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32 Kings Jet Crew | PS4 & XB1 | A New DogFighting & Bmx Stunt


Recommended Posts

| Welcome to The 32 Kings Jet Crew Recruitment Page |

PS4 Leader : MR-SHAW2 ( PSN : The32ndKing )

XB1 Leader : A new Leader is needed to expand this side of the console's

| Crew Introduction |




Welcome and thank you for reading,

Now to get started this Crew Isn't all about Jets. If you take a look at the crew name the first two words are : 32 Kings, this is relavent to the Bmx as there are Real-Life Professional stunter's out there who's Bmx Rim is Strengthened by 32 Spokes.
The Jet side of the crew is however substantially more Practiced in this crew than the Bmx and is mainly focused around Dogfighting with clean merging and single hit kills. Pilots can choose to carry on a DF even after a hit but must be agreed upon by both involving parties before the DF begins.
We are looking to advance the bmx side of the crew but as we are mainly Dogfighters we don't fly/ride in the circle's so if you are reading this and want advancement opportunities with the role of teaching newcomer's the grinds please don't hesitate to contact either of the 2 leaders given above.

| How to Join,Rule's & Aspect's of the Crew |

| How to Join |

You can request an invite to the crew through R* Social Club by searching 32 Kings Jet Crew, Adding either console Leader or simply by following the links placed at the bottom of THIS Post.

| Entry |

Entry is simple, there are two ways into this crew.

DogFighter's : Must Attain at least 1 Clean Kill on the console's Given Leader

Stunter's :Must Preform a 3sec ass-grind and must be witnessed (or video)

| RULE'S |

You must be Active
You must show respect
You are placed on an initial 1 week trial period (at which point Commissioners & Lead vote)
You must wear the Badge (it's cool)
You must have a Mic and Participated in at least 1 Party Chat with Crew Members Weekly

(Mic Not Essential after trial period ends)

You must Not be a Squeaker
You must Not Hate or Throw any Verbal Abuse (instant kick)
You must Not Cheat (Highly Frowned Upon) example: Merge kill During a Clean Merge DF

| Aspect's |

Dogfighting :

The two main Dogfighter's in this crew are also the console Leader's. Unfortunately as both are on different platform's it's unclear who is the better Dogfighter.
We are looking to hold some truly skilled Dogfighters and decent air-air Pilots and are always welcoming new blood. All it takes is 1 Clean kill (No Crash's, Spawn kills or combat merge's) and your in, how hard could that be !?

Bmx Stunting :

Now i am unsure of the XB1's bike skills as tbh no questions have been asked for this yet, but PS4 holds 2 intermediate's one more skilled than the other.

| Closing Statement |

Now after you have read all this please take a look at a few more things and then make your finale choice.

Leader's Youtube PS4 : www.youtube.com/channel/UC9y26Oc6eFQKFTWp5vFcyoA

Crew's Youtube Channel : www.youtube.com/channel/UCk8UBn4dDy0ZhoF_dSwWKJA

Crew's Social Club : http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/32_kings_jet_crew_ (PS4)
http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/32_kings_jet_crew_x1 (XB1)


also a quick montage link :

Need Admin for Twitter,Facebook & Any other social Network

thanks so much for reading and if you have any further questions please contact either console leader on there/your platform and/or through social club for an immediate response. Edited by 32ndKing
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