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vehicles.rpf and vehiclemods.rpf

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#1) I asked myself WHAT will happen if cars stored in folder x64e/..../.../...vehicles.rpf is removed? because of they are stored in another folder because of DLC vehicles.rpf

what will happen? game crash?


#2) ALL cars of DLC packs extracted and added into one or two vehicles.rpf and store it in x64e/.../.../...as vehicles2.rpf and vehicles3.rpf etc... and remove all those another paths of DLCvehicles.rpf


And same story but then for vehiclemods.rpf


because it is a bit annoying to search to find right map whole time and example i want install 5 cars 3 of them need into another different vehicles.rpf (patchday2ng, patchday3ng and patchday4ng)

Edited by SWYV

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IDK enough to answer, but it does get very messy and there are ways to help with that.


One would be using the open iv package installer, but I have not had time to study how that works yet. The idea I think would be to create just one .zip archive for use with mods install of say addon vehicles, no replace.. So instead of running all over the place installing 12 cars, you just place what you want within the package installer and have it configured to know where everything needs to be, like what files to place and where to place them, sorta thing. Car mods are all different, but if you stick to just a few modders that use defined paths like tk mods or yca mods then it helps keep things simple.


Making your own script in autohotkey is an option. I have not had time to practice with it but I understand it's fairly straight forward to either code or record functions, even like keystrokes and mouse-clicks and then be able to make them into macro type automated scripts that run within your own .exe file.


I do a lot of vehicle tuning using handling meta files, so to make it easier and quicker I just raid all of the separate dlc packs for the handling info and copy+paste it all into the one main handling meta file in update > update.rpf > common > data > handling.meta


The game uses that information and ignores the other handling meta files, no need to delete or remove them. Other types of files I do not need to access or work with much, for now anyway, so I just try to be very conservative and install only well made, HQ mods which I have tested etc. and removing all mods that are unstable / unfinished / useless / not working for whatever reason. It's too easy to make a big mess with mods you don't actually want or need.


We'll see how things go, i'm sure there are plenty of minds considering all these things and nutting out ways to help smooth the testing, installation and removal processes. That is half the fun of mods, not to change the game but to change the ways the mods interface with the game and aim for the results that make different things seem as if they were made for each other, without any official support for such goings on. Challenging on many levels.

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