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Rank the III-era protagonists


Recommended Posts

I only played GTA III, VC and SA, so my rank looks like this (from worst to best):

3. Claude - he was mute so I couldn't describe his charactera and due to this he's completely neutral for me ;/

2. CJ - funny character, but I feel like he wasn't a badass at all, in most cases he had to give up to his bosses if he wanted to get Sweet outta the prison.

1. Nobody else but Tommy Vercetti! Not only is he a smart man, but also a self-convinced true badass who wants to own the city. I really like his style! :)

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  • 1 month later...

Claude 5/10 - Easily the most overrated protagonist of all time. The only reason why people lump him with the rest of the protagonists is because his named was revealed in San Andreas. Had he not appeared in that game, no one would give a damn about him.


Tommy 8/10 - I love his attitude. He had a mix of intelligence, sarcasm, cynic, and an extremely short fuse. Sure he's not exactly 100% original (he did have some similarities to Tony Montana from Scarface), but overall, he's a badass.


CJ 8.5/10 - I think he was the best out of all the III era protagonists. Sure he was a bit of a punk sometimes, but he gradually grew to be a fearless badass and really developed very well. It would be a stretch to call him the deepest character ever, but he definitely had a very profound personality.


Toni 3/10 - I'm sorry, but he was just too dull throughout the whole story. Plus he's Sal's sycophant for crying out loud.


Vic 7/10 - He wasn't a bad character, but he was also a complete hypocrite. He says he wants nothing to do with drugs, but then starts building drug empires and steals the Mendez brothers' coke because he thought it was Martinez's (sure that was Lance's fault, but Vic should share the blame for being dumb enough to listen to his idiot brother). Overall, he was okay, but his personality just doesn't go well when it comes to GTA.

Edited by Henry Hernandez
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1. Toni Cipriani - I found him rather easy to relate to when it comes down to his behavior around the people he has to deal with. He might not be the smartest or the strongest but he certainly has some strong remarks and undying loyalty for the Leones. It's rather ironic that most people who call him a bitch would call him a rat if he would've betrayed Sal in LCS. I never saw that valid, especially when compared to CJ - not that it is a bad thing.


2. Claude - Easily the coolest design in the 3D era as far as visual style goes. Many say that he's an empty shell but I have always thought that his visual design speaks for itself as to what kind of person he would be.


3. Victor Vance - Forced to do things he'd rather not; softie forced to act all mean. Ends up getting hooked on the things he thought were wrong. I love the fact that even the characters in the game sometimes call him out for being a hypocrite.


4. Tommy Vercetti - A classic thug with temper issues, much like Toni. Nothing bothers me apart from the way the game's world treats him like a total badass. He's essentially the perfect protagonist. Problem is, I do not really enjoy games that overly praise their protagonists mainly due to making the whole story feel a bit forced to me.


5. Carl Johnson - Never really got to me as a protagonist. He's simply an average Joe who tries to make everyone happy while trying to support and survive the GSF. He's a pretty normal person as far as personality goes, trying to solve problems by helping others or just running away as any average person would often do. :p

A few character make fun of that, quite heavily. His greatest pro is that he's very easy to relate to thanks to being a rather nice person overall. I find it paradoxical that people call Toni out for being a bitch but they don't do that with CJ as well.


6. Mike - His background is interesting but the plot itself is rather boring. That, along with the simplistic visual design, have ruined Mike as a proper protagonist He's a random thug who wants to escape the stress of living in Liberty City but fails to do so thanks to his good friend, Vinnie, "supposedly" dying. From there on, his simple quest of leaving LC starts taking twists and turns for pretty sh*tty reasons. The single memorable trait is his loyalty to people like Vinnie or Cisco. Rather funny that most people criticize him for not knowing his character well rather than actual legitimate criticism.


All in all, I find it rather entertaining that the writing in those games is self aware of some of the flaws that these protagonists have. It's even funnier when they go as far as to parody their flaws.

