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Need a GOOD player for Criminal Mastermind tomorrow


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This is for PC only.


We currently have three people; the last person bailed out at the last minute, so here we are.

If you'd like to be a part of the team, you MUST fulfil all the following requirements:

• Have extensive knowledge on how the heists work (e.g. the "take-a-Kuruma" method for the Pacific Standard finale), including all their set-up counterparts.
• Have a microphone.
• Be fluent in English. I don't mind if you're not a native speaker, but being able to speak spoken English is a must.
• Be able to think on your feet.
• Be rank 60 or higher. There is leniency here; for example, if you're an extremely good player, or you've had multiple characters in the past of which had a combined rank of 60 or higher.
• Own the heist gear (i.e. a bulletproof helmet and a heavy utility vest).
• Be a team player.

Etcetera, etcetera.

We are going to be starting the challenge tomorrow (14th October) at 11:30 AM (GMT). We might be able to push this forward an hour or so if you're American. If this is too early for you, let us know how far back we need to push it (but not anything more than two hours, please).

If you fit all these requirements, and think you're up for the challenge, please leave your Social Club name as a reply to this thread, along with a brief description on how you fit the requirements listed above. For extra credit, also briefly mention how much experience you have in each heist (including set-up missions) and other relevant information. A link to your Social Club profile would be greatly appreciated. For a quick copy-paste, here is a link which will redirect to your profile automatically (so long as you log in).

If you're accepted, I'll add you on Social Club when we begin. My Social Club name is HalfOfAKebab. If you're offline, GG; someone else will take the spot.

Edited by HalfOfAKebab
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SC: RagingTunaFish


lvl: 161


Have a mic but have not used it on PC yet so ill have to set it up. Live in the EST part of the US so I would accomodate on the time difference.




I have spent numerous hours/days playing the heists of GTA Online. I knows almost all the ins and outs of each heist. I own the kuruma plus all other heist gear. I can drive to almost every destination without GPS. I own the apartments behind the bikes in the final heist. Finally my main goal is to get the jobs done and 12,000,000 in our pockets.

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Andreas Laier

Hi mate,


I'm looking for players to play with. If you need a stand-in, you can contact me at [email protected]

I'm 15 years old (turning 16 next monday), and I'm looking for players to play with, so I can improve my English language. I'm from Denmark, and have had English for 3,5 years. But the more I speak, the better I will get, if you get me ;)

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