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Milita's 100% Save File for Android and iOS (NEW)

Lethal Vaccine

Recommended Posts

Lethal Vaccine

Main Statistics:


Game Progress - 100.00%


Number of Hospital Visits - 0


Times Busted - 0


Times Cheated - 0


Missions Attempted - 179


Missions Passed - 144


Gang Territory Under Control - 35.85%


Total Playing Time - 73 Hours and 2 Minutes


Special Vehicle Collection:


Ganton: Empty

Mulholland: Empty
Santa Maria Beach: Empty
El Corona: Empty

Dillimore: Empty
Palomino Creek: Empty

Doherty: Empty
Hashbury: Empty
Calton Heights: Empty
Paradiso: Empty

Verdant Meadows: AP Sultan, AP Feltzer, DP/EP/FP/MP Police, DP/EP/FP/MP BF-400
Hanger: EP/FP Cheetah, EP/FP Banshee, EP/FP Euros, EP/FP Comet
Fort Carson: EP Mule, FP/EC Remington, EP/FP Sandking, EP/FP Quad

Prickle Pine: EP/FP Turismo, EP/FP Phoenix, EP/FP Bullet, EP/FP Hotknife

Whitewood Estates: EP/FP Super GT, EC Camper
Rockshore West: Empty
Redsands West: Empty




AP = All Proof (Refers to When a Vehicle Is BP/DP/EP/FP/MP Simultaneously; Can Only Be Destroyed if Tipped Upside Down, the Use of Blow Up All Cars Cheat, or You Perform the Parachute Glitch on It)

BP = Bullet Proof (The Vehicle Is Immune to Bullets Except the Tires)

DP = Damage Proof (The Vehicle Takes No Damage from Collisions or Crashing Your Vehicle)

EP = Explosion Proof (No Amount of Explosives Will Destroy the Vehicle)

FP = Fire Proof (No Amount of Fires Will Destroy the Vehicle)

MP = Melle Proof (No Melle Weapon Will Harm the Vehicle)

EC = Exclusive Color (This Color Can Not Be Found in Traffic and No Pay and Spray Can Duplicate It)

EC2 = Exclusive Secondary Color (Usually Is Completely Invisible and Can Only Be Seen Through Save Editors)

Unique = Refers to a Vehicle Which Can Only Be Found in One or a Couple Story Missions. You Will Not Find This Vehicle in Traffic Ever and Nowhere Else in the Entire Game


Photos of All 18 Special Vehicles:








Notes on Special Vehicles Obtained and Converted:


...And another one bites the dust. I have finished a total of 6 100% playthroughs of SA now to date (4 on PS2 and 2 on Mobile). Like before in my old 100% Mobile Topic, I explained that I don't go for any of the same Special Vehicles on my PS2 Save compared to my Mobile Save. They are all different. Combining my PS2 Save with 57 Special Vehicles and this Mobile Save with 18, I have 75 total Special Vehicles in SA. The main reason for doing this over is simply because some of the Special Vehicles from my old Mobile Save are now on my new PS2 Save, so I don't want them anymore :p But a bigger reason than that is there was a new Special Vehicle discovery a couple weeks back. You can now obtain the DP/EP/FP/MP BF-400 from Just Business without any Cheats. For years, it was known, but you had to use Blow Up All Cars Cheat to obtain it whereas now you do not need any Cheats to get it. It's crazy how these things happen, considering SA is over 11 years old. There is still a lot of mystery behind some other Special Vehicles, as well, and many people are dedicated to finding out how to manipulate the Game to obtain these. Much respect goes to the Russian community for finding a lot of them, especially this newly obtainable BF-400 without Cheats.


