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GTAV Missions (After NCP AI Update)- Discussion and Guides


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You may have all noticed the recent ramp up in NPC AI during missions and heists- our crew will be documenting the changes and creating a basic discussion about this.


The recent update was a warm welcome- I even proposed to Rock* to add the 'Test Deathmatch' AI to contact missions to mix things up with rockets being returned, people chasing you with knifes. Instead they switched it up in the most annoying way possible:


- NPC's now spawn in staggered groups. This means when you approach an area and feel you have visibility on all possible enemies more can be placed after each kill. In other words- throw away your map and start hunting by eye.


- New ability to F YOU UP while rolling- far exceeds even the best RnG players and has stopped roll-out surprises or rolling between targets almost completely. GTA has forced the use of cover- maybe we weren't using it enough?


- This one get's to me.. there seems to be, at times, 1 guy who is able to empty a whole clip straight into your head taking all health even at max. This one I find absurd. No consistency between accuracy. No way to predict which NPC will suddenly pull this stunt.


- Off the map NPC's/ Glitch spawns- as I said, throw out your map. It used to be a marker for enemies, now it misleads. Either show me all the enemies or none- don't surprise me. Also seen too many spawning through a wall, instant headshot on you- no chance at all.


Without saying this or that- I do a lot of missions. Before update they were a joke as too easy- now, I literally am approaching each one with "I wonder what random ish will happen to get me killed for no reason"- but I like it.


We will be making daily content on our crew channel- but some missions to start are below- I hope for a discussion on this as HEIST NPC AI is ANOTHER SUBJECT. RockStar literally gave out the address for DelPerro to every cop in LS..... Peace.






Edited by NDRANGH3TA
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Rooftop Rumble has started spawning the cars that arrive at start of mission- so you deal with everything at once. And 1 time the cars RE spawned a second time.


On Hard Labor- on the 1st and 2nd floor there are 2 NPC's that commonly emerge from the wall to spawn- only if you take cover against the wall.


Heists are another topic- Pac Standard now leaves you all in Police sight right after getting on the bikes- and spawns 4 cars, 2 on either side of Las Lagunas.


Heading for DelPerro? I had over 6 helicopters spawn over the house when not in police sight- we did an experiment by heading in the OTHER direction- Police still waited around DelPerro.

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