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Need help with MEd.


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Hi everyone, i've been using Med for SA these days and i know its basics on how to use it, open the scene, add the object and save.

MEd is working nice to me, every new object i added appears in game. nice.


So here is one thing that i wanted to know, if my specs are neccesary, here it is.

- Nvidea GeForce 610 Synergy edition.

- Intel i3 4th gen.

- 8 GB RAM

- windows 7 ultimate 64 bit.


I have SA Version 1.0.


So i want to make a bridge and a little abundunt island in the scene 'countryN.IPL' and 'countN2.IPL. for your info, these two scene includes desert area and house or office of mike toreno. so i did alot of editing, i added many new objects etc, removed the original objects and played the game, it worked charmly. but when i deleted the mike toreno's office and all objects like sofa, computer etc and saved it. but the game crashed, after replacing the scene with original gta sa (backup) scene, the game still crashes while loading. i dont know why. please help me in this case.


Also suppose that i made a stunt scene in 'countryN.ipl', and i wanna upload it to internet, so should i upload only the 'CountryN.IPL' file or also another file 'CountryN.IDE' too (in data » maps » country)? i am confused.

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Had you installed sa in c drive?

If not then replace the entire data folder with the backup.

And as per uploading the new mod. Had you added new models or just copy pasted some models?

If added then you need to supply all the dff, txd, ipl and ide related to it with a clear description on how to install in a archives. If copy pasted then just the IPL(s) you used with a description on installing same in a archives.

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No no, i've installed it in E drive. so will install the game in C drive, right?

about the uploading, i am just adding original objects from gta sa, so i'll have to upload only IPL.

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No if you installed in e drive then its OK, don't install in c drive.

About uploading, yes the IPL file(s) with a text file about installing steps.

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