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[XBOX 360] NEW, EASY, FAST Money glitch/Car dupe glitch (1.26)


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Discovered this myself, don't know if it's known or not, I'm just leaving it here.


The glitch is simple and fast, you'll be able to bypass the 48mins wait too!


First of all, make sure your spawn is set to "apartment" and have your car outside.


-From singleplayer, join an invite only session, so you won't get screwed by kids in your act of insane money glitching.


-When spawned, go out of your apartment and find a match, could be parachuting or race, it doesn't matter.


-While searching for a match, jump over your car and stay on the roof, and when the match starts, this is where the glitch happens. You'll see yourself glitch a little and you can walk around for a couple of seconds.


-Now that the match is started, you can choose to either finish it or simply left.

The weird thing is that you're still inside the match, but in free roam.


-At this point, you order a couple of Rebels, 2, 3, 4, 5... This is the amount of cars being duped and sold.


-While the Rebels are being delivered, travel to your garage and enter it, the Rebels should have spawned by now.


-Now it's time to choose your dupe car, I'll take my Turismo R.


-Drive your dupe car out of the garage and park it there, exit and walk inside your garage again.


-Now take a Rebel and drive it out, you should see your dupe car outside (in my case, is the Turismo R).


-Get inside your dupe car and drive it in the garage.


-The glitch is pretty much done, now you can simply re-enter in your dupe car and repeat the process by taking it out, walk inside, Rebel, and dupe car inside.


You'll see the duped cars invisible, don't worry, just find a new session.


Now, you are ready to sell the duped cars as you please, but they'll worth less then the original dupe car, don't know why.

My Turismo R can be sold for 440.000$, while the duped one can be sold for 140.000$. Hey, better than nothing...

Edited by SCKXX
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