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PS4 Hellraisers MC looking for new prospects

Mister Madrazo

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Mister Madrazo

Hello, I am the President of Hellraisers MC. We used to be an xbox 360 MC crew, but we are currently relocating to PS4. As a result we are looking for new prospects to join our MC to make things more fun and exciting.


Our website can be found here: http://thehellraisersmc.wix.com/hellraisersmc

Our social club page: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/hellraisers_mc_vo

And our prospect crew, for new recruits: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/hellraisersprospects


We mainly use the messenger app 'Kik' for mobile phones and devices to communicate, so it is highly suggested you download it as well to make communicating much easier. If you wish to contact me directly in order to speed up the process of becoming a prospect, then you can look me up on Kik: MAH92NL. My PSN ID is: MAHBrigadier


We are an international crew that are mainly focussed on having a good time with chilled out people, but like to be competitive and participate in crew events or wars as well. We also actively try to help each other make more money on GTA by playing heists, missions, freemode events and much more. My crew and I are looking forward to meeting new recruits to have a good time on GTA!

Edited by Mister Madrazo
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Mister Madrazo

New additions to our club are still welcome. PM me either on this forum, Kik messenger, the social club or PSN for more information!

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