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How does LCS look/perform on Vita?


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I've had an urge to play LCS & VCS, I bought the PS2 classics on my PS3 but it looks awful due to the resolution not looking great on a widescreen.


I was thinking of getting a Vita to replay both of these games, but how do they look and perform? I don't want to pick it up and find everything is aliased as hell and the frame rate is horrible. I've been watching some videos and they seem to look fine, although it's hard to tell because of Youtube's compression and the videos mainly being recorded via cameras.

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Even if LCS/VCS look and/or play horrible on Vita, there's still a bunch of other decent games for the platform. Just bite the bullet and get one.

Edited by Helegad
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Lethal Vaccine

LCS sucks on everything other than the PSP. I have it for PS2. Not the Digital PS3 Version, but the physical PS2 Disc playing on my Backward Compatible PS3 and the frame rate is horrible and such. It plays much better on PSP. VCS is different, though. VCS, imo, is fine on PS2 (Again not Digital PS3) and has no problems like LCS with frame rate and such.

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Well if LCS framerate sucks for PS2 then I'm f*cked when I get it and play it .-. There's very little things that I can't stand less than horrible framerate. It hurts my eyes. Maybe I should get VCS...

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Lethal Vaccine

VCS as a GTA Game, though, is my least favorite of the 3D Era. III, VC, SA, and LCS are way better in my case since I play them all for Special Vehicles. VCS lacks and is one of the most boring 3D Era GTA's I played. I have a 48.80% Starter Save in VCS, but the thing is, you can't even do a large amount of Side Missions until you pass "From Zero to Hero" which unlocks the East Island. There is a LOT of Side Missions in VCS. In fact, the Story only counts as 20%-ish of the whole game. At least in LCS, the Story counts for 40%. Having 80% worth of Side Missions in VCS is nauseating to say the least. VCS gets a lot of fans, though, and people think it's the BEST of the 3D Era, but I don't like it at all. I mean, if you like GTA and the 3D Era, it's a good Game, but I rather play 1 of the other 4 and not play VCS. VCS, similar to VC lacks so much in the Special Vehicle department...So easy and so boring to get them. I will do my 3 VCS Saves though by next weekend as I am finishing SA Mobile this week. Maybe in 3-4 days :p


Anyways, it's a shame of the problems the PS2 Version of LCS has. Most noted the frame rate and the issue of blown up wrecks don't restore in the Garages. Loading times are better on PS2, but frame rate is bad. If you watch jam8tone's Special Vehicle Guide and 100% Walkthroughs of LCS, he is playing and recording it all on PSP and it takes SO long to load. Sometimes you are waiting 40 seconds or so until it all loads. PS2 takes like 5-8 seconds...

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Igor Bogdanoff

I think LCS on PS vita should had good frame rate as it's emulated PSP version.

I advise you to get it on PSP, flash PSP, overclock it and play from Memory card for best and fastest performance.

Edited by Tomasak
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TJGM is asking how well LCS looks and performs on the PS Vita. There is no reason to come in here and talk about the game's performance on other platforms and other GTA Games in general, particularly considering you haven't even played the game on a PS Vita so are going to be no help from the start.


Don't post in here unless you are able to contribute to the question.

Edited by GTAKid667
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Well, it's the same as the PSP version, obviously, but the Vita can apply bilinear filtering to it, which makes it look less bad. Resolution sadly doesn't adjust properly, from what it seems. And also you can't really bind the right analog stick for camera movement in a clean way either. This video showcases the game on a Vita really well:



I know it is not what you asked for and I agree with what GTAKid667 said but, the best way to play it still is via PCSX2 with some specific settings. I did recently and with some graphical improvements it looked as good as III and VC. But back to the main point, I guess.

Edited by Mega
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I own the game on Vita and have noticed no major issues except for the fact that you can't use custom tracks like you can on a PSP (due to the way the Vita transfers and stores PSP save data). The graphics aren't too bad with the bilinear filtering on and the performance is fine; unlike Vice City Stories, which is a complete lagfest on Vita.



If you don't mind losing the portability and if you have a good PC, a decent alternative is to play LCS on PPSSPP with a 60FPS patch.


Edited by CartmanKusanagi
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I can't get PCSX2 to run at an acceptable frame rate on my computer, but PPSSPP runs both games, and Chinatown Wars, almost flawlessly, and at full HD resolution (native widescreen!). They look fantastic at high graphical settings. I've 100% completed Vice City Stories and I'm almost there with Liberty City Stories. Still got a lot of work to do in Chinatown Wars, but I've made a half mil from drug deals and done a few side missions over a bunch of hours with no problems.




Liberty City Stories









Vice City Stories









Chinatown Wars









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