Edited by Sergiu
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1. Carl Johnson - I really liked him and never saw him as whiny like other people do


2. Tommy Vercetti - I find him overrated but still decent nonetheless


3. Claude - Not much of a personality but he gets the job done which I like


4. Victor Vance - Never played VCS, but from what I've seen he seems cool


5. Toni Cipriani - Never played LCS but he seems ok



6. Mike - Ummmm

Edited by theGTAking101
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3. Carl - He has funnier lines than anyone else, but I have mixed feelings about his behavior.

2. Toni - Funny, loyal, seems to have a strong code of honor, and likeable.

1. Claude - Quiet, does what he needs to do, no bullsh*t included.


(Outside ranking)

- Tommy Vercetti, because I haven't seen enough of him to judge.

- Vic Vance for the same reason.

- Mike for the same reason.

Edited by Masketta Man
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6) Victor vance. In VCS, he could have been the most badass man with the most dramatic story... BUT being gunned down in VC just undermine all the work R* did on him. He will forever be "that guy that speak a (fake?) accent and die"

5) Mike: just an average protagonist for an average game. It's not bad, but not memorable either

4) Toni Cipriani. He's the most vicious man in ALL the GTA games. He's not only a mafia man, but also a domestic terrorist, a mass murder and accomplice of some nasty crime (snuff movies and cannibalism). But he's also too submissive toward his superior and his mom, He's the WORST criminal... just not the best protagonist

3) Claude. He's mute (or just really quiet), He's sumbissive... except he's not. Yeah, at first it seems that he do wathever you telli him to do, but after the story is over you can see that he pretty much screwed EVERYONE just to get to catalina. Even with a simple plot like the one in GTA III, he managed to end the forelli and the triads, stop the work of the local police, decapitate the mafia, the yakuza and the cartel... just to get to Maria (and maybe kill her, something i like to consider canon) . For a mute SoB, that's a lot of work

2) CJ. It hurts, but i need to admit this: if SA storyline was based SOLELY on los santos, CJ would have been number one. No matter how i love tommy and ray iotta, CJ would have win by a slight margin. he's both a badass and a funny guy, he knows how to be a leader, and his quest for revenge (aka Gang warfare) is really interesting, even if you don't like the gangsta theme and the rap/hip hop style. Unfortunately, afterward R* decided to make him the bi**h of Catalina, CRASH and toreno, and he also started to get whiner more and more . I still think a more condensed story (ls, GS vs Ballas, cesar and crash) would have been a perfect storyline

1) Tommy. A true criminal. A man with NO redeemed quality. And a brilliant performance by Ray Liotta, who gave life to the charactre

Yeah, i know, even tommy, like CJ, ended up in some **** up situations (like dressing like a golfer or chasing a transvestite maniac for a rock band), but there's a difference: those were business pacts (i do something for you, and we both became rich/powerfull), while CJ, outside LS, was usually forced by the situation (you do this or you'll get arrested/your brother dies in prision).

Tommy is (for me) still the n°1, and maybe the only well rounded CRIMINAL in the GTA saga.

Edited by thatstupidbug
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GTA III -- Claude - 1/10
GTA Vice City -- Tommy Vercetti - 8/10
GTA San Andreas -- Carl "CJ" Johnson - 6/10
GTA Advance -- Mike - 9/10
GTA Liberty City Stories -- Toni Cipriani - 3/10
GTA Vice City Stories -- Victor Vance - 9/10

I can't say which one is the best.
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  • 1 month later...

1. The Harwood Butcher

2. Vic Vance

3. Sal's bitch

4. The Motherf*cking Piece of sh*t Gangbanging Cocksucker

5. The Obsequious, Taciturn Robot (AKA the Motherf*cking Snake Without a Tongue)

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1) Carl "CJ" Johnson = This dude made me join this wonderful community, he makes my ass laugh sometimes with Ryder or he's sometimes singing alone.

2) Victor Vance = He avenged Louise, he had to face a lot of sh*t on his own but at the end of the day, he won everything. He ended with those morons who were making his life impossible.

