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(X360) Phantom Operatives - Military Roleplay

Agent Velox54

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The Phantom Operatives are active again.



  • The Phantom Operatives are a group of professional mercenaries contracted by the government to perform tasks that are less than moral and seen unfit in a military funded by taxpayer money.
  • TPO (The Phantom Operatives) enforce a basic set of guidelines for its operatives to keep tasks out of the public eye as possible.


Recruitment - used to find and train new members for TPO this will be a priority during the first week of recruitment.


Security Detail - used to protect and escort HVTs (high value targets)


Airborne - majority of TPO's members consists of pilots and paratroopers


Recon - first to go in, provides long range fire support and intel on objectives



  1. Do not shoot or aim weapons at fellow operatives at any time unless instructed to by a superior.
  2. Do not intentionally take or damage another operative's vehicle.
  3. Do not execute a planned objective unless instructed by a superior.
  4. Always have a weapon drawn and ready to fire unless instructed by a superior.
  5. Always act mature and stay in character Ex: "there's a bad guy with a machine gun next the car" is wrong, "enemy with heavy weapon near the blue car in front of the parking garage" is right. Tactical callouts are key to success.

Any statement in-game made by high-ranking official is meant to be taken as a rule and if not followed, like all other rules, will have consequences.




Consequences are determined by severity and quantity of violation of rules. They are separated by levels.

  1. Clear warning
  2. Death
  3. Suspension
  4. Removal from crew
  5. Declared public enemy of TPO and are hunted down by the crew.

If kicked from the crew for minor violations you can rejoin and go through induction period.



  • Decent internet connection
  • Microphone
  • 13+ years of age*
  • Loyalness, Willingness to follow command, Maturity
  • Ability to be online 3 or more times a week*
  • Above rank 30 or 3 months experience in-game
  • Have access to necessary equipment
  • Decent knowledge of tactical callouts and "lingo"

*Open to negotiation


Required Equipment


(One of the following)


Coil Brawler, HVY Insurgent, Karin Kuruma, or Merryweather Mesa (if not obtained help can be requested after induction period)


Special Carbine, Bullpup Rifle, Carbine Rifle, or PDW


Have an approved outfit (determined during induction period)


How to Join

Induction Period


The 7 days after acceptance is known as the Induction Period this is where you will be evaluated and tested to see if you are fit to join the Phantom Operatives. You will be evaluated to see if your skills, equipment, and attitude are up to par with the TPO's standards.


If you fail to meet these standards you have the option to be used as a reserve or roleplay as enemies during operations.



  • Q: Will I have to change my gamertag to join TPO? A: No.
  • Q: I have a schedule that only allows me to be online at certain times, will this effect my chances of acceptence? A: It depends on how much your schedule limits you, if you are only able to get online during the weekend your position might be moved around within the crew.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.


Hope to see you soon,

Agent Velox54




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