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GTA 4 hud problems


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serious issue with this one, once it worked for while and for no reason after some mods (which i removed again) made it disappear or give loading errors before starting game, i have no clue what even can make it not possible to load in gta sa! Will somebody run some tests on gta 4 hud, any download link should work if it ever does again

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Try my VC style HUD. It contains both SA, VC and III style Huds for SA. It is operated using Cleo not a DLL. And if you want that HUD then empty your virtual drive of sa and then reinstall that HUD again. I one time used that and forgot to copy that txd so it caused errors as you are telling. Check if you copied that.

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the thing is that i don't have anything in virtual drive, i always use documents folder, desktop and rar to hold clean gta sa files, then "install" is coping them to desktop folder and adding some mods i need to test, so that way no virtualstore can have my game, but somehow there was some crap in APPDATA hidden folder AND NO, it didn't help deleting those files there!

Edited by Jaanus949
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Well then set your explorer to show hidden files. Or go directly to APPDATA using address bar. It will show all hidden files. I use this trick for cracking programs.

And recently had you installed any OS updates?

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it worked on same OS until some asi that i don't remember but i retested in clean game and no reaction to the gta 4 hud mod, any of them, one only gave error loading box before start, btw i was using hidden files showing setting and removed any gta content from appdata! (using win 8.1 currently and it was waay before that happened)

Edited by Jaanus949
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Does it works now or not? I thinks that asi some how damaged your gta-sa.exe. In case it occurs again replace only this with the backup.

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IT IS NOT WORKING, i aready made new copy to desktop folder from zip archive, put gta 4 hud from other zip file and it still not reacting to it, normal gta sa!

EDIT: i'll let this topic be for now, not an catastrophe if original gta sa hud is working only, though i feel empty without this feature it's not breaking game, but i still hope that soon somebody will come up with solution for this! :/:rol:;)

Edited by Jaanus949
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