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This game would've been awesome with tablet control on the Wii U


Recommended Posts

Here are some functions R* could've implemented on the Wii U tablet controller:


  • View/Chart map
  • Make notes on map with stylus
  • Accurately Drop location pins on map with stylus
  • Manage and equip items and weapons
  • View mission objectives
  • Recall help text and character dialogue
  • Push cell phone screen and options to tablet display
  • Utilize tablet as cell phone camera and take pics by maneuvering it
  • Make it rain in strip clubs by virtually sliding dollars from the tablet screen
  • Use tablet to look around in 1st persion view
  • GTAO - send text messages, plan your heist/mission, preview and select next job

Now imagine doing all this in real time without ever having to pause the game and switch screens...

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But, besides the improbability of GTA V ever coming to Wii U, I'd say these are pretty neat ideas.

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I doubt the Wii U would be able to handle GTA V without butchering the graphics.


The Wii U is actually a pretty powerful system in its own right. It's got more power under the hood than PS3 or X360 but is inferior to PS4 and Xbox One. So the graphics would take a hit compared to the next gen versions that are already out but should look better than the X360/PS3 versions.

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Not to mention it wouldn't sell jacksh*t.


I think not even GTA can boost up Wii U sales.

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You should take a look at "Lego City Undercover" on the Wii U. It's plays very similar to a GTA game, and it's got some of the gameplay suggestions you've got up there.

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The OP isn't saying that the game would have been cool on the Wii U. He's claiming it would be cool if we had a controller like tablet, like the Wii U.


I agree, though. I wish there was just a better phone companion app, however, but they're too lazy for that

Edited by Android


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