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CamHack on Win 7

Schwarzen Adler

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Schwarzen Adler



I've just made the upgrade to Windows 7 32bit from XP, and now CamHack for Vice City doesn't work anymore. Upon searching the net for a fix, I constantly stumbled upon

(the one needing to register the dx8vb.dll module), but that doesn't work in my case. Upon starting CamHack, it doesn't give me any errors, the problem only appears when I try to activate the addon in the game, the camera looks up and I can't do anything from that point on, except for exiting the game. Also, I get this error:




Any way to fix this? If not, does anyone know of the existence of a similar addon for Vice City that would allow me to "get inside the car" and that would work under Win 7?


Thank you so much!

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