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Grand Theft Auto: Motor City


Recommended Posts

*Computer version is recommended*




Namnl_st_1.pngpegi_18.png xbox.png













Motor City, the city of motors, the city of the sh*ttiest streets since 17th century London. The city with a higher number of homicides than the number of citizens. Anyone can feel at home here, from the rats of eastside to the football fans of Jab county. Football, what once upon a time gave the citizens of Motor City a little pride in the middle of all this. Now even the 'Motor City Hippos' are going bankrupt. Motor City was once the growing metropol of the midwest until the 'Vapid' factories were moved to China. Now this place that we call home is in fact home to more dead bodies than actual livings. But all f*cked up places have some light in them. Just a dirty river away lays Westminster, the welfare capital of Canada. Not one drop of blood has been shed here for five years, until now.



The son of the mayor's best golf buddy has been murdered and all eyes are on the city's black minority. The police are pressured to find the killer and they finds a top candidate in Malik, a 26 year old Burger Shot employee with roots in Motor City. He is sent to an American prison for a lifetime sentence but manage to escape after only nine months. He is forced to live outside the system with his cousin, having both the government and hostiles from prison looking for him. He finds a calm in his cousin's gang, the 'Mint Avenue Guts', and becomes heavily involved in the Marquette underground.


Mission 1 - Exodus From Westminster

Mission 2 - Highfivers




Malik Jackson


Born in America, but raised in Kingsbury, Westminster, he knew nothing but the middle class. That until his father was killed by neo-nazis 5 years ago. He moved downtown with his mother, got a job at Burger Shot and lived the Canadian dream on welfare and maple syrup. Malik was then falsely convicted for a murder, and was sentenced to 25 years in a U.S prison. When he escapes from the prison, he moves in with his cousin Shaggy in east Motor City. He becomes involved in his cousin's illegal work and is forced to work with the men that his father warned him about.


Malik is very humble and polite, just the way that his father raised him to be. But prison changes the man, both physically and mentally. He is significantly more brawny than when he worked at burger shot, but that wouldn't help against the big, white men who abused him in jail. Another gang came for rescue and protected him, but now they want him to pay them a large amount of cold cash for the hospitality. Malik doesn't have the money, but the worst part is that the gang is a part of the fivers alliance, the same alliance that his cousin's gang is a part of. Now, Malik's mere existance threatens his cousin and his gang.




Samuel "Shaggy" Preston


Samuel, more known by his nickname "Shaggy", is Malik's cousin. Described by his closest as hostile outward but amiable at heart, Shaggy will maybe look unruly at first but will follow any orders if you bark loud enough. He is extremely loyal to his closest friends, his brothers if you will.


Shaggy was born to a single mom in east Motor City 1987. He was bullied in school because of his weight and had several big turmoils over the years. When in 8th grade, he punched a classmate in the stomach so hard that he was expelled and had to quit school. He started selling drugs with his friends, and they were soon recruited to join the Mint Avenue Guts.



Daniel "Double-D" Dean


Daniel, or D, was born in Bohan but moved to Motor City with his parents when he was only six years old. He found hiphop early on and started rapping with older friends who dragged D into the Guts. It is hinted early on that he doesn't have the same attraction to women as other characters of the game, and when he finally makes it in the hiphop scene and it is revealed that D is bisexual.


D is one of the few characters that Malik feel less cynical and more relaxed when talking to. D will later in the game ask Malik to be his manager as the last one left him because of his sexuality. One may accept or reject this request, if Malik accepts it he will have to do management missions, contact different labels and arrange gigs. It will be worth it though, as Malik will get 40% of the incomes.



Harold "Cream" Clyde


The most self-conscious and gangbanger in Grubwood. "Cream" grew up at an orphanage in east Motor City, and decided to build up his very own gang back in '99. 16 years later and he is still alive and well, most likely because he was too afraid to spill blood on his gnocchi shoes and was leading a pack of lost dogs that would assasinate the president if he ordered them to.


Cream puts himself on a pedestal higher than the 'Vapid Pole' and he sees himself as Jesus Christ with the younger OG's being his disciples. Malik sees his flaws early on and is negative to his leadership.


What the rest of the brotherhood don't know is that Cream has been ratting them, and their businesspartners, out for the past four years. When this is leaked, Malik and Shaggy assasinate him and take over the crew.




Frankie Lomazzo


Born in east Motor City to Italian parents, he is one of the few Italian Americans who stayed there after the big bankruptcy. He owns a thrift shop and is the boss of Malik's cousin, Shaggy, and sees him as a son he never had much like Simeon in GTA V.


Frankie is the brother of the Motor City connection underboss, Luigi, who more or less forced him into the gangster highlife. Being the most kind-hearted man in Grubwood, instead of shooting people, Frankie conducts money laundering for the connection at the thrift shop with the rapid fear of his brother's gang.




