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Girlfriends and dating scripts


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If I use the trick to keep the Two-Timing scripts active with let's say Denise, will I be able to obtain the outfit for 100%, the Pimp Suit in this case?

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You can get all 6 Girlfriends to 100% with keeping the scripts active, but it's very boring and time consuming as you will have to make a jealous girlfriend show up EVERY TIME you have a successful date while NOT losing them on the way back to the red marker at the Girlfriend's house. Basically, pretend you want to obtain them, but simply don't when you get back to the red marker. Just let them drive away. But you will have to rinse and repeat every time you go on a date and do the same with all 6 Girls. If a Girlfriend doesn't show up, reload. Since I am not into character customization and I am not into the other tasks outside of 100%, I never cared. Not only that, it'll probably jack the Playing Time Stat up, since it just takes a while to accomplish, etc...HeroBrineR007 has the Girlfriends to 100% on his Mobile Save. His Total Playing Time is just shy of 100 Hours...

Edited by Militia
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Sometimes for me on PS2, I had glitch happend like, i had correct time when driving intro red circle, then cutscene with girl leaving and two timing at same time played, but on next date it was disabled, i checked like 3times before trying again (saved game before doing that date) so every date i checked if script is there for sure.

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I thought the trick was to finish the date close to a place that 'resets' the date, such as the Pizza Stack in Palomino Creek next to an Ammunation

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I am not sure what you mean. All I know is to keep the dating scripts active, you need to ALWAYS have a jealous girlfriend show up, regardless if the date went well or bad.

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I am not sure what you mean. All I know is to keep the dating scripts active, you need to ALWAYS have a jealous girlfriend show up, regardless if the date went well or bad.

Apparently if you end a driving date close to a girl's home, you can drop her off before the 7-second countdown for a jealous girlfriend expires, and the scripts still remain inactive. Then there's Michelle and Millie's special dates, which can also be done to your heart's content without worrying about the scripts being disabled.

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Ah, now I see. Yeah, for EVERY single time I dated a Girlfriend, I took them to a Restaurant and then had the Jealous Girlfriend follow CJ back to the other Girl's House. I never had those "other" kind of Dates, as my goal was only to obtain the AP Hustler from Denise, AP Bandito from Helena, AP Monster from Michelle, AP Romero from Katie, and AP Ranger from Barbara. I never cared to get their progress to 100%, etc...

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I wish the Gimp Suit dates could be done with all girls, not just Millie... She's pretty much useless

Enjoy the Chain Game saves. All girls can be gimped, all but Helena offer She Drives dates, the girlfriends are always home, and Katie likes fast driving like her dialog suggests.

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Yes. but he was wishing to gimp all the girls so I mentioned some of the tweaks made in the Chain Game saves. Dragon has been taking turns in the Chain Game and I think he might be playing a Chain Game save this time around, so it didn't seem too far off topic. Sorry, I also tried to enable She Drive dates for all the girlfriends but Helena has a nasty habit of trying to drive through the canal at Marina when it comes time to head home, which ends with reloading so not a viable option. Both She Drives and Gimp Suit dates allow progress with a wanted level and there's no risk of a two-timing encounter.


FYI: I tried enabling Drive-By dates for all the girls but since they don't have any ammo the date, any date, succeeds immediately - pretty lame. Giving the other girlfriends weapons with ammo requires changing the scripts. And there's a special Sunrise/Sunset date for Helena and Millie but the script is broken (checks if the wrong variable is true) so it doesn't work.


Added: Since "scripts" is in the topic title let me point you to some of the fine details of the girlfriend's settings. SA Girlfriend's Global Bitmasks

Edited by OrionSR
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  • 2 years later...

Lets just say I currently have dated denise, and no girlfriend. Is the script enabled so that I can obtain the car? If not, how do I enable it? Make a bad date?

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