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Looking for a sniping teacher


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I wanna get really good at sniping at all ranges. Would be grateful to anyone that should log in with me and "show me the ways of the force".


bruceleroy98 - PSN (PS4 only)

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One tip, make sure you've zoomed in fully and have a good idea where your enemy is before you emerge from cover. Anyone who moves into the open and then zooms in may as well shoot themselves to save you the trouble.

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Another tip, don't zoom in if their dot is pointed at you. And if you both zoom in at the same time, shoot before you're fully zoomed in to get the drop on the enemy 😊

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It might seem like a good idea to hide behind a bush or whatever in a sniper fight but in reality you won't be able to see s**t and thanks to your name hovering above your head they'll know exactly where you are.

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If you play in 1st person mode, you can "run" side to side while fully zoomed in by pressing X repeatedly and toggling joystick side to side thus making you a harder target to hit. Key also is to know your terrain. If you're going for headshots to unlock skull face tattoo remember: It takes 2 shots from Heavy Sniper if target is wearing bulletproof helmet.

Takes 3-4 shots with Sniper Rifle.


Sniper Rifle imo has much more recoil than Heavy Sniper, thus re aligning your shot with the Sniper Rifle is more "work"


Remove the suppressor from the Sniper Rifle. Suppressor reduces damage and range by a bit but every little bit helps.


Killing 600 players with either sniper rifle unlocks the LSPD Tint, but the Orange tint is actually more visible.


good luck!

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Another thing i do (dont know if it actually helps) is i keep different "camo" outfits saved. So for example, at night i wear all black outfit, in the woods or mountains all camo, in the city a gray or white outfit etc.


like the other poster said, yeah it kinda does suck your gamer tag says "over here!"


Good practice would be on missions. I like Titan of a Job because you have a good mix of stationary and moving targets. This way you can learn to gauge distance etc.


try sniping everyone in The Lost M.C. mission. That one's pretty fun.


send me a message and we can do a sniping only Deathmatch. Im not great but sniping is my fave genre of shooting. Well.... i did manage to unlock that tint and skull face tattoo. I know, im bragging. Sorry.

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Learn to quickly associate a position on the minimap with the real view from up high.


Find unexpected places to shoot from. The very top of the Maze Tower is too obvious. There are surfaces lower down on the building that take more time for an enemy to scan.

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