Agent Marco Romero


Marco is the agent sent to take down the escaped Malik Jackson. When the big prison break occured, Malik was prioritized to because of "him killing an innocent Canadian boy", so the FIB sent their best stallion to take him down. What the agency doesn't know is that agent Romero is heavily corrupted - he will do anything for an extra fistful of cash.


When he is aware of Malik's hiding place, he calls him up saying that he will accept a humble offering of $500.000 in exchange of not informing the FIB of his location. When Malik hits up a bank to get this money, Marco doublecross him sending the entire FIB his way. This leaves Malik in a very bad mood and he will get his revenge.




Dan "Dan the Man" Sorcini


Born to Italy's biggest gangster at the time, Dan was born with a silverspoon in his mouth, but the spoon was stolen goods. He and his parents migrated to America and Motor City when he was only six years old. He was raised to replace his father as the leader of the 'Motor City Connection'. Dan has a good reputation among the big cats in Liberty City and is trusted to rule the drug business of MC. Dan disguises his criminal activities with a legit auto reseller and being a respected member of the Westminster City Council but is often seen at criminal deals that the connection is a part of.


Malik meets Dan when they both attend a drug deal between the guts and the connection. The deal is busted and Dan immediately suspects the guts as the perpetrators. This starts a beef between the two and many lives are lost. When Dan realize that it was not the guts but the Marabunta Grande who guerilla'd the f*ck out of the deal, he tries to settle peace with the guts by giving out several connections. When Cream rejects this peace offering, Malik decides to do work for Dan in order to get his Canadian passport back.


Anthony "Tony" Mutumba



Tony was born 1974 to a rich household in west Tally. He was very bullied because of the colour of his skin and his weight and that's when he started with martial arts. He killed his parents and his little sister with a hammer when he was twelve and was put in an institution in east Motor City.


He found himself in Cream that lived at the same institution. They both started what was later to become the 'Mural Street Guts', Cream being the leader and Tony being the big, dumb muscle.



"One-Armed Rick" Simmonds



Rick Simmonds, more known as "One-Armed Rick";, was born in Nixon, MQ in 1952. When only 15 years old he and his father went for a flight in his father's mallard, Rick got stuck in the plane turbine and had to wave byebye to his right arm. Nowadays, he makes a name out of himself by being the most feared one-armed moonshine dealer in the county.


He and Malik cross paths when Malik is sent by Shaggy to deliver a package of cocaine to a shady house out in Roosevelt County. Rick greets Malik with a shotgun to his neck - It is made clear that Rick isn't the brightest fellow. He is ready to blast Malik to the moon for "not knocking the right way" until Malik explains to him that he can do work. Rick sees his chance of becoming the godfather he always wanted to be and agrees.



Bill Grant



Malik is later introduced to Rick's a little more psychotic best friend, Bill. Only big difference between the two is a right arm and a spoonful of crazyness. Malik starts working for with and for him with the fear of becoming his potential victim.

One day when Malik walks into Bill's apartment in west Huron he finds Bill naked only sporting a women's wig. When Bill sees Malik he grabs a knife screaming, "Bill is not here, Bill is not here". Malik manages to kick away the knife and they both start to fight with their fists.







(Map pimping by FunkyRJ)


1. Jab County

Don't you just love the smell of crispy methamphetamine in the morning? This is the home of the most notorious meth dealers and the only republican rappers that America has to offer. Liberals be aware.


If you're in Marquette to visit a relative serving time in prison, you'll pass through Jab County. It's home to the largest maximum security prison in the Midwest with the Marquette State Penitentiary. If you drop the soap in here, you can wave byebye to those loud farts that you enjoy to let out. When you're driving away from the facility, feel free to stop by at the Black Shack in Motor Lakes for a night's sleep and a happy ending. Next day take a hike in Stanley Recreation Area, or take the truck a couple of miles east and try different types of methamphetamines on Merle's Tavern in Cape Casanova.






1. Motor Lakes (Orchard Lake Village)

2. Tally Beach (North Flint)

3. Tally (Flint)

4. Stanley Recreation Area (-)

5. Otis' Caravan Park (-)

6. Bootleg Beach (-)

7. Eastern Meadows (-)

8. Cape Casanova (Utica, Romeo)





2. Motor City Metropolitan Area

Only 50 years ago this was the ideal American city. It had everything that a great city built on good old capitalism would need; strip malls, big cement parking houses and daytime hookers. Now when the vapid factories are moved to China, and the booze prohibition has been repealed, this city is not more a city for humans than a city for rats. The streets are flooded with corpses, and the police has given up a long time ago.


If you by any chance have your coast to coast flight hi-jacked and end up in the city of Motors, there are still things to do. Check in on the STI Hotel in downtown and sleep in the diamond suite for only $100 a night. Be awaked by the beautiful car alarms going off on the parking lot and head downstairs to find the hotel lobby massacred. Walk to the nearest monorail station and take the train to Greektown and walk the famous Apollo Avenue until you find a café that hasn't been closed yet. After a well-deserved breakfast, you walk to the Marquette Institute of Arts and watch the paintings until a grenade is thrown into the building and you make your way out of there with your newfound friend José.


