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Rockstar Editor Actors Casting Couch

Recommended Posts


Looking for: actors with microphones

Filming details: action/drama series

Platform: PS4

Ask for my PSN ID in a personal message.

Social Club: MasihDeSanta

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I gotta real cool epic film in mind about street racing and I wanna talk to someone about it who is at least kinda mature and has a mic and some knowledge about recording with Rockstar editor.

Message me here or threw XBOX1.

My GT : FatalityCinema

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Need a Girl voice actor for a Gta 5 Video i made. Contact me on:

Skype- flazherdoesgames

Xbox1 Gamertag: VxBasket

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Looking for: Actors (about 3 to 4 people, more people are welcome)

Filming details: Shooting an epic music video for Guts - Brand New Revolution (Worldwide FM)

Platform: PC

Gaming ID: TheCoolDean

Social Club ID: TheCoolDean


The plot of the music video will be disclosed once I gather a crew. Those who are interested are requested to message me on social club. Any creative ideas, stories, suggestions are deeply encouraged, and will be taken into consideration as a sub-plot of the video.


My work - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5NNLL6QLoak93bctOaa6yg

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Looking for:Actors and directors

Filming details: Crime

Platform:Xbox one

Gaming ID:

Social Club ID:amazing_gaming_

I'll give u my gamertag when u message me on social club my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Z-8ZYl5Ap78JfbaasiabA .

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Looking for: Actors (as many as possible)
Filming details: I will fill you in on the details later
Platform:Xbox One
Gaming ID: MasteR LorD3OOO (the '0's are capital letters)
Social Club ID: This is irreverent for this

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Dammit no one even replies to this thread anymore

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Aspiring actor looking for any silent role, i Don't have a mic so i can only do silent roles, i'll work for free so don't worry about paying me (I'd like to be credited in someway though) I can play any role male or female i'm level 150 so i can use any weapon and wear any clothes. I also own a yacht on my male character. Message me on ps4 at RedPanda2202 if interested. Thanks.

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