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[TUT] How to install Skins/Weapon/Vehicle/Sounds mods without messing


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Tired of messing up your gta sa many times??

In this tutorial i will teach you all how to Install Skin/Weapon/Vehicle/Sound mods in GTA SA without messing with GTA SA files or GTA3.IMG and other stuff, easily without any issues, so now no more messing up your gta sa and reinstalling again and again !

Download Links :-

Note: After installing ASI Loader and Mod Loader, to install mods open up your gta sa folder and go to the modloader folder, there you need to create another folder where you will place your mod files.

Always make sure to create DIFFERENT FOLDERS for different TYPES of mods you install.

That means the following are valid installation methods:

+ modloader/nsx/infernus.dff

+ modloader/nsx/another folder/infernus.dff

But the following is **NOT** valid:

- modloader/infernus.dff

- modloader/.data/infernus.dff

*For installing Sound Mods simply make a folder for sound mods in modloader folder and put the .wav files into it.

For more information on Mod Loader : http://gtaforums.com/topic/669520-sarel-mod-loader/

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This section is not for tutorials. Use tutorials section instead for this motive. And any moderator please move this topic to the tutorials section or just lock it cuz its just the copy of the stuff in modloader readme.

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