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Create your own protagonist

Recommended Posts


Here is all my three protagonist to my Prestige City concept thread (sorry if you don't understand, my english is barely perfect:


Name: Tamara Nicholson.
Status: Alive.
Gender: Female.
Date of birth: August 30th, 1978.
Place of birth: Limerick, Ireland.
Home: Georgetown, Prestige City (Charlestown, Boston)
Nationality: Irish.
Family: Andrew Nicholson (Brother), Marty Nicholson (Brother), Dean Nicholson (Brother), Morris Nicholson (Brother, deceased), Unnamed mother (?), Unnamed father (deceased).
Main affiliation: Nicholson's Family Mob, Spanish Lords, Shinebrook Moderns, Triads, Loonies.
Vehicles: Dundready Admiral, Player's choice.
Business: Irish mob important member.
Favorite radio stations: Britannia FM, Major Treble FM, Prestige Rock Radio, Sparkle Wave 88.3
Voiced by: Sinead Keenan.

Personality: Her behavior is indifferent, rude and sarcastic, on the other hand she is smart and knows to plan tactics for any mission. If any of her brothers is hurt or injured or insulted, she reacts aggressively as possible, giving a beating. Her use of weapons and fury combined well to any situation involving shootings and gang wars.

Backstory: Behind Tamara's life is a crooked and violent adventure with his brothers during times of adolescence, she is the youngest of the Nicholson's brothers, without hesitation she plunged into the world of violence, drugs and weapons. Stealing, killing, killing, Tamara's life turned that way, and in 1993, she along with her brothers formed the Nicholson's crime family, one of the most dangerous in Limerick, emerging way to become recognized. But in 1996, a night in an alleyway had a meeting of all members of the gang, the Jewish mob interfered during the meeting, suddenly one of them killed the older brother, Morris. Dean blame Tamara not protect him, from that moment the brothers went to Prestige City to expand, Tamara stayed in Limerick for 20 years, until a call changed her life, Andrew prompts her to go to Prestige City. This is how start a new criminal adventure in this new place with his brothers, back in action.


Name: Shaun Maundy.
Status: Alive.
Gender: Male.
Date of birth: April 14th, 1988.
Place of birth: Prestige City, USA.
Home: Shinebrook, Prestige City (Brighton, Boston)
Nationality: American.
Family: Unknown father, unknwon mother.
Main affiliation: Loonies, Shinebrook Moderns, Triads, Nicholson Family, Spanish Lords and Uptown Riders.
Vehicles: Vapid Dominator, Pegassi Ventoso, Player's choice.
Business: Loonies' errand boy and Shinebrooks Moderns' boss.
Favorite radio stations: Shinebrook Radio, Astrotive FM, The Garden 103.7, Eris FM.
Voiced by: Johnny Yong Bosch

Personality: Shaun is different than the rest of the hipsters around the world, even he keeps his ironic touch. His personality is cold, ironic, loyal and purposeful. Shaun knows what he wants, but if someone opposites against him, he will know how to contradict and react perfectly to don't hesitate and keeps going with his objectives in mind. He also knows how to defend his friends.

Backstory: There's no much information about Shaun, but on the Shinebrook College database mentions a lot about bullying, vandalism and rebellion since first year in College. It comes from family, his dad always were a revolted as he learnt from him, like no one goes on his way, or piss him off. Most of the students were scared of him, scared of his tough but ironic behavior. Teachers always tried to correct Shaun but every attempt was a failure. After graduating, he still lives with his room mate on Shinebrook and he found a job as an errand boy for one of the most popular gangs in Prestige City: The Loonies.


Name: Alejandro "Alex" Sorano.
Status: Alive.
Gender: Male.
Date of birth: June 25th, 1984
Place of birth: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
Home: Prestige East Side, Prestige City (East Boston, Boston)
Nationality: Dominican.
Family: Sandra Sorano (sister), Kimberly Alvarez (mother), Mario Sorano (father, deceased)
Main affiliation: Spanish Lords, Shinebrook Moderns, Triads, Nicholson Family, Valdez Cartel, Loonies.
Vehicles: Albany Cavalcade, Player's choice.
Business: Spanish Lords member.
Favorite radio stations: Rumba 95.3, W-Jam 107.3, Cellar Jazz Radio, Graff Rapp 91.7.
Voiced by: Manny Perez

Personality: Alejandro always lived from the gangster life, he became more hostile, bohemian, tough and senseless. But he is not always the same all the time, he has a family and he takes care of him a lot since his father died. If someone hurts his family, mercilessly he kills whoever hurts his family. Alex is a tough guy with a sensible and inclemency side.