3) Toni Cipriani = A true mafia guy, he never turned against Salvatore, he showed his own Mom's who's the man.

4) Tommy Vercetti = Like @thatstupidbug said, a real criminal without prepossessions, he began being betrayed by his former boss and became the king of the city.

5) Claude Speed = He never said any word and he's a dangerous and clever bank robber, he always did what he was told by own well.

6) Mike. = Unfortunely, i've never played this game and I don't know this guy.

Edited by LittleWeasel
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  • 1 month later...

Fist Fight and Jobs:

1-Claude: he was badaas, he is mute but he

gets the job done, kicked the cop in the first mission, and kocked a colombian member when he held Claude at gunpoint. And he beated 10-15 Gangsters

With baseball bat in a mssion given by Ice-T. He was a true cold blooded killer without emosions. And a true badass

Tommy Vercetti- he is a cold blooded killer like Claude, hevspennt 15 years in prison with some toughh guys, he knows how to fight, he killed lLeo Teal with Few punches, He beated up a guy to say something to him, he Hitted Kent Paul etc.


Toni Ciprani- he was Sal Leone's bitch made man, but he was a true tough guy too, he is a psychopath when he is angry, he chopped off the Giovanni Casa's body into a few parts and delivered his ribs. He hit Ned Burner to tell Toni about the Pictures location. But he got fat and weak in the events of GTA III.


Victor Vance- he was the ex army who known how to fight realy well, he can break necks and do wrestling grabbing and throw the opponent on the ground but he got knocked out by The mendess gangsters. And he got killed by a non playable character which is odd for a guy like him.


Carl Johnson- he was not a true badass like tge others in a fist fight even though he could get muscles, but muscles doesn't mean sh*t in a fight,im talking about the cutscenes not the learning the Martial art. He beaten up by Frank R from CRASH. he was a coward, he got beaten up by Catalina with a lash, and Catalina kneed his back knees and held him at gunpoint, but CJ just knocked out Zero with a punch to the nose.


Mike- Not that badass, he was just a homeless at first, but he could get the traitors like Vinnie. He was lack of personality like Claude, but still he gets the jobs done.

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In a Gunfight Order.

Note: Im trying to be realistic im not describing these as a fan boy but a story teller


Vic Vance: He trained at the Army and he could do shooting ranges.


Tommy Vercetti: he had though days back in 1971. He killed 11 guys in harwood with guns or fists, and he killed everyone inside his mansion including Lance Vance Dance, and Sonny Foreli.


Claude: he is also a good shooter, he took out Catalina's moving Chopper with RPG and killed 20 Colombian Cartel members with sniper Rifle.


Toni Cipriani: he was a good shooter too but not the best, he took out the boats from a moving boat, and took out The Massimo Torini's Chopper.


Mike: probably the Worst shooter in the GTA History, I hadn't played GTA Advance.

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  • 2 months later...

1: Tommy Vercetti (Even my most favorite if you include the HD era characters)

2: Carl Johnson

3: Claude Speede

4: Victor Vance

5: Toni Cipriani

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I've only played 3, so, i'm just gonna rank those three.


1. GTA:SA - Carl "CJ" Johnson

2. GTA:VC - Tommy Vercetti

3. GTA III - Claude

Edited by retr0fruit
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  • 3 years later...

My list

1. Tommy Vercetti ( this guy will whack anyone who tires to miss with him)

2. Victor Vance

3. CJ

4. Toni


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#1- Claude

#2- Toni Cipriani

#3- Tommy Vercetti

#4- Vic Vance

#5- Mike

#6- Carl Johnson

Edited by Ahmedmfroezspeed
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ZeyadProGamerCod Legend

Worst to Best GTA protagonist:

Carl Johnson (CJ)

Tommy Vercetti (The Harwood Butcher)

Victor Vance (Vic, Vince and Corporal Vance)

Claude (The mute asshole)

Toni Cipriani (The Fat guy to a skinny guy)

Mike (Toreno)

Edited by ZeyadProGamerCod Legend
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