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(PS4) Military Roleplay Crew Recruitment SENTINEL PMC


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Whassup Guys :)

For months now I've been searching for a military Roleplay crew. I've been in a couple of Military crews already but none of them were actaully what I wanted so I decided to just create one myself. If you are interested in joining, read the requirements below :


-Must have mirophone

-Age doesn't matter

-You must be able to listen to commands. If you don't follow orders, then you will be kicked. If you an't participate in Roleplay, then nobody will want you in the crew.

-At least level 35

-At least 50'000$ in cash (if you need money, we'll do heists)

MUST HAVE THE APP "KIK" (We use this app to communiate when we're offline.)


Roleplay will always be on weekends. I live in Europe so time zones may be a problem when it comes to organisation. But that an be dealt with one we have some members.

The first few who join will receive a speial spot in the crew. ;)


Contact me if you want to join:


PSN: discodonagh

skype: donagh123

YouTube. EireTEX

kik: D0nagh99

Or Leave a comment

Or request an invite on the crew's social club page:http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sentinel_pmc_ls


It would be awesome if you maybe subbed to my YT Channel too, it would really help me out.

Thanks guys!

Start Recruiting!

Edited by discodonagh
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Want To Become Allies With My Military Crew?

If Yes Add Me On Xbox Or Facebook But I Don't Have Internet To Use But I Can Check On Smartglass To Accept You Friend Request And The Same With Facebook Here Are My Social Medias -

Facebook - Evander Modz

Xbox - TGXD Evander

Email - [email protected]

Or Visit My Crew Website (www.tgxdcrew.wix.com/tgxdcorporation) And Go On The Enrollment Page I Know You Don't Want To Join But You Want To Become Allies State That In The Box Where It Says Why do You Want To Join And Say I Want To Become Allies. Thanks For Taking The Time Reading This And Hope To Talk To You Soon Peace ! TGXD Evander :)

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