You ask José to go see a baseball match with you at the fabulous Slamerica Park, but José pulls a gun on you and takes all your money and your pacemaker. Broke and with a broken heart you decide to crawl away to the Motor City International Airport and take the next flight to anywhere. On your way to the airport you pass many sights like the 1942 Medical Clinic and the Hunter's Theatre until you pass out on the Jefferson Freeway. A friendly man with a bandana covering half his face picks you up and starts talking soul music with you. You fall asleep and when you wake up you're lying face down in the Art District with your back peppered with shotgun shells. You fall asleep again, thinking this is the end.


You later wake up, clueless of your location. You have been taken care of by an Arabic mafia boss in Huron City and are now expected to do work for him. You take his car down to Peter Park and it's infamous Rainbow Light District with the orders of killing a rival, but before you can pick up the revolver of pure gold that was handed to you, you fall in love with one of the many transsexual prostitutes that rule the streets of Peter Park. But, yet before you can do something, you're abrupted again. The big black woman sitting next to you on the plan heading to Los Santos, pokes you and tells you to put on the seatbelt. Because not even a plane would crash in this city of horror.






1. Stanley (Livonia)

2. Huron City (Dearborn)

3. Eureka (Romulus)

4. Motor City International Airport (Detroit Metro Airport)

5. Hennepin Island (Grosse Ile)

6. Motor Coast (South Detroit River Coast)

7. Southside (Southwest Detroit)

8. Westside (West Detroit)

9. Downtown (Downtown)

10. Uptown (Midtown, New Center)

11. Shelby (Hamtramck)

12. Peter Park (Palmer Park)

13. Roseford (Royal Oak, Bloomfield)

14. Eastside (East Detroit)

15. Point Blanc (Grosse Pointe)

16. Clover Shores (Jefferson Corridor)





3. Roosevelt County

Founded by the rich, and funded by the poor. Roosevelt County is a great escape for the rich badguys of the city after they have bribed their way out of the Marquette State Prison. It's generally made up of several small villages with white houses and whiter residents, but Roosevelt County also has other, more exotic, things to offer


When in the county don't forget to visit the famous collegetown Vinetown. Known for their violent civil rights movement in the 60s and their more passive civil rights movement in the 70s due to the increased popularity for cannabis, it is no surprise that 60% of Vinetown's population consits of broke college students. Support them by buying a Pißwasser for only $10 at

Paddy's Pub or take a stroll in the Vinetown Arboretum. The possibilities are endless, but the county has other things to offer. Drive a couple of miles west of Vinetown and you'll come to the humble Red Forest and the Hooter Park. Here you can play golf with uncles you didn't even know you had. Then take a trip to Darwinson Beach and laugh at hobos while enjoying your food poisoning on Pier 69, a sea-themed family restaurant on the beach.






1. Armadillo Lakes (-)

2. Red Forest (-)

3. Verdana Estates (-)

4. Nixon Beach (Dundee)

5. Roosevelt Reservoir (-)

6. Darwinson Beach (Luna Pier)

7. Vinetown (Ann Arbour)

8. Hooter Park (Huron Meadows Metropark)





4. Westminster

The welfare capital of Canada. Minimum wage here is the same amount as the cost of a house just across the river. Was formed by illegal French immigrants in 1755 as a place where they could practise their tantra yoga without being disturbed. Unfortunaly it all went terribly wrong when Brits found and made fun of them a couple of years later. This resulted in a war between the two that the Brits won.


The people of Westminster are some of the friendliest in Canada, unless you're American. They hate their southern neighbour mostly because of Motor City's Tug Island spitting air pollution like a lisping Liberty City rapper. But if you're not American or not a self absorved turd, the citizens will welcome you with open arms. Watch the sun set from the Diplomat Bridge and go bet your pants off at the eccentric Roman Casino in Downtown Westminster. Go party at one of the many pre-school discos that are arranged around the city or become a man at the Loose Goose in Belmont with the help of vodka and juice.






1. Belmont (West Windsor)

2. Downtown Westminster (Downtown Windsor)

3. Westminster Airport (Windsor Airport)

4. Kingsbury (South of the Tecumseh Road)

5. Willington (Walkerville)

6. Goose Island (Fighting Island)




5. Crumpet County

A barren wasteland making you wonder why Canada is morally superior. Seperating Westminster from the rest of western civilization, Crumpet County is as boring as the British dessert that it is named after. Go visit the Canadian Black History Museum at the most unlikely place imaginable in Sunnyvale with a 97% white population. If you are comfortable with old bald men grabbing your butt nonetheless what your gender is, play golf at the Steinway Golf Court in Crumpet Valley. Alternatively, you can take steal a bike and ride down the Crumpet Valley Trail and shout at tourists with one of the so famous Canadian park rangers.