Backstory: On his motherland, Alex family were humble, living on the "barrios" of Santo Domingo, full of working people, drugs, sex and crime. His father died during a shoot at night. After many years of effort and hard times, his family decided to move to live the American dream (legally). Alex and his family started to live in the east side of Prestige City, where all the Latin community lives. His family was needed of money, so Kimberly works currently on an organic market, Sandra works as a Zumba teacher, and Alex had no job. In a bar, a person gave Alex a job opportunity; to join to Spanish Lords gang. He accepted and started with small jobs. Years passed and now he is almost on the higher level of the gang.

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Edited by Cluckin' Bell

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Name: Emily Manning

Fake Name: Alexandra Lyons

Nickname: Swan/Jezebel

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown but dyed to dirty blonde

Skin Color: Tan

Location: Butternut - New Rotterdam

Status: Players choice

Gender: Female

Date of birth: May 5th 1996

Age: 21

Heritage: Native American/English

Jobs: Doesnt Have One

Height: 5/5

Vehicles: Karen Karuma

Bio: Shes a runaway from Vice City mainly cause she wants to be with her BFF and to get away from her reputation of being "A Bro Hoper" so she runs to Butternut New Rotterdam (syracuse new york) to just start over, never had any experience in crime except for a few street races, never really got into fights. When she gets to Butternut you pretty much watch her rise and downfall of her criminal career.


Im writing a concept with her so that should be up at some point sooo....yeah :)

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Name: Random Dude

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Heritage: American

Height: 6'4


Story: He's the strongest dude in his town, but he's stupid as hell, can't think for himself and he's sensitive. He thinks that everyone likes him. His friends, however, doesn't give a sh*t about him, except when they're in trouble. They mostly yell at him because of tiny things, but when he's pissed they immediatly shut up. His girlfriend has a secret relationship with her 30 years older boss, because she wants a pay rise. Her sister is in love with Random but everyone (including Random) ignores her. She's suicidal and tries to kill herself in some missions, but she never does because she wants attention that she doesn't get. His father hates him and wants to get rid of him, but on the other hand Random is the only one who's able to protect his store from the local mafia. His little brother is a obnoxious little sh*t and he always says that he's better than Random, but when they're confronted by the mob he starts crying for help and Random comes to the rescue. The only person who actually cares about Random is some homeless old man that nobody cares about except Random. The old man teaches Random how to fight and how to shoot a gun. He always gave him tips but Random was too stupid to understand them. The old man died somehow and Random was the only one at his funreal. The mob boss is a 5'0 tall fat man who's always angry at his dumb henchmen, but he's a coward when they're gone. His plans never work. His bodyguard is very tall and muscular like Random, but he's also stupid and wouldn't hurt a fly. He and Random are friendly to each other. He became so dumb because he fell down the stairs when he was a little kid. The other one is skinny and also dumb. He's more ruthless and violent than the muscular one. He always tries to kill Random but he always gets his ass kicked which makes him more angry. He treats the tall one like sh*t and he always says that's his fault even if it's his own. At one point the tall one gets angry at him and he stopped being rude to him. The third one is very smart, but the other guys dumbness always get in his way when he's about to kill Random. Because of that he doesn't appear in that many episodes I mean missions. He likes pink and the other mobsters always call him gay for that. The police chief was born in the southern states and he always wears a cowboy hat. He has two revolvers and he's racist. One cop is fat, useless and he eats all the time. His partner does all the work since he's one of the best cops in town. Some people think that he's gay because he shows no interest in women and he has a moustache. Similar to the pink mafia guy his fat useless partner always stands in his way. One of Random's "friends" is Jamaican and he can get you some cars when you call him for money of course. He's always high and he always appears after the trouble. The gun shop owner is a Vietnam veteran who has flashbacks every now and then. He always forgets Random's name and he dies after he "accidentally" shot himself. The Irish mob has some appearences as hired guns. They are always drunk and, because of that, never succeed. O'Neil from the mob usually steals Random's Father's diamonds and Random has to get them back. He owns a ship and acts like a pirate. He and his two henchmen are feared in this town even by the mafia and police because of their ruthless ways. They get killed in a explosion caused by Random tho. The mayor is a meth junkie and he's mostly inside a strip club. The taxi drivers are mostly from middle eastern countries and they speak in a stereotypical accent. Lannibal Hecter, the local cannibal, is a very friendly, respectful and well behaved gentleman. He speaks in a posh accent. He gets shot in the face by O'Neil when he tried to defuse the bomb that has been planted on O'Neil's ship whereupon O'Neil and his henchmen get blown up before he could realise there was a bomb on the ship and Lannibal was just trying to help. There some minor characters that give you missions but they are unimportant and die anyway. Sadly, Random will never actually realise that his so called "friends" are just using him.

