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[XBOX ONE] Official Car Meet #1


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Hi Guys,


Was a great meet, 3 hours later! Let me know if you had a good time.


I'll let you know when the next meet is happening. Probably won't be for a week or so, so keep your eyes peeled.



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I had a great time and renewed my faith in the car meet scene on GTA. I really hope for one next weekend and we have to find some spots for pictures.

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  • 4 years later...


[XBOX ONE] Official Car Meet #1 07/24/21 Meet Details.
24th July @ 10:00 PM EST
Theme - Los Santos Tuners | Sports | Benny's Custom 
Invite only session so reply with your Xbox GT 
Mic preferable but not required
Strictly 12 player lobby
Hey everyone, I'll be hosting a car meet tonight (07/24/21) at 10:00 pm EST. This is NOT a static meet. Instead, it's a planned route - painstakingly developed over years - that covers all four corners of San Andreas.
The route itself will take at least 2 hours to complete from start to finish. This will enable us to make multiple stops at designated points of interest to re-group, appreciate each others cars, grab a beer or smoke a fat one. Each to their own. 
We will start at the Diamond Casino & Resort and head through the tight and technical alleys along Vinewood & Rockford Hills. We will then head south to Vespucci beach before linking up a dozen or so multi-level car parks in the downtown area. The next leg of the our journey will see us rolling through the less than desirable South Los Santos before heading to the fast sweeping turns of the Murrieta Oil Fields. We will then hall ass up the highway before swapping out the tarmac for the lose gravel around the Land Act Reservoir. Last but by all means not least, we will shred through Raton Canyon, try not to wrap it around the trees in Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness and finish up in Paleto bay. 

Based on the above, we will stick to a convoy format. This means strictly NO overtaking, bumping or crashing. It's not a race, it's a cruise, therefore it doesn't matter whether you're at the front or at the back, simply follow the person in front of you. Please maintain at least a one car gap to the person ahead of you in order to avoid crashing and devolving into complete chaos. There will be plenty of opportunities to go Wide Open Throttle! 
Invite Only.
Add your Gamer Tag Below.
You Must stick in the convoy when Cruising towards the next destination.
You MUST respect everyone, this means, no crashing/killing or antagonizing.
Please add you Xbox One GT below. Spaces are limited to 12 players however, I will create a reserve list in case there're those who can't make it.
1. Jordymac92





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I’m online now if anyone wants to cruise. Add me JordyMac14 and shoot me a message. 

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