1. Sunnyvale (Amherstburg)

2. Crumpet Valley National Park (-)

3. Hawthorn Shores (Lakeshore)








Dark.net is a web search engine accessible by Malik when receiving the USB-stick from D. He may use the search engine to access vicious websites like firemarket.drk; where one can buy weapons, onlinepharmacy.drk; where one can buy and sell drugs, happyhomicide.drk; where one can sell their hitman services, and mygrit.drk; where one can watch and share gritty pictures and videos.

Dark.net also offer different non-interactive websites like littlelacysuprisepageant.drk, eatmysh*t.drk, floralsex.drk and hireahooker.drk.






Whether it is using or selling it, drugs are a big part of many Marquette citizens daily life. Apart from the many missions where drugs are involved, Malik can also buy and sell drugs outside the main storyline. He can buy drugs from different contacts or online and sell drugs on the street (pedestrians will either react positively or negatively) or online. Different drugs may differ in price and popularity along with the location of the affair.

[table][/th][th]West/East MCCentral/Other MCJab CountyTallyRoosevelt CountyWestminsterInternetCannabis (oz)~$120 (High)~$200 (Mid) ~$150 (Low)~$150 (High)~$200 (Very low)~$300 (Mid)$0-$300Coke (ball)~$120 (Low)~$200 (Mid)~$150 (Very low)~$140 (Low)~$180 (Low)~$240 (Low)$0-$200Crack (g)~$80 (Very high)~$150 (Low)~$100 (Mid)~$100 (High)~$120 (Very low)$220 (Low)$0-$200Heroin (bag)~$10 (Mid)~$20 (Mid)~$15 (Low)~$15 (Mid)~$15 (Very low)~$30 (Mid)$0-$20LSD (hit)~$10 (Mid)~$15 (High)~$10 (Low)~$10 (Mid)~$10 (Mid)~$20 (Mid)$0-$20MDMA (dose)~$10 (Mid)~$20 (Mid)~$15 (Low)~$10 (Mid)~$20 (Mid)~$50 (Mid)$0-$40Meth (g)~$150 (Low~$150 (Very low)~$100 (Very high)~$150 (Mid)~$150 (Low)~$300 (Low)$0-$250Oregano (oz)------$0-$300[/table]

The table shows the price the people of each part of the map will give for each drugs followed by the interest. Malik may approach random pedestrians and doublepush the interaction button in order to request a deal, but there's a very little chance that it will work and most pedestrians will call 911 or just laugh. A more safe approach is to look out for pedestrians acting suspiciously - maybe sitting on a bench going through their wallet or just wearing a cannabis-themed t-shirt.

An even safer approach is to visit the 'dank web' on any computer and put ones products for sale. Malik can choose any price, but the max price shown in the table will be the max price that people will pay. The higher price, the less people wanting to buy, but selling drugs through the internet usually means lower risk.

Malik will meet different characters through the story, who might give him a deal regarding drugs. Some random events will result in Malik crossing paths with people of interest. He can also find 50 bags of rare bags of the much so infamous drug "antimatter" scattered around the map. These have a market price of $50.000 a bag.






Angels of Death MC (Hells Angels)
The largest motorcycle club in the world has finally settled down in the city of motors. They fight a bloody gang war with the Chasers, and Malik will have to kill some of them under the orders of Wet Billy, but other than that theyre not seen much in the game.
Affiliations: Polish Brotherhood
Rivals: Chasers MC, Bootleg Beach Boys
Sets: AoD Motor City (Southside), AoD Westminster (Willington)

Assyrian Mafia (Chaldean Mafia)
One of the Guts bigger business partners. The Assyrian mafia, or the Qassem family, consists of a number of Arabic immigrants armed with knives, pistols or even rifles.
Affiliations: The Connection, Fivers
Rivals: Torres Cartel, The Polish Brotherhood
Sets: The Qassem Family (Huron City)

Bootleg Beach Boys (-)
The biggest crime syndicate still wearing the clothes given to them on their 12th birthday. They rule the meth business in Jab County and a couple of other businesses like Merle's Tavern and the North Shore Airfield.
Affiliations: Torres Cartel
Rivals: Angels of Death MC, Fivers
Sets: Bootleg Beach Boys (Bootleg Beach)

Chasers MC (Highwaymen)
The Chasers owned the highways of southeast Marquette for a century, until now. The Angels of Death, who for so long had left the Chasers alone, has started an operation in southwest Motor City, and Wet Billy, the leader of Chasers MC, is furious.
Affiliations: Fivers, Vagos
Rivals: Angels of Death MC, Sixers
Sets: Chasers South (Southside), Chasers North (Peter Park), Chasers Jab County (Bootleg Beach)

The Connection (The Detroit Partnership)
Bada beep bada boop, they're coming for you. Even though the connection isn't what it once was, they're still one of the most fearsome syndicates in Marquette. Armed with shotguns and SMGs, they control the city with an iron fist from a chop shop just across the river.

