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Hunter Survivor 360


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Well, if i can get a few TRUSTING players, id like to start a hunter survival. The basic premise of the game is you have a civilian(survivor) and your hunters. Radar goes OFF and Player Overhead Display goes OFF. The survivor goes to a separate chat so he cant hear the hunters. He then chooses a vehicle to leave the start. He has a minute to leave the start area before pursuit begins. Basically the survivor will try to blend in with AI in the gta world(obey traffic laws, dont draw attention) and the hunters do the same while trying to locate the survivor. The survivors and hunters may switch cars as often as they would like but you must try to always be in a car, try to never stop moving(unless youre hiding from close pursuit) and try to stay on roads. The round is over when the survivor has been located, stopped, and killed by pistol. Hunters may shoot ONLY while out of car. No shooting while in the vehicle.


If you can understand my bullsh*t way of explaining this and you wouldnt look at the mini map to locate(why do that it defeats the whole purpose) send a message to xbox live gt: ShotsFired87


I would like to find a consistent group to play this with so i dont have to explain this sh*t every time lol

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So far minimal interest. Few players at different intervals. If i could get everyone online together i could get it going. Bump

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Thanks to everyone who attended. It wasnt as big a hit as i planned, but im assuming thats due partly to the fact you cant force off the map or restrict the play area. Im going to attempt to make a LTS of this and upload it. Once again, thanks all who showed. It was still quite fun

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It would have been alright. I was chasing him and everyone started chasing me and I lost him I told them they was chasing the wrong guy but they diddent listen. I shot him once atleast once.

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