Like before, I used khsh97's 14.97% Starter Save simply cuz SA is easy enough. I am not doing it for my health. I am doing it for the Special Vehicles since the 100% requirements are too easy and it's not just SA. All GTA's are easy for 100%. I don't have any need to do the Collectibles and other various Side Missions which can be completed before the first Story Mission in the Game, Big Smoke. I've done it plenty of times before on PS2. So to make the Game go faster, I use his wonderful Starter Save. His Starter Save included a bunch of the "Rare" Vehicles I have in my Save, which I converted to EP/FP using Gray Imports.


Interestingly enough, the EC Camper I have in my Save is actually the Mothership from the Mission "Riot." However, there is an easy way to "lose" the Paintjob and when you do that, underneath is an EC Paintjob and it's White. I have an AP Mothership with the Hippy Paintjob on PS2 so I wanted to get an EC White Camper on this Mobile Save. The AP Feltzer in this Mobile Save is from Millie as a Jealous Girlfriend. In my PS2 Save I have an AP/EC2 Feltzer I obtained from End of the Line, but I wanted to get Millie's AP Feltzer in this Mobile Save since I have the other 5 AP Jealous Girlfriend Vehicles (Hustler, Romero, Bandito, Monster, Ranger) on PS2 so now I have all 6 counting the Feltzer from Millie.


This new Mobile Save is about 14 hours quicker than the previous one and it also has less Mission Attempts. It seems every time I do a playthrough, no matter what platform I do it on, I tend to go quicker. Practice makes perfect? I guess so. Because khsh97's Starter Save is a bit high for the Total Playing Time Stat, it's why the time is a bit high overall. 73 hours is still a lot, considering in my PS2 Save, I have 47 Hours and 50 Minutes for the entire thing from 0 to 100% and 57 Special Vehicles. His Starter Save alone is around 46 hours! I'd imagine it's very high due to the fact he maxed out EVERYTHING. All Skills are 100%. All Weapons are at Hitman Level. He even had no totals showing up on the Weapons since the ammo was over 9999 rounds. This was a bit of a waste of time, considering you lose all your Weapons after The Green Sabre and you even lose the Desert Eagle he had during Nines and AK's, which is very early on in the Game. So there was a lot of unneeded things done in the Starter Save but it's awesome. Not to mention, all 70/70 Stunt Jumps are complete.


Download Here

Edited by Militia
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  • 1 month later...
Lethal Vaccine

I just can't believe it. SA proves once more to be the king of the Series. A lot of people are looking into some Special Vehicles that have either been unobtainable for years OR they needed cheats to obtain in the past. There is yet again some new discoveries; one being an AP Packer and an AP/EC2 Picador and 3 more EC Vehicles.


Last week I decided to do a PS2 Save in Slot 2 for these new discoveries and such and I got them. But since I am pressed for time, I rather just do this Save on Mobile instead of PS2. I am really thinking about deleting the PS2 Save in Slot 2 and doing all of this on Mobile once more. As usual, I would post the Mobile Save when I finish and it will actually include MORE Special Vehicles this time around. A lot of new things, so I am looking forward to it.


If and when I get this new Mobile Save done, I will once again have this locked and post the new one. I am always trying to perfect my GTA Saves and I am pretty much done with doing that for all that I own, except SA. SA is always evolving and new discoveries every few weeks it would seem, so I can always improve for SA...


Stay tuned! :p

Edited by Militia
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Good luck. But don't start doing it yet. The AP Lowriders might become available pretty soon! :p

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Lethal Vaccine

Yeah, I decided to do a Los Santos Only Starter Save for PS2 with Big Smoke passed and the EC Black Perennial (Without Roof Rack) obtained and inside Ganton as well as a Seasparrow sitting on the Mulholland Safehouse Roof instead of anything on Mobile. Once I finish this Los Santos Only Starter Save, I am gonna actually do a MEGA Save on PS2 and go for 62 Special Vehicles. I would be going for the same 57 I have now on PS2, but with an extra 5 that are new to my collection. The new ones would include the AP Packer, AP Sultan, DP/EP/FP BF-400, DP/EP/FP/MP Police, and EC White Camper all on PS2, plus the same 57 I currently have. It's gonna be one hell of a save when I finish.