Affiliations: Assyrian Mafia, the Commission*, Fivers
Rivals: Polish Brotherhood
Sets: The Connection (Downtown Windsor, Motor Coast)

Fivers (People Nation)
An alliance of street-gangs operating through the Midwest. They're associated with the colours black and blue and are often seen rolling dice or shooting up orphanages.
Affiliations: Assyrian Mafia, Chasers MC, Spanish Lords, Ballas*, The Connection
Rivals Marabunta Grande, Sixers, Vagos, Bootleg Beach Boys
Sets: Mint Avenue Guts (Eastside), Tucker Street Guts (Westside), Saints (Tally)

Loonies (Juggalos)
Fans of the horrorcore group 'Fatal Incursion' armed with machetes and wearing face paint. They generally just hang out together while listening to music, but sometimes they leave their basements and set up deals with other gangs.
Affiliations: -
Rivals: -

Marabunta Grande (MS-13)
The most fearsome gang in El Salvador and a laughing matter on the streets of east Motor City. They can be compared to that bullying victim in preschool who had connections. They are associated with facial tattoos and the colour blue.
Affiliations: Torres Cartel
Rivals: Fivers, Vagos
Sets: Marabunta Grande (Southside, Eastside)

Polish Brotherhood (Polish Mob)
The brotherhood controls the streets of Shelby and makes sure everything goes smooth. Possibly the most supremacist crime group in the game.
Affiliations: Angels of Death MC
Rivals: Assyrian Mafia, the Connection
Sets: The Rodzina (Shelby)

Sixers (Folk Nation)
The second largest crime syndicate in the Midwest only beaten by their biggest enemy, the fivers. The Sixers are too an alliance of street gangs that specialize in narcotics distribution, extortion, loansharking and general nuisance. They are associated with the colours white and red.
Affiliations: Vagos, Families*
Rivals: Chasers MC, Fivers, Spanish Lords
Sets: Westside Burners (Westside), Eastside Burners (Eastside), Villainz (Southside, Tally)

Spanish Lords (Latin Kings)
The lords are on the fine line of being a part of the fivers, but remain independent because of good old Mexican stubbornness. They run Marquettes largest crack operation on the streets of Chingato.
Affiliations: Fivers
Rivals: Sixers, Torres Cartel, Vagos
Sets: Spanish Lords (Southside, Eastside)

Torres Cartel (Los Zetas)
One of Mexicos most infamous cartels decided to put their claws in the helpless addicts of Motor City. If you even mention them in a concept online, don't act surprised if there will be a video of your head being chopped of on mygrit.drk.
Affiliations: Marabunta Grande, Bootleg Beach Boys
Rivals: Assyrian Mafia, Spanish Lords, Vagos
Sets: Torres Cartel (Southside, Jab County, Downtown Motor City)

Vagos (Surenos)
Number three on FIBs street gang watchlist, but number one on the Spanish Lords kill-list, they are fighting the most bloody gang war over whos the best Mexican. Their big cartel brother also shows up in all this seeking for revenge on their leader for spoiling a major drug operation back in Mexico.
Affiliations: Chasers MC, Sixers
Rivals: Fivers, Marabunta Grande, Spanish Lords, Torres Cartel
Sets: Vagos (Southside, Westside)

*= These gangs are not seen outside the major plot, they appear in some certain missions.

These are not the only criminals roaming the streets of southeast Marquette. There are also other minor gangs that are based upon the many packs of young thugs that Detroit is infested with.




































































Talk Radio

If America had a choice



Mormon Cooking

Host: Jerry Lee Smith


Totally legit businessman, Jerry, teaches his listeners how to cook a good christian meal in this show. Even though Jerry seems pretty politically correct throughout the first half of the show, he often hints his despise against jews and homosexuals. It all derails when a lesbian jew calls in to the show. Jerry becomes furious and starts doing references to the holocoust and he throws human bodyparts, or in his words - trophies, in to the casserole.


"I'm Jerry Lee Smith, and welcome to Mormon Cooking. The show where I will show you how to cook non-satanic buffalo wings..."


The Mysteries of Jab County

Host: "Inner County Rick" Johnson


Explore the mysteries of Jab County with the one and only, "Inner County Rick". Mentioning and discussing spooky mysteries and conspiracy theories like the murder of Berta Roberts, the lost hunting season and the poisonous seasoning. Rick just got out of the nut house and all ready to show you the truth. He might sound funny sometimes, but that's only the demons speaking.


"...now I'm telling you, Berta Roberts wasn't assasinated by those wicked city folks. No, she assasinated herselves, only to get to heaven before us. That b*tch..."


Nothing But Prejudice

Host: Barbara Queen


Barbara Queen was an Algonquin businesswoman, until she ran out of her father's money. Now she lives out in wilderness with her boyfriend Rick, reading conservative books. Barbara isn't too good with words, she has no idea what 50% of what she says means, but that doesn't stop her from having a political opinion. She talks about how the europeans are taking over America and that the only way of keeping outsiders out of Jab County is declaring independence.


