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"Riot mission not appearing


Go to solution Solved by rlagas9,

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I am sorry, I do not speak much English

:How are you. In my game GTA: San Andreas, I completed the mission Grove 4 Life and the next mission that should be unlocked (Riot) does not appear. Instead, I made all other missions, including the casino heist, but even so the next mission is locked. Then I leave my departure: http://www.mediafire.com/download/9y5y9b5ccejkdpg/GTASAsf7.b http://gtasnp.com/xTohAS

if they find solution give me the link to my departure solved with the mission unlocked. THANKS.

Edited by rlagas9
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Please use, http://gtasnp.com/


[this allows the Helper to load the save into the slot of his/her choice]


DO NOT Rush into the Riot Mission.

You need to Control 35% of the Territories to proceed to the End mission.

It is much easier to do Prior to the Riot.

Edited by lil weasel
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The next mission that is available on this save is Grove 4 Life. Sweet's marker is visible in Grove Street. Did you upload the wrong save?

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I see you're (apparently) from Colombia, so I assume Spanish is easier for you


Aparentemente, no habias pasado la mision de Grove 4 Life todavia. Aqui esta el archivo con la mision pasada:




Translation to English: Apparently, you hadn't passed the mission Grove 4 Life yet. Here's the file with the mission passed

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You only have 12+% of the Territories taken over.

You will need to hav3 35% to move on from the "Riot" mission.

I Suggest you take over those Gang Turfs BEFORE you move into the "Riot".

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if I'm not wrong those are the requirements to unlock the mission end of the line and not to riot

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You are not wrong. It is a mater of Ease. Trying to take territories during the Riot can become difficult.

But, as you say There is NO Marker for the "Riot" to start in your game save.

Edited by lil weasel
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Grove 4 Life - http://gtasnp.com/A9aNNA


I tried to repair your save using a hex editor. The Riot mission should now be available when you load the save. The variable that records $Mansion_Total_Passed_Missions was too high so the mission would not trigger. I set the variable to 4 instead of 5 and now it seems to work as expected.

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  • Solution
ohh thanks seriously I delay and suffered much sought separate item he would very abansado it had 100 graffiis and missions vigilant ambulance fireman and thief and 4 girlfriends but thanks to you that my fixed it can already play it again is not as agradesertelo OrionSR simply THANKS problem solved!

problem solved thank you OrionSR

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