Edited by ProKiller93

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Dustin Leonard


A 6'3 Ex Rentboy, he's the son of a Ukranian prostitute named Ola with webbed hands & a Bi-Sexual ex-drug dealer & Semi-pro boxer Named Axl Leonard he's a Canadian gentleman.


Dustin was sent to an orphanage after his mother died of a meth overdose & his father was killed by a male lover after a fight that turned nasty. after living in the orphanage for some years at age 16 with no education he turned to prostitution, he turned tricks for many men that was until he met Ahmed Masood a British - Indian Homosexual billionaire businessman, they fell in love & they now live in a penthouse in Vice City, they control all the male prostitution & Cocaine in the city they have been known to rape rentboys who step out of line & murder them brutally, Ahmed is a necro & has dabbled in cannibalism.


Ahmed owns a stake in Merryweather.


They are both a pair of sick f*cks who would play as antagonists.


Oh sorry just realised this is protags, apologies. :lol:

Edited by Rascalov

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Not a very good idea, but I'll give it an attempt. Sorry for my English anyway.


Concept: 3 Protagonists.

Setting: Liberty City and Cascade City (for Scott Bradley's final mission).

Year: 2016


Scott Bradley is the main protagonist, Flavio Capirossi is the second protagonist, and Cody Hayden is the third protagonist.


Name: Scott Bradley

Status: Alive

Gender: Male

Age: 33

Date of Birth: December 21th, 1983

Place of Birth: Cascade City, San Andreas (a parody of Seattle, Washington)

Home: Liberty City

Heritage: Caucasian American

Height: 6 ft 0

Weight: 225 Pounds

Group: None

Business: An Illegal Cage Fighter

Speciality: Fighting


Background: Scott Bradley is a drifter. He likes to pay a visit to an Illegal Cage Fighting everytime he discovers them in every town in America, making him a great hand-to-hand combatant in the process. One day he visits the Liberty City for the first time and discovers L.C. Cage Fighting. A street gang member notices how much potential Scott has in his arsenal and offers him a job which Scott accept, leading him into complicated situations in LC.



Name: Flavio Capirossi

Status: Alive

Gender: Male

Age: 31

Date of Birth: April 30th, 1985

Place of Birth: Liberty City

Home: Liberty City

Heritage Italian American

Height: 6 ft 1

Weight: 175 Pounds

Group: Capirossi Crime Family (A Mafia Family Organization...obviously)

Business: A Street Racer

Speciality: Driving


Background: Flavio Capirossi is the son of Giancarlo Capirossi, the don of Capirossi Family. Flavio actually doesn't care about his Father's Organization and prefer to make money in Street Racing instead, making him a great driver in the proccess. After some pressure from his Father, Flavio finally works for his Father a year prior the game start. However, deep down inside, all Flavio wants is just driving a sport cart.


