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Hiya community, anyone who's experienced with AR-max...

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Is there anything I can do with AR-MAX to edit/change the way some hidden interiors behave/look? Or how my exploring can be easier/better?


Currently, I have an "Infinite jetpack height" code but it's only half correct. You can only gain height when strafing. Was wondering if there are any known improvements for this.


Then there are some unused interiors like the large safe house, and I was wondering if I can use any codes to modify it. Like make a yellow marker/save disc appear, perhaps, or anything at all really?


I'm just looking for ways to spice up the game, if anyone's interested, your help will be much appreciated. Any really weird/cool codes for v2 of SA on Ps2 are the things I'm looking for, as well.


Again, thanks! (sorry for my awkward english)

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Is there any way to edit PS2 saves the way you can edit them on PC? Maybe Orion could help... If so then moving the markers and save disks is possible


As for the Jetpack, nothing really. Perhaps put something on top of the strafing button xD

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Chain Game for PS2 Starter Save


There's a weird mod for you. I used all my save editing tricks to make a highly customized starter save for SA on PS2. But not many people can use downloaded saves on PS2 so it doesn't get much play. However, many of the strategies used to create the modified saves were also implemented as cheat codes, so it's worth reading the feature list to get an idea of what can be done. This includes a strategy for redirecting your enexes (yellow doors) to any interior that has a interior door, which is most of them. That unused big house can be implemented as an armory full of weapon pickups, and you can even move a save disk onto the coffee table.


For more info, check out my Cheat Code Creation topic. This isn't a tutorial; it's closer to a blog of my experiments, but the results are still useful if you can tease out the codes you need for your system and region. Go ahead and bump the topic if you've got questions. It's been inactive but isn't not closed. Keep in mind though, almost all of my codes effect things that are saved, which is great if you don't want to load the code every time, but you need to use appropriate caution.


You've seen the Skiller and Edison Carter codes, right?

Edited by OrionSR
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I have, but most are for v1 of the game.


So I'm curious, is it an actual way to get the save file onto my ps2 with AR-MAX? Because it looks really interesting to play. I'm assuming you'll need a USB or something, though. Thanks for your help Orion, you're astronomically smarter than I am, so I really appreciate it. If it IS possible to get the save you made onto my ps2, would you give me a run-down on how to do it?


Anyways, my entire point was to interact more with the game's unused interiors. Something like a code makes X house have X interior. Such as, the unused brothel being linked to some random place outside of Los Santos.I can make them myself if you give me the necessary tools, if possible. Also, Is there also any way to make gang memebers (or any peds) spawn inside said interiors? I have codes that make them spawn in desert/countryside areas, so I was just pondering.


Again, thank you so much!

Edited by Veigar

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There's a code conversion request topic that has ported many of those codes. I can probably teach you how to convert some, but a lot of those Edison Carter codes are beyond my understanding. You'll need to be as smart as I am if you want to make your own codes, which is what you are asking with the enex stuff. Don't worry though. It's just basic algebra. It just looks confusing if you haven't worked with hexadecimal numbers much. If you are skilled at all with basic spreadsheet functions it would really help a lot.


There's already a procedure worked out for changing which exterior doors connect to which interiors. Most of them are easy short codes that are adapted based on a lookup chart. People familiar with adapting car codes for models and colors will have no trouble redirecting their enexes.


Save game transfer is possible but complex, and I'm way out of practice. Review the creation topic for instructions I posted when I was more current. The primary factor is; does your version of AR-Max support USB drives; it seems that the most common versions don't, the USB hardware isn't available, or PS2 players generally have a hard time figuring it out anyway. The USB hardware is the other tricky part. This is from an era of 512 MB and below, so if you've got an old 64 or 256 you've got the best chance of making it work. AR-Max is expecting an older version of the file system, FAT32 might be too new, I don't remember the specifics. But on the 512 SanDisk device I got to work I had to re-partition the USB stick to make it work properly.


You might be able to get gang members in interiors by tweaking some enex variables. The redirection codes are close enough to be adapted for this purpose. You'd need to understand game memory pretty well to make the proper calculations, but I think everything is all mapped out. There's a enex field that is supposed to be associated with the number of peds that spawn within, but I haven't messed with it so I'm not sure how it works.

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Oh cool, thanks! I've got several codes from that thread now.


One thing I may ask-- Is there any way to instantly port the super huge codes to my AR-MAX without sitting down and taking about an hour to put them in?

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Yes, well sort of; nothing is instant. Just before you see huge code lists starting to get posted there's the discovery of the... code.bin (?) lists supported by OmniConvert. I think the strategy only works if you can use the usb devices though.

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I'll take this discussion to your thread.

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