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I'm Stuck at 98%

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Every Version probably has all the Rampages except yours. I never heard of your Version until you brought it up. Any reason why you bought that Version to begin with?

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Lol, I bought GTA III when I was 12-3 years old...I've been playing the "normal" Games since I was 12-13 when I bought III and own III, VC, SA, LCS, VCS, IV, TLaD, TBoGT, CW, and V. I own the entire Series other than GTA I, GTA II, and Advance. Played them all to 100%, etc, etc. I know them all basically...


I'd love to play Advance, but I would need to emulate it as I wouldn't want to buy a Gameboy Advance just to play it, lol...I and II don't really interest me...I can deal with Top Down View, that's not the problem. I just don't like I and II all that much...

Edited by Militia
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Yeah thats great but that dont help me :/ I think i should write to the rockstar support and tell them what sh*t they do.

Edited by Zisch4Bumm
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Yeah, all Rockstar cares about these days is GTA Online and V, so you're sh*t outta luck. Their glory days are long passed...

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Use your US ISO and play the game again all the way through. I clocked it last week with a final playing time of fifteen minutes over one day (pretty pissed about that :p ), so it's not that long overall. Also, you'll get to witness all the blood and gore and there'll probably be extra voice lines.


Liberty City Stories is a fantastic game, it'll always be worth the replay to me.

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I dont have an US ISO :/ but i wont play the story one more time :D3x is enough for me

2x PSP

1x PS3( as an PSN-download )

Edited by Zisch4Bumm
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