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Cant join Jobs and Heist almost every time


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i recently started to play gta online again on my xbox 360 after a break of 6 months.

now i have the problem that the connection is very bad in free rome everything is fine, when i try to join a job i het the message can't join session almost every time,

is there a solution ?

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When you say free roam is fine... can you usually connect to full lobbies? if you are often only joining on sessions with very few people means your NAT is closed. IF you are confident its not your connection then I have no idea sorry.

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Looks like console limitations. I recommend you to stop being a poor peasant and buy a CG console or a PC.


Jokes aside, this might be caused by the game itself. It might be trying to connect you with someone with bad connection

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Like Blankerz said, NAT type is a key factor in online matchmaking including but not limited to the ping time (latency) and upload/download speeds. All of these factors combined will determine where you end up in the online world. Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to to play around with settings to achieve optimal online performance. I am talking about a standard home set up here BUT you could, for all we know, be using mobile broadband, mobile hotspots, etc.


If you are using mobile set ups then be prepared for some teleporting weird occurences that come naturally from a medium to high ping, although sometimes you can gain a good result speaking from experience.

Look at opening PORTS on your router if you are using one. Open NAT is achievable with this method.

Lastly It could generally just be a mixture of things are that are unrelated to technical networking i.e. Bad settings or interference or even too many users on your router.

Its all a possibility. I hope you get it sorted as I think GTA Online is great in my opinion.

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