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New Game Issues since last update


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I have tried to the best of my ability to fix this on my own, forgive me if I ramble a bit. When I first installed the game it ran flawlessly, despite being slightly behind the curve on system specs Win 7/64 10Gb of DDR3 1333 ATI 5950 1Gb. That said when the first mods began hitting the game there were some weird things happening in game and I soon had an issue where it would crash on exit saying it didn't shut down properly would I like to start in safe mode blah, blah. I verified the game files, tried to delete and rebuild some config files etc.. Then on the last update something changed and that particular issue went away and a new one came in it's place; now it won't sign in online, it has to go thru Story Mode and I have to tick and submit the Eula every time and it times out every time and I have to repeat the process at least twice sometimes more before it will join. Now here's where I have to go a little sideways at this. Last night I had someone put a basketball as my head, I didn't notice right away because my character has a M/C helmet on. I have been showered with money bags while in my garage, naturally I spent the money what else am I gonna do? My question is can these hackers (as in evil modding for ruining others gaming experience) affect my game beyond just showering me with money and giving me a basketball for a head? I mean I can laugh at some of it cos mostly it's harmless, but is it really harmless?

So is there a way to fix the always having to go the long way around to join online, or has taking free money somehow given me a bug?

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The Social Club login issue is an intermittent bug--affects some people, but not others; but anyway, you're not alone--here's someone's bug report to the unofficial PC bugs list:


[stretchx9] Adding to this, the Social Club auto sign-in check box is ignored when signing in. Steam game.

Hopefully R* will have addressed this in tomorrow's Lowrider update--only time will tell though...


In regards to the money, I would file a ticket right away (link below) with R* letting them know of the money bag drop forced on you. Some people have apparently been banned or punished even when it's not their fault, so letting R* know right away is the best thing to do:




Script kiddies can do numerous things to you beyond just spawning basketballs on your head (had that happen to me too recently, BTW); they can remove all your weapons (you get all but your baseball bat, crowbar, and golf club back by changing sessions). Walked into my garage a few days ago to find P&Q snacks and beer bottles on the floor:



Edited by DentureDynamite
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Hey the Lowrider update fixed my issues, it now allows me to go to Online at the landing page and it didn't make me repeat 2-3 times before finally joining and it runs smoother, so win-win!

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