"...never been this opressed before, Bob. It's not very adequate what you're saying. What the f*ck do you mean with women should have the same rights as men? It's a free county - I have the right to be different..."





Classic Soul, Classic R&B
The music that was playing when you were made
Host: Ann Sexton





Talk Radio, Gospel

Listen to your favourite religion while in your undies

Host: Father G (John Witherspoon)



The digital chatedral is a magical place of Christian gameshows, xenophobia and fully orthodox, on air drug dealing. Father G takes you on a journey through time and space when he perfectly deliver his preaches while playing the groovy tunes of Motor City gospel. He receive phonecalls by an old workmate who converted to islam and a heinous catlady with no interest in religion. He also hosts guest like the police officer who try to arrest the father for drug posession but falls for the fathers charm and wake up three days later in a basement as a whole new person, or the gangbanger who seeks for hiding from the cops at the studio and is baptised by Father G.

Donnie McClurkin ft. Dorinda Clark Cole - Write My Name

Marvin Snapp - Thirsty


Kirk Franklin - He Will Supply





Detroit Techno, House
Push it to limit, destroy the limit
Host: Juan Atkins


Armando - 100% Of Disin' You


Garage Rock, Modern Rock, Blues Rock

Music for all you UMM methheads

Host: Jesse Hughes










Them Crooked Vultures - Reptiles



Talk Radio

If you repeat the truth often enough



Anarchistic Agenda

Host: Bill Zappa


Bill is a very enthusiastic far-leftist boy. He hasn't got much political knowledge, but he has a lot to say. He also swears a lot and doesn't have a very good way with words. Bill speaks about all the unfairness of life and how all except white hetero-sexual men are opressed. It is later revealed that he is molested and threatened by his feminist girlfriend.


"...now I'm telling you, son of a whore. We will rise. The far-out left will rise again. And if you do not agree, you are a piece of dogsh*t..."


Lazlow O' Clock

Host: Lazlow Jones


The aged radio rockstar turned self-addict got a job at a faded public radio. In a world where political correctness and self-awareness is the way to go, Lazlow has changed his image completely since the last couple of years. His knowledge of modern terms and slang is as big as his balls, according to him. Despite his many references to modern American culture, Lazlow's old self still slips through. As the show is fairly unpopular, Lazlow has to grab people from the streets to guest his show. The guests vary from an elderly couple who shaves eachothers balls to a bum who challenge Lazlow to a rap battle.


"...Allright, back in the days I could be a little disrespectful against women, yeah?! But I'm not like that anymore - Now I love women, I love the shape of the female body. The beautiful shaved legs to the perfectly round tits..."


World War: Motor City

Host: Tiffany Arthur


A program that shows the listeners what a regular day in the west of Motor City can sound like. Hosted by the obnoxious and slightly fierce British woman who travelled to Motor City in the 70s when it was a growing capital of the midwest, and stayed because all flights were cancelled. Walking around with a shotgun in her hands, she talks to both citizens of Motor City and the police. The show ends bizarrely when she decides to go for a heinous rampage through Charm Avenue. She is later replaced by a calmer black lady who explores the malicious streets of north Tally.


"Care to tell the listeners who you are, chap?" "Yeah, loc. I'm Scout - ballas for life, you heard" "Okay, so you're the person that I should keep my kids away from?" "Not at all, I love kids, I could take them on a tour through the neighbourhood, nigga"




Classic Rock
Kill your inner youth
Host: Ted Nugent





The Barons - Don't Burn It

Bold - Gotta Get Some







Contemporary Hiphop

Hiphop in 2000 pixels a second

Host: Trick Trick




Glasses Malone ft. Kirko Bangz, The Game - Too Hood






Tablo ft. Joey Bada$ - Hood



Modern Reggae, Classic Reggae, Dub

We are Motor City

Host: Doctor Dub (Oliver Samuels)














Dial 89.5 and get ready to globalize




Polish & Eastern European

Because American music is gówno prawda

Host: Bohdan Smolen








World Wide

From all three worlds

Host: Doctor Doggy (Papa CJ)







Sometimes all you need is some old Arabic hits to ease your pain

Host: Amer Zahr







Country, Bluegrass

Get 'The Ranch'ed' with our fully American playlist

Host: American Joe (David Steinberg)



Lester Flatt - Ballad of Jed Clampett










Golden Age Hiphop

Education is fun

Host: Missy Elliott

Digital Underground - Doowutchyalike












Modern Pop, 00s Pop, R&B

We bang harder

Host: Mariah Carey













Trip-Hop, Ambient

We're now

Host: Salvia Ben (Emo Phillips)








The Herbaliser - Sensual Woman


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Detroit techno? Better have some Derrick May on there!

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Detroit techno? Better have some Derrick May on there!

I'm a step ahead of you. Added all the songs to six of the channels and some character information.

