capture missions are very cruel and macabre.
They feature some explicit subjects, that some might find disturbing.
All need minimum 2 players, but can be played with up to 30 people.
They pay 20000 for the winner. There is NO ramps, jums, parkour stuff.

Broken hearts and mirrors


Lamar has been giving those stolen gang lowriders to his new found girlfriends.
The Ballas and Vagos want their cars back, and they want Lamar to suffer.
Waste the Lamar's new found girlfriends and deliver their hearts back to him in a duffel bag.

Macabre de Lamar


Seems that Lamar was selling dead enemy body parts to the food joints around the town.
Today his believed cousins are visiting the town.
Find them and chop those tasteful ingredients from Lamar's cousins,
bag them and bring them to the kitchen.
Don't forget to invite him to the restaurant for a taste.

Confidential Counseling


In attempt to create special boosting fuel, Vagos have captured Lamar
and stashed him inside of the fuel tanker.
Try to find one heavy truck, so you can pull tanker with Lamar's body.
Deliver it to the Criminal records race.
Try not to get wasted, or you will end up in prison.
If you do, escape the law and deliver the fuel at any cost.

Edited by Sancho Pantches
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