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[XBOX ONE] Official Car Meet #1


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Waiting for an invite atm


Edit : got one but said it was no longer active

Edited by Gallient
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Kicked me from the session whilst I was adding reserves. Someone invite me back or I'll setup a new lobby and re-invite everyone

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Thanks for everyone who came tonight. Had a great time! Feel free to post any photos you took.

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I'll be hosting another meeting tonight around 9pm BST.


Details will be going up later today - keep your eyes peeled as spaces will be limited!

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Hey Guys, another day, another meet details below.

23rd October @ Time to be announced - likely to be around midnight UK time.
Theme - Low 'n' Slow (DLC)
Mic preferable but not required
Invite only session so add your GT
Strictly 12 player lobby
1. Head on down to Del Perro Pier where the attractions are high and the cars are low.
2. We depart Del Perro and convoy North along the Great Ocean Highway (GOH) before stopping at Marlowe Vineyards.
3. Next, we continue to head West along Blaine County before hauling ass through the Mt Chilliad passage.
4. We coast through Paleto Bay and park in the Cluckin' Bell factory to allow the sunday drivers to headover to Pay 'n' Spray.
5. As we continue around the GOH, we will make several stops including El Gordo Lighthouse, You Tool and Palmer-Taylor Power Station.
6. The final leg of our journey see's us in more familiar surroundings like Vinewood Hills before finishing up in the Galileo Observatory.
Invite Only
Add you Gamer Tag Below
You MUST enable passive mode
You should have a Mic (unless we've met)
You Must stick in the convoy when Cruising towards the next destination
You MUST have respect for everyone (which means no crashing/killing or generally being a dick)
Spaces are limited to 12 players however, I will create a reserve list in case there're those who can't make it.
1. JordyMac14
2. iG Doc
Edited by Jordymac92
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iG Doc

Added - Probably be around 7/8pm if your on EST

Edited by Jordymac92
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Hi All, ended up going out on the lash last night, I was hoping to be back in time to organise the meet but unfortunately when I got home (at maybe 3), I was unable to untie my shoe lases let alone host a meet :)


I'll be doing the same route today at 6pm BST

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I'm going to start adding everyone's GT from yesterday & today. If you're online I'll drop you an invite around 6.

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I've added everyone, jump online if you're not already and I'll send you an invite

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Cruising around now in friends only lobby. Add my GT JordyMac14 and jump in.

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