Name: Cody Hayden

Status: Alive

Gender: Male

Age: 31

Date of Birth: December 14th, 1985

Place of Birth: Liberty City

Home: Liberty City

Heritage: American Caucasian

Height: 6 ft 2

Weight: 180 Pounds

Group: The Jordan Gang (similar to The Vercetti Gang...still on their way to be a powerful gang though)

Business: Freelance Hacker

Speciality: Hacking


Background: Unlike Scott and Flavio, Cody isn't an illegal fighter nor a street racer. He isn't a good gunman either. Cody is all about the brain and the second leader of The Jordan Gang just behind his best friend, Denton Jordan who is a good gunman and equally as smart as Cody. Both Cody and Denton try to make the money through their criminal activities. However, with so many gangs in LC, it won't be easy for both Cody and Denton to beat LC. Cody eventually becoming a freelance hacker to make more money for The Jordan Gang.


"The Impossible Trinity" between Scott Bradley, Flavio Capirossi, and Cody Hayden: Their "Impossible Trinity" is resolved around a Corrupt Police Officer, Giancarlo Capirossi, Denton Jordan, and The Triads.


1. Scott Bradley puts Giancarlo Capirossi into the jail (Flavio Capirossi doesn't know it was Scott who puts his Father into the jail. Scott and Flavio already met once before this arc).


2. Around the same time, Denton Jordan also got arrested. He's in the same prison as Giancarlo's.


3. A Corrupt Police Officer makes a deal to both Flavio and Cody that if they help him raiding The Triad Headquarter, he will release both Giancarlo and Denton (Flavio and Cody never meet in the story. The Corrupt Officer makes a deal with them in a separate time). Cody asks Scott for a help which Scott agrees. Scott and Cody already met once before this arc. Plus, Scott and Denton become partners when Cody does his "freelance jobs".


4. Scott and Flavio successfully raiding The Triad Headquarter. Turns out, The Corrupt Officer only uses Scott and Flavio for his own benefit and trying to arrest them both. Scott and Flavio successfully escape.


5. Flavio and The Capirossi Crime Family decide to attack The Police Prison. Flavio manages to release his Father from the jail and kills the Corrupt Officer. Denton also succesfully escape as well.


For the Record:


Through the story, Scott and Flavio only meet twice.


Scott and Cody works together 4 times (once before the "Impossible Trinity" and three times after the "Impossible Trinity).


Flavio and Cody never meet at all.

Edited by Prasdana21

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I guess I'll give it a try... (WARNING: the backstory might be pretty long, maybe terribly written)

Name: Rudy Gagnon
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Date of birth: mid 1970s.
Place of birth: Toronto, Canada.
Home: Los Santos, San Andreas.
Nationality: Canadian.
Family: Dan Gagnon (brother), James Gagnon (father, deceased), Jennifer Gagnon (mother, deceased).
Vehicles: Vulcar Ingot, player's choice.
Favorite radio stations: Los Santos Rock Radio, P.M.R., Radio Mirror Park and Non-Stop-Pop FM.
Voice actor: Tara Strong.

Personality: Most of the time, Rudy is normal and calm, but pretty sarcastic. Although, she may sometimes flip out.

Backstory: Rudy Gagnon was born in the mid 1970s in Canada. In the early 1980's, her family moved to Los Santos, somewhere in Del Perro Beach, as Rudy's father, James, not only preferred warmer climates, but was also a huge fan of various Richards Majestic Productions movies, such as "High School!", "Rum Runner" and "Nelson in Naples". When it came to Rudy's school years, she was quite unpopular. It wasn't until high school when Rudy became temporarily popular, thanks to her forming a high school band with her older brother, Dan, and his best friend/Rudy's crush, Bill Schwifter. Her song, "Forgotten Memories", was a huge hit amongst classmates, but teachers were not very fond of her music, and it faded into obscurity, therefore ruining Rudy's dream of becoming a rockstar. After graduating from school, Rudy was taught by her brother Dan how to use a gun, despite their parents' objections. One day in the early 2000's, Rudy came home very exhausted after getting tired of waiting for Bill to go to the movies. Later that night, her parents were murdered by a mysterious hoodlum with a pistol, and the house was left burning. Dan managed to save his sister from dying in a fire, but they are both left without a home and parents, although he also managed to salvage enough money and both of their possesions to move to West Vinewood. Since then, Rudy has tried two jobs: the first one involved repossessing cars for Simeon, but after finding out how he treats some of the customers, she quit. The second "job" was working for Gerald and Lester Crest. Upon being introduced to Gerald and Lester, Rudy started living the life of crime, and she'll do anything to find out who killed her parents and nearly killed her.

