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WARNING! Dont buy the sh*t JB 700 car with machine guns on top

Heists Are The Future

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Heists Are The Future

You can buy a JB 700 at Legendary Motorsport, the design looks amazing because it has 2 guns on the front of it. One shot from the gun can destroy a car which you can control. I even watched a Youtube video about it. However when I bought it the guns were disabled and I wasn't aloud to use them, How unfair is that! It's just a regular Sudan car with guns at the front to make it look cool. And the worst part is that I sold my Jester Racecar to get money for it and spent lots of money customizing the JB 700 before trying to test out the fake guns. I sold the sh*t and got 100,000 less than it costs because Los Santos customs rip you off. This is just a warning don't buy the car if you want to use the guns because they don't work. And it turns out the Youtube video I watched, the guy was a hacker he did some sort of glitch to get the guns to work.

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It's not the JB700 with weapons, it's the JB700 Decommissioned. Decommissioned as in the guns don't function.


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Sussus Amongus

You can't. it's only for the story mode mission. You need a specific script trigger to get it.

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There's a JB 700 with weapons?? Where do I buy it online please?


You can't buy the armed JB700. The weapons only work in the story mission.

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