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[PC] Still looking for team mates


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Looking for gamers with a mature outlook and a sense of humor to play with, do heists, races, missions with and generally have a laugh.


You need to be patient and not take it too seriously (if all you are into is RP,Money and super cars this wont be for you); people get killed in missions lighten up nobody actually dies after all! Also if you just want to race through it maybe another team is better!


The ability to communicate and in English is essential whether its voice or text , silent partners make for a really dull game!


I always play strategically (when the game allows me too) so if you're the Rambo type then my approach may not be for you.


I always do equal shares on heists regardless of role or input!


Mostly I play during the day (when the schoolboys cant) but happy to schedule heists with a bit of notice.

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Hello, i've just made the move from console (360 & ps3) to PC. I havent purchased GTA V yet but will be getting it with in a week or 2. I can't play in the day times due to work more like 7pm onwards or weekends may be available. I'll be looking for players to join in with so may be able to catch up for a few games?



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Sounds good dude. I'm looking for people to play with as well being I'm still new to PC. I'm not new to GTA V though. Ill send you my SC.

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SENTRY56 is my social club add me if you just wanna cruise around or do any missions sometime

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  • 1 month later...

Hey guys. I saw this post and thought i'd say hi :)


I rarely play GTA V online atm since my crew broke up, so i'm looking to find a new group of friends that still play. I'm not really looking to play free roam however as it just annoys me, so if free roam is your thing, feel free to ignore this :)


However, if you're willing to play closed/crew sessions, i'm more than happy to join in the fun! I'm from the UK and have a working mic


Add me on Social Club

Or on Steam

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