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GTA III Mission Alternatives Thread

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On 9/15/2018 at 9:15 PM, Jeansowaty said:

Sorry for the bump, I hope I'm not too late.


You can explode the Enforcer in Plaster Blaster with a Rocket Launcher, you will be then sent to chase another one. During the same mission, you don't need to pull the van over, you can just do a drive-by and he will fall out. Then I run him over with the car I came with and RPG his ass, he should be killed in no time.



Not enforcer but Ambulance. When you destroy ambulance (using bazooka or so) before ramming it - you gonna get a message that this ambulance was a decoy



////edit - First post refreshed

Edited by Masny

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Very easy way to do Donald Love 5. Escort Service:

Get a car, drive to the securicar so they get going. Go into the opposite direction immediately. Wait a bit. Take it slow, stay as far away from the securicar as possible. Take the bridge from Staunton Island to the Airport. At some point, the Securicar will not move anymore, I guess the player has to be in the vicinity so that they continue. Take the subway from the airport to Staunton Island. This seems to take you close enough to them so they continue. On Staunton Island get a car, go back via the bridge towards the airport. On the first attempt I then got the briefing to scout the exit of the tunnel, so I shot the cartel guy standing on top of the tunnel exit and then the securicar made it to its destination without me doing anything else. On the second attempt I did not get the briefing, when I arrived at the tunnel exit I saw the securicar exit and it made it to the destination. Zero shots fired. I guess cartel does not spawn when the player is not around, so that's why there is not too much damage happening to the securicar(?). Only attempted two times, PC, game version 1.1 from Steam. At the destination the securicar had two thirds or three quarters or so damage.

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