+ locations

Edited by HipsterHillbilly
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Get more cheese than Doritos, Cheetos or Fritos - MF DOOM

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I'm glad to see that you moved on from Gus McDonald. The map looks great. I'm not sure how I feel about you including that much of Canada. What all are we going to do in that much of Canada?


Anyways, I'm waiting to see more.

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slimeball supreme

It's really bugging me how in the story, it says that:

Not one drop of blood has been shed here since five years, until now.

When it should actually say:

Not one drop of blood had been shed here for five years, until now.

Please change it or I will cry.

Sge6QaD.png yURtluV.png

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I'm glad to see that you moved on from Gus McDonald. The map looks great. I'm not sure how I feel about you including that much of Canada. What all are we going to do in that much of Canada?


Anyways, I'm waiting to see more.

Thank you kindly. Yeah, Malik felt more like a black middle-class name, haha. The reason for all the Canadas is because it would look awfully empty otherwise and it would be great hitting racist park rangers with a bat. ;)



Naggy nag nag

Fixed it. ;)


Get more cheese than Doritos, Cheetos or Fritos - MF DOOM

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slimeball supreme

Thank you. My brain might've exploded if it stayed like that.

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Sge6QaD.png yURtluV.png

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You should've put Strings of Life on there for Derrick May's song. Hell, that sh*t was in Midnight Club





Good rest of the soundtrack too

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Right. Strings is a classic, but the dance is also sweet. Sh*t, I'll add strings for the sake of it.



Added information about all locations, and a complete text about Malik.

+ Information about Shaggy, Lick's cousin.

Edited by HipsterHillbilly


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Character bios are very interesting to read. Radio stations seem great. I'm a fan!


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^Thank you! :)


+ Added prologue and messed some with the locations.


Get more cheese than Doritos, Cheetos or Fritos - MF DOOM

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Lock n' Stock

Very well-organised and well-written concept here, I like it alot. The radio stations are great as well, I dig The Factory's playlist.

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This is an absolutely great idea! One thing I could request more radio stations and maybe a little bigger of a map. However I am sure that the map you have currently is just a place holder. But all in all I really like this idea, good job man

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Sometimes all you need is some old Arabic hits to ease your pain




Well, is your concept set in Detroit, or Motor City? I'm getting confused.

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Naughtius Maximus

One of the most interesting and willing concepts I've bumped onto here most recently. As far as I know, Motor City is GTA-universe equivalent to Detroit, which makes me leave more enthuastic for your topic... yup, it'll be a nice show. And all thing about Canada seems promising as well, because I've been a little bit interested and wondered about the illegal activities on U.S - Canada border, and this topic may bring the justice. Also, racism being a major subplot turning around the concept is nice, I mean... racism is a touchy topic no matter wherever you're on the world, and I've always wanted it to be shown more in GTA... also it may work informatively for me, as I'm out of America. Keep up the good work! :^:

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Sometimes all you need is some old Arabic hits to ease your pain


Well, is your concept set in Detroit, or Motor City? I'm getting confused.


sh*te! Well, I fixed it now and I also added the playlists for Poleland Radio, Global Hour and Detroit Motor City Arabic Radio.


Thank you all!


Edited by HipsterHillbilly
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  • 2 weeks later...


New radio stations

New characters

General fix

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  • 1 month later...

revamped the entire story & characters sections. enjoy. or don't. whatever..

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Seymor Cassel's in it? Sold.


Detroit is way overdue it's own game. I want to see where the American Dream goes to die.


How much does Canada figure into the game? How would going back and forth between the two settings happen?

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Seymor Cassel's in it? Sold.


Detroit is way overdue it's own game. I want to see where the American Dream goes to die.


How much does Canada figure into the game? How would going back and forth between the two settings happen?

Not much to be honest. Malik will receive a 5-star wanted level if he cross the MC-W Tunnel or the Admiral Bridge without showing a legit Canadian passport, which he will first receive by Dan (Seymor) later on in the game. There will not be many missions in Westminster as it's real life counterpart, Windsor, is rather crime-free compared to Detroit. There will, however, take place some sidemissions and minigames in Canada such as business management, fares, vigilante missions etcetera. :)

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Get more cheese than Doritos, Cheetos or Fritos - MF DOOM

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Sounds awesome. If you ever made a feature out of dealing drugs or selling guns, I'd love something like in Red Dead where you can buy items cheaper in Mexico and sell them across the border in Blackwater for mega bucks.

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  • 1 month later...

Mission 1 - Exodus From Westminster (Malik)



A police cruiser is seen driving up to a Burger Shot drivethrough.

Malik: Welcome to Burger Shot, how can I help you?
Police Deputy #1: Good evening, sir. This is officer Gunderson from Westminster police department. Were searching for one Malik Jackson, is he working here?
Malik: Ehh, that would be me, officer.
Police Deputy #1: Oh, f*ck. Allright, fellow. Would you get out of the building with your hands to your head?
Police Deputy #2: And bring me a double cheeseburger while you're at it.
Malik: But, officer, what am I being...
Police Deputy #1: Dont question it, son. Get out of here or we will come after you.
Police Deputy #2: Dont forget about my double cheeseburger, thicklips.

