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Gatecrasher Company Mercenary Group open for recruitment! (Xbox On


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Gatecrasher Company

Mercenary Group



Gatecrasher Company is a private mercenary group.
We operate in free aim. We are on XBOX ONE ONLY! I'm just starting up so as of now I'm the only member, but I'm hopping to change that. We won't be a strict crew, but we will follow military role play. Gatecrasher Copany's goal is to keep Los Santos safe, at any cost. We will patrol the city, and elliminate any threats. We will also help innocents who are being attacked. We stay in free roam, we are NOT a TDM crew, though we will still do TDM's amongst ourselves at times. All new members must gow through a recruitment process that lasts for one week. During this week, you will go through basic training. It's mainly so I can see how to react to different situations, and to see if you're actually serious about wanting to be a member of the crew.

Requirements to join
Must be at least 16 years of age.

Must have a headset (Kinect mics are accepted)

Must be capable of acting mature at times (there's nothing wrong with having fun but there will be times when we must be mature and serious)

1. Follow all orders

2. Remain in uniforms while playing with the crew.

3. Always show respect to other members (nobody is above anyone else)

4. Never, for any reason, should you purposely fire at any friendlies (I understand accidents will happen, just make sure you apologize if it happens.)

5.Only use Assault Rifles in battle (unless the enemies are sniping, in which you should snipe back. If the eneimes are using explosives and/or miniguns, show them we're better and stick to AR's)

Gatecrasher Company will train its members in whatever skills they lack in, as well as ensure that all members keep their skills honed. Our training will include everything from breaching and clearing a room, to hostage situations, and even defending convoys and/or a specific target. Trainings will occur once a week, and all members are required to participate (try to give notice at least one day in advance if you're not able to partake in training. it's understandable if you have things to do)

Gatecrasher Company requires all members to have two uniforms, a Combat uniform, and a Noncombat uniform. Recruits will have their own uniform during their one week recruitment process.

Combat Uniform
Head: Gas Mask.
Torso: Stealth Utility Vest. Black Battle Vest. Black Parachute.
Hands: Black Leather Gloves.
Legs: Black Battle Pants.
Feet: Black Tactical Boots.

Head: Black Army Cap. LCD Earpiece.
Torso: Black Battle Vest.
Hands: None.
Legs: Black Combat Team Pants.
Feet: Black Tactical Boots.



Head: Black Army Cap. LCD Earpiece.

Torso: Charcoal T shirt with large crew emblem on front.

Hands: None

Legs: Black Heist Pants.

Feet: Black Tactical Boots.

Glasses, watches, earrings, and tattoos are all optional.

Gatecrasher Company's primary mode of transportation is the Vapid Guardian, painted matte black, with Military Spec offroad tires, this reliable vehicle offers its passengers a safe and speedy arrival to any destination. (If you can't afford the Guardian, we can grind heists until you have enough money to purchase it)

Gatecrasher Company's secondary mode of transportation, for when the Guardian is unavailable or not suitable, is the Dinka Enduro. Painted matte black. This cross country motorbike, quick and easily maneuverable, will be your best friend in any sticky situation.

If you're interested in joining Gatecrasher Company, you can message me directly over Xbox, at the gamertag ExiledPsychosis, or you can fill out the application below.

Xbox Gamertag:

Headset(yes or no):

Rockstar Social Club Username:


Time Zone:

Past crew experience:


Reasons for wanting to join:

Edited by GatecrasherCompany
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Example of filled Application.


Xbox Gamertag: ExiledPsychosis

Headset(yes or no): Yes

Rockstar Social Club Username: ExiledPsychosis

Age: 18

Time Zone: CST


Skills: Shooting, driving, flying, etc.

Reasons for wanting to join: I feel like this crew would be well suited for me and I think can be beneifitial to the crew in many ways (no need for immense detail, just give me a few reasons that you'd like to join)

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