Since I need to use the Impounds, which result in running on foot to some Mission Markers, it may make my Total Playing Time a bit higher, which is fine, since I go fast in general, anyways. It also may be higher since I am doing a Starter Save with some things done early like Paramedics Level 12 for instance. Usually I did this in Angel Pine when I unlocked The Country, but now I did it in Los Santos. It took a good 50 minutes in Los Santos to finish it, but it's worth it I guess. Since I don't need to actually complete Vigilante Level 12 normally, which takes a long time, I can take the longer time to complete Paramedics in Los Santos with more time than it takes in Angel Pine. However, Angel Pine takes 10-15 minutes max, literally...


These are the 62 I will have on PS2 and I hope to be done in the next couple months since it takes longer now that I gotta work a lot:


EP/FP Seasparrow, EP/FP NRG-500, EP/FP Freeway, EP/FP/EC Perennial, AP Tampa, AP PCJ-600, EC Mutant BF-400, AP Packer, AP Sultan, DP/EP/FP BF-400, EP/FP/EC Mesa, BP Forklift, Off-Road/EP/FP/EC Pony, BP/FP Voodoo, BP/FP Tahoma, DP/EP/FP/MP Police, AP/EC2 Bravura, AP Sentinel, AP Sanchez, AP Sabre, BP Tanker, AP Tanker Trailer, AP Sadler, AP HPV-1000, BP/EP/FP/MP/EC2 Fortune, BP/EP/FP/MP/EC2 Elegy, Unique/AP RC Goblin, BP/EP/FP/MP Patriot, AP Merit, AP Savanna, EC Camper, AP FCR-900, AP Boxville, EC Burrito, DP/EP/FP/MP Rancher, DP/FP Rumpo, EC Stretch, EC Pizza Boy, AP/EC Maverick, EC Pony, EC Maverick, AP Mothership, AP/EC2 Admiral, AP Bandito, AP Hustler, AP Monster, AP Ranger, AP Romero, EC Packer, BP/MP Walton, AP Buffalo, AP/EC Newsvan, EC BF Injection, AP/EC Vortex, AP/EC Vortex, AP Infernus, EC Camper, AP Glendale, Unique/BP/FP S.W.A.T., AP Greenwood, AP/EC2 Feltzer, AP Fire Truck


I dread getting the EC Black Maverick and AP Greenwood again. Those suck so bad for me...It will be my second time getting the Maverick and my third time for the Greenwood. Not worried about the Fire Truck. That's easy as sh*t, seriously...


I am also not looking forward to having to obtain the Packer/Sultan/BF-400 AGAIN as it took me 3 hours last week on my test Save to see if it's possible on PS2. It's luck based, but definitely worth it. Those Special Vehicles are awesome...

Edited by Militia
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  • 1 month later...
Lethal Vaccine

I just wanted to say....More things have been discovered. So once more, just to round all the new stuff up, I will yet again be re-doing my Mobile Save. When I do it, it'll include the usual EP/FP Vehicles, DP/EP/FP/MP Police, but also a DP Leviathan which was discovered on Christmas Day and also an AP/EC2 Picador which was discovered about 4 weeks ago. It will NOT include the AP Sultan or DP/EP/FP BF-400 since these are now on my newest PS2 Save I am finishing up. It also won't include the EC White Camper since I have it on PS2, as well.


Stay tuned in the coming weeks/months for the new Save to be posted! :D

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  • 1 month later...
Lethal Vaccine

Since this has been discovered:




I will be doing a SA Mobile Save one last time and going for 50+ Special Vehicles and every single one of them will be AP and completely indestructible. I am already 26.74% done with it and in The Country. Stay tuned in the next 2-3 weeks for the new Save to be posted. It's also gonna be my LAST time through SA Mobile and I will not be posting anymore Saves after this new one I am currently working on.


Because I am working on a new Save, I am having this locked.

Edited by Militia
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