Special ability: On foot, Rudy is able to pickpocket people to get a bit of money, aswell as steal weapons from enemies without the need of killing them. In a car, she can push other cars out of the way and leave the car with little to no damage, similar to the "Agro" special ability in Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition and Midnight Club: Los Angeles.

Edited by Ivan1997GTA

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Another idea that I have in mind. I always like 3 main characters concept even before Rockstar introduced it in EFLC.


Setting: Vice City

Year: 2016


Protagonist Number 1


Name: Jaydan "Jay" Cliff

Gender: Male

Age: 33 (Born in 1983)

Place of Birth: Los Santos, San Andreas

Home: Vice City

Heritage: African-American

Height: 6 ft 1

Weight: 200 Pounds

Group: None (A former Ballas member in Los Santos)


Background: Jaydan "Jay" Cliff is a Los Santos native who moved to Vice City in 2013 due to getting sick and tired of the gang-banging's life. He moved out with his Girlfriend and they got married a year later. Jay works as a Chef at a local restaurant where he can supported his Marriage's life. He lives a Happy Life until his Wife got pregnant where they need extra cash. Jay finally decides to go back to the Crime scene to get extra cash without his Wife's knowledge.



Protagonist Number 2

Name: Carlos Olivero

Gender: Male

Age: 25 (Born in 1991)

Place of Birth: Vice City

Home: Vice City

Heritage: Cuban-American

Height: 6 ft

Weight: 210 Pounds

Group: The Los Cabrones (he was the Leader in my original idea)


Background: Carlos Olivero joined The Los Cabrones in a young age. As The Los Cabrones and The Cholos are in a war, Carlos has to do countless works for The Los Cabrones.



Protagonist Number 3

Name: Jerry Kapowitz (That's right! The Hobo who found the Diamond in IV Saga is back).

Gender: Male

Age: 58 (Born in 1958....yes, I made him 58 in 2016 in my own story).

Place of Birth: Carcer City (another of my imagination for Jerry)

Home: Vice City

Heritage: American Caucasian

Height: 5 ft 6

Weight: 155 Pounds

Group: None


Background: Jerry Kapowitz is a Vietnam War veteran who turned into a tramp in Liberty City. His fate changed after he found a Diamond in 2008 and decided to open a Gun Shop and Liquor Store in Vice City which brings countless Millions in his Pocket. However, he becomes a target of various gangs and crime organizations due to his wealth. Jerry has to protect his money with all cost. He's the second richest man in Vice City just behind Marco Valdes.

Edited by Prasdana21

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Jesse Casey


Age: 17

Gender: Male

Based Off: Jaune Arc from RWBY

Home town: Imponte, Carcer

Heritage: American Caucasian

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Height: 6 ft

Weight: 135 Pounds

Nicknames: JC, Kid, Punk

Voiced By: Miles Luna


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caucasian female with glasses that had a past similar to cj but tried to get away from the gang life but was dragged back in

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Name:Anthony Lanza


Nationality:Italian American

Apperance: Long Dark Hair, Five O Clock Shadow, Striped Polo Shirt and Jeans, Black Loafers

Date Of Birth: March 24th 1980

Place Of Birth:Saint Mark's, Portland, Liberty City

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Ranjit Singh.

Age- 26

Nationality-  Indian-American.

Home- Meadows Park, Dukes, Liberty City.

Weapons- Desert Eagle.

Vehicles- Black Stallion, Yellow Patriot, Black Tourismo.

Occupations- Hitman and Mobster.

Gang Affiliation- Indian Mob.




Born in Punjab, India, Ranjit immigrated to Dukes, Liberty City with his parents at the age of four. As a child he showed great interest in martial arts and firearms. Although he did well at school, he was soon expelled from school after he brutally assaulted the vice-principal. In 1999, he went to juvenile hall after he assaulted two boys from his neighbourhood with a baseball bat. After his release he enrolled in college but soon dropped out as he went to Japan to learn martial arts. He then spent his next 24 months training assiduously in Tokyo. After returning to Liberty City he got involved in underground cage fighting . He was soon arrested after he shot and killed a gangbanger who allegedly tried to rape his sister and was sentenced a four year prison stint. In prison he caught the eye of white supremacist bikers and was marked for death as he was considered disrespectful and arrogant. He took on as many as 12 inmates at a time, earning the respect of his fellow prisoners. In the opening cutscene of game, he is just released from prison.



