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[PS4] The Cold Dead Hands Recruitment Thread


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Welcome to The Cold Dead Hands Recruitment!


We are a PS4 Wrecking crew, Gunslingers and Pain Bringers.


The Cold Dead Hands are now recruiting new players for membership. We are seeking active, fun, skilled, and mature players to add to our ranks. We are a PS4 Wrecking Crew and the majority of our members are very active in-game and have mics. In addition to general recruits, we are also looking for seasoned players who are skilled in combat to be commissioners and lieutenants to help us dominate Free mode Lobby's and Deathmatches. Below you'll find information about our crew: rules and policies.


We are looking for all types of players: Foot soldiers, Pilots, Tank Specialists, Snipers, Racers, Heist members, as we Wreck everything. Whether you are skilled in Freemode wrecking, Deathmatch domintation, Racing, or just want to join a crew that will offer you protection, or just to give you back up when needed- we could be the wreckers for you. Enjoy the benefits of having the freedom to pursue your gameplay in a crew without undue restrictions and regulations. There are no dress codes, no mandatory meetings, and we only have one rule. The most important thing for us when playing a game is having fun. Play how you want in a crew that will give you the freedom of choice to do so. Will you be the next to join us?



We only have one requirement for enlistment:

1) Crew killing will not be tolerated. All incidents should be reported to a commissioner or anybody with kicking power. Use the crews social club, then we can debate it together. A crew are supposed to be your friends, your allies.


If you are enlisting with the hope of becoming a serious member in our hierarchy, as mentioned earlier we are indeed looking for good players to help build the infrastructure of what will hopefully soon become a great crew that is a serious force to be reckoned with. Below are the requirements for the hierarchy positions.

  • Commissioner - KDR 2.00 or higher
  • Lieutenant - KDR 1.5 - 1.9
  • Representative KDR 1.0
  • All positions are also dependant on activity in game and on the social club and forums.


If you are any good on Rockstar Editor and want to play around making crew videos. Feel free. As we also like having crew meets, to have a show of force. Even car meets if requested. None of this is mandatory, but we understand that this is something that players, and our members enjoy doing, and we are more than willing to be there right with you helping you to pursue your gaming wants and needs.




We have a Twitter page @_ColdDeadHands

We are currently deciding on a website, i suppose this will come with more members.

Hopefully we will see a few more faces, and hopefully some to bring into the hierarchy. We will look forward to kicking some ass with you.

Feel free to add us in game Chris-teh_god or Ellie87


Edited by Chris-Teh_God
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K/D Ratio:
Do you have a mic?:


I should have put this in the original post, if you are interested in joining. Please fill this out. thanks.

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