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Were A Active MC Looking For Hang Arounds, We Are Almost 6 Months Old And Still Running Strong.

We Live The 1% Way Of GTA Online.

AR's And Pistols Only. Were A Serious Club.

We Ride Old School Bikes Only.

Not Everyone Is Cut Out To Be A Sinner, Hang Around Is A Three Day Minimal Period At Least, Or Until You Get Sponsorship From A Patched Member. We Are Looking Mostly For Skilled Players But Will Take Players New To The MC Community. Also Were Looking For Members In Different Time Zones So No Brother Rides Alone.



- Must Be Mature/ Over 16

- Must Have Mic

- Access To SC

- The App 'Kik'


If Your Interested In Becoming Apart Of Sinners MC

Contact Information Is Below.


-Hang Around SC-http://socialclub.ro...rsmc_hangaround











SC Account- Watchem-SFFS




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  • 3 weeks later...

.. Trying to think something better than just bump. haha


Check Out Our Website, Any Questions Feel Free To Ask.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Sinners MC Is Fully Active, Talking About Open A New Charter Soon, You Should Check Out Our Website Above Feel Free To Add Me Or My President. Our Kiks Are Above Also If You Want To Ask Questions On How To Get A Hang Around Invite.

Thank You For Your Time And Interest In Sinners MC.


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Well We Focus On Other Things Than TDMs But We Do Run Them Alot We Do Crew Rides And We Have A Nomads Charter Also, Our Website Is Down Making A New One Just Hit Us Up On Kik Or SC.


- Watchem

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He Have Members On At All Times We All Have The PSN App Also So If Member Isnt In Our Kik Chat The Message Can Be Passed Along, Sorry Again About The Beside Were Having Issues. But Contact One One Of Us Listed Above Or One Of Us On SC Thats In The Sandy Shores Charter They Will Lead You The Right Way. Thank You For Checking Out SINNERS MC.


- Watchem (Nomad Of Sinners MC)

( Havent Updated My Settings Yet)

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