He his known for his outspoken nature and blantant disregard for authority. Most of the time he is relaxed and laid back. He is very protective of his family and loved ones. He is angered easily and quick to resort to violence, but he is also quick to help the defenceless and unfortunate, even those he merely meets in passing. He shows strong hatred for pedophiles and rapists.



He is of athletic build and is 6'1" tall and weighs 200 lbs. He has numerous tattoos covering his body. He wears a golden earring in his left ear. He mostly wears a black shirt with sleeves rolled up, dark blue jeans and red colored shoes. He has plenty of scars on his face that were gained most likely during many brutal fights. He has black hair, brown eyes and a beard.


Special Ability- Bullet Time.

Edited by Crossbones

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I guess someone has probably thought about this but I think it could be an interesting character :

Name: Alex Kavanagh

Status : Now Missing

Gender : Either male or female (Alex being a unisex name, but for sake of convenience I'll refer to the character as a male)

Age : late 20s to early 30s

Heritage : American/Caucasian.

Hometown : Vice City

Known Relatives : A father living in Vice City

One twin sister called Shea

Vehicle of Choice : Crimson Kuruma

Job : Former SWAT/NOOSE operative

Voice actor : Either Ashly Burch (if female) or Elias Toufexis (if Male)

Personality - He's kind of an impatient person, this regularly caused him to lose his temper during operations, often acting aggressively towards his colleagues, suspects and even innocents.

Appearance - He's the boy next door kind of dude with a light complexion and dark brown hair. He's has a rather athletic physique without being bulky. He doesn't really give any attention to the way he looks, his outfits are mostly consisting of denim pants and a vest.


Because of his short temper, he got fired from his precinct. This event left him vindictive towards his former colleagues, so he started to drift away by working for various gangs, mostly as a henchman or as a chauffeur. He don't have anything to fear because his sister (who is working at the same precinct as a detective) always covers his butt.

One day, he paid a visit to his sister who was on a seemingly uninteresting case about Los Santos' canals, however, he quickly found a new motive after taking a look at the various city's blueprints : underground tunnels were running under the American Bank of Los Santos. His idea was to dig into the tunnels until reaching the bank and raid the vault. But before doing this, he was needing money to recruit at least six people to perform the heist, a heist without any gunshots, hostages or violence.

Special Ability :

He can evades the first two wanted levels if he lays low for a while and roam freely into the various police stations scattered across the city

Edited by GTA3Claude

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Name: Joseph "Joey" Moreno

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Chinese-Filipino

Birthplace and Currently Resides In: Los Santos

Height: 5 ft 9

Family: Unnamed Father (Deceased), Liza Moreno (Mother/Unknown), Hazel Moreno (Younger Sister/Alive)

Appearance: Black hair with the Faux Hawk hairstyle, brown eyes, light-skinned,

Personality: A very quiet person. Follows orders and does not talk unless needed to.


Background: Born in Los Santos to an unnamed deceased Chinese father and his Filipino mother, Liza. Joey was pretty silent even as a kid, choosing not to talk unless asked to. He did not do well in school and had friends who were bad influences to him but eventually, he followed their paths. Several years later, Joey's mom suddenly disappears and goes missing. Police have never been able to find her until a man phones Joey, saying that he knows where and what happened to his mother but before he tells him this, he is forced to complete multiple criminal tasks that involve him assassinating people, attacking street gangs, and robbing banks. He suspects that the criminal organization he is in is responsible for the disappearance of his mother. He continues to follow their orders while also investigating the people he suspects, avoiding his sister as she does not know that he is involved in these activities.


Special Ability: Has the ability to dual-wield pistols or submachine guns

Edited by prettydamnbored

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Name: Jackie Wong

Age: 27

Race: Asian

Protagonist of: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Days

Portrayed by: Steven Yeun


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