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Wanted Level Crash


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Hi, I'm kinda new to this forum (about 4 minutes ago lmfao). And I have this weird crash with my game that everytime I get 4 stars wanted level, the game runs fine for a couple seconds then it crashed.


When I get no wanted level, the game runs smoothly without crashing, but when I reach more than 2 wanted level, the game crashed within couple seconds after triggering the wanted level (You know what I'm trying to say)


Suspicious mods: Police bike


I haven't modded any Cop attributes yet (Peds, Cars, Rhino, Enforcer, etc) The only cop modification that I installed are the Bike and Hydra (This Hydra mod stays within my game for about 1 year now and I still don't have a problem with it). So is there any solution?


And yes I used CLEO.


My CLEO mods:

-Wanted Level Config (old mods)

-Clothes Menu (I think this is not the problem causing my game to crash)

-weapons menu (Not this either)

-Godmode (infinite health, also this mod is crash-free)

-sprint_armed (enable to sprint when holding a two-handed weapons like Rifle, Combat Shotgun, etc)


-Teleport to Marker

-CLEO FPS Limit Adjuster



Can anyone help me with this problem? Thanks :)

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you can't be sure what is causing it, when i had this then i didn't give exception for any mod, just tossed out one by one until it stopped, just start with the elimination testing, that is foolproof solution

Edited by Jaanus949
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