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tonyas last mission


Go to solution Solved by Spuds725,

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Help I'm trying to get 100% in game but stuck on 99.5. I cannot get tonyas last mission,pulling one last favour to come up. I have tried calling her but just get voicemail, doing other random stuff as all characters, going online but still can't get it to pop up. Any suggestions

Edited by steveiniraq66
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  • Solution

This is another of the "stuck" mission bugs that have plagues this game pretty much since launch....


I would try going online, create a 2nd online character-- do the tutorial missions (race and the one after) and then exit back to single player... this has been known to unstick this for some people....


Other things to try---


Save in new slot, exit the game entirely, restart the game so the new save auto loads, kill yourself immediately,,,,


As Franklin-- tape the stick or keyboard key so that frankin walks around in circles---- leave the game like that for a few hours and see if anything pops up...


I'm not sure if this can do this or not but there is a save editor here-- http://gtaforums.com/topic/791187-xbox360-ps3-pc-gta-v-save-editor-by-xb36hazard/page-1


Back up you save first---- Perhaps you can load up your save with that and make it so her previous mission show as not done (not sure if the editor can do this)-- then go back in the game, redo the previous towing mission and maybe this will make the next one pop up.


Beyond that-- I don't really have any fresh ideas---


If you do sort this out, please post back...




I played around with that save editor a bit today and loaded up a PC save-- it does not appear as if you can "untick" a mission from being done (as far as I can tell)-- it allowed me to edit the completion times and other stuff in the mission but not uncomplete it as far as I can tell-- You can tick/untick things completed from the 100% checklist but I don't believe this is the same thing I don't think... I was unable to test this as I do not have the PC version.


IMO-- this may still be worth investigating (whether this can fix your save) but I would not get my hopes too high..

Edited by Spuds725

"I want to design a video game where you take care of all the people shot in all the

other video games.... It's called Busy Hospital II" -- Demetri Martin


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