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What area in any GTA would you most like to live?

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I would wanna find me a nice apartment somewhere in broker I would wanna be close to hove beach it’s so much for me to do I would go to work early 69th street diner go shop at Jazzy Jim’s I would never go to the Russian shop because all the clothes are ugly but broker would be a place I wouldn’t have to always leave to find something to do 

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I would migrate my in-game or simulation LIFE to Ivrywer Avenue, off of Octahedron St and plant my next 30 years of escapades within and around a Garrison-style dwelling that houses a detached/attached two-car garage, a lush front lawn as a center piece, and backyard with respectable landscapes. The vegetation would be dynamically-altered and could be tamed by lawn mowing, leaf blowing, weed whacking and fertilizing, being not compulsory, but still largely immersive.


I would purchase pertinent outdoor/landscaping equipment via any United States home improvement retailer such as HOME DEPOT, LOWES or ACE. The tools and equipment would require a kick to the engine’s heart via energy, be that unleaded gasoline with a rating of 87 octane or greater, or in conjunction with 2-cycle engine oil to  operate equipment that must swallow mixed fuel for its rations. Other essentials that could accompany the DIY satchel belt/toolkit is a RYOBI power drill that must have a friend in 20 volts of might if wood screws are to have any chance at diving into rickety infrastructure with enough bite to hold the front steps to my house’s entrance in place. 


The vehicle that would be sleeping in my finished my driveway could be... a mid-1990s Ford Crown Victoria, 1970s Ford Fastback, 1999 Ford Explorer, Hummer H2, early-2000s Chevrolet Silverado, Chevrolet Caprice, Dodge Viper, Chevrolet Corvette, and a multitude more of vehicles (which may have happened to ‘inadvertently’ slipped out of another motorist’s possession), and if my wallet has enough value to eat away at those finicky license and registration fees. 


And more... 🙂

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  • 1 year later...

Rockford hills near were Micheal's house is, In Alderney where Pegorino is and the Northwood area near Luis

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Anywhere on Vice City.

Defintely near Las Venturas. Who doesn't want to live at a place with a bunch of beautiful neon signs at night?

I'd also love to live in the middle of Algonquin aswell. A sight to see rich with landmarks and beautiful houses.

Edited by Panzermann11
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Carl Theft Auto

Desert in GTA San Andreas

Angel Pine in GTA San Andreas

Southern part of Las Venturas

Grove Street

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Probably Broker, specifically Rotterdam Heights or Schottler or something. I just really like the vibe of the place.

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I genuinely want to live in the Skumole shack for a week idk it sounds exciting to me. 


Otherwise maybe Angel Pine, though part of me would like to live in Richman or Rockford Hills too. 

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Mr. Galloway

Secluded cabin in SA's (3D rendition) woods. Just me, a typewriter, and countless books.

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