Malik, whose face has not been seen yet in the game, walks out of the building toward the police vehicle.

Theme song is played in the background.

Malik: Whats going on, officer? Heres your, eh, double cheeseburger, sir.
Police Deputy #2: Why, thank you.
Police Deputy #1: We have reason to believe that you are the perpetrator in the Liam Tucker case. We are taking you down to the station for questioning. *mumbling the Miranda law*
Malik: But, sir
Police Deputy #2: Dont you even dare, boy.

The screen fades to black and the text nine months later is shown. Frank is walking the prison yard when gunfire suddenly is heard. Inmates start running for the exits and Frank is following. The crowd is led by three men with automatic rifles shooting the guards in their way. The player takes control of Frank who runs for the front of the crowd only with the armed prisoners before him.

OBJECTIVE: Escape the prison

An armed prisoner is shot down by a guard and Malik picks up the dropped gun. He now has to kill the remaining guards assisted by the two remaining armed prisoners.

OBJECTIVE: Escape the area

When well out of the prison, Malik steals an Esperanto and has to escape a 5-star wanted level. This is fairly easy as there are very little cops in the area, the police will give up their search when he is a mile away from the area.

Malik starts hearing flashbacks in his head connected with a sad beat by el-p:

Judge: I sentence the defendant to life in prison by charges of murder and...
Lawyer: Objection!
Judge: Denied. As I...

Malik: But, ma...
Malik's mother: Look what you have gone done, you failed abortion. Don't you ever come back.

Judge: The defendant shall too be banned from travelling across any Canadian borders as they are a citizen of the United States.

OBJECTIVE: Drive to Motor City

Malik picks up his smuggled phone and calls his cousin that lives in the city.

Shaggy: Who this?
Malik: Its Malik, your cousin. Listen, I need...
Shaggy: YO, LICK! What up, my nig? Hows the, ehh, moosef*cking going, eh? Why you aint given your cuz on the right side of the border a visit, bro?
Malik: Thats what I was meaning to talk with you about. You live in Motor City, no?
Shaggy: Yeah, I do, homie. Mint Avenue represent.
Malik: What the f*ck you on, man? I just bust out of the prison. I ne...
Shaggy: *laughs loudly* YOU IN PRISON, N*GGA? What the f*ck you gone? Tax evasion? Paedophilia? Moosef*cking? Lick, you trippin'.
Malik: Eh, f*ck you. Some white dude got shot. I got the blame.
Shaggy: Oh, I get it. Sometimes the temptation gets too big.
Malik: What? No, I did not shoot the motherf*cker. Some other shady n*gga got out.
Shaggy: So, let me think. You sat on your lonely ass doing no harm and then some polite Canadian police officer came to punish your ass and you did How long you been in for? And then you bust out? *laughs*
Malik: Nine months, Shag. Someone shoot the place up and I made a run for it. Listen, Im going to fall asleep on the wheel listening to your soothing voice. Can I crash at yours, or not?
Shaggy: Sure, sure. But you oughta tell me the full story later. Oh, and its 1176 Mint Avenue. The keys are under the carpet that says I dont call 911. Make yourself at home, n*gga. You sleeping on the couch. Dont wet the bed or Ill wet your face.
Malik: *laughs* I want to see that, cousin.

He arrives at the house at around midnight.

OBJECTIVE: Grab the keys and enter the house

He is introduced to the safehouse and pulls his prison overall off showing a big stab wound on his back. He then walks in to Shaggy's room and finds a pair of gray pants and a white tank top. With Danny Browns
playing in the background he lies down in the couch and close his eyes. The cutscene fades to black but is abrupted when Malik is awakened by his phone ringing.




Mission 2 - Highfivers (Shaggy)



Malik receives a phonecall.

Malik: Yeah!?
Shaggy: Whats up, cousin? We need your help with something. Could you get your ass down to the pawn shop at Bourbon Street?
Malik: First off, Bourbon Street? Where the f*ck is that? Secondly, thrift shop? *laughs* what the f*ck you doing at a thrift shop, homie?
Shaggy: N*gga, I got to get paid.
Malik: Oh, so youre not the strong backbone gangbanger you fronting as, huh?
Shaggy: F*ck you. The cops wont suspect a n*gga working at a thrift shop, homie.
Malik: Allright, Shag, I feel you. Wheres Bourbon Street at?
Shaggy: Just take a left on your mama.
Malik: What? For real, though?
Shaggy: Use the force, Malik.
Malik: Man, f*ck you. Theres a GPS in this thing anyway. And oh, what the f*ck was that? Someone drove a f*cking tank through your crib or what?
Shaggy: *laughs* Glad you made yourself at home.
Malik: There seriously has to be someone else in this f*cked up country wanting to borrow their couch me.
Shaggy: I should probably tell you that that couch you were sleeping on was 20 percent couch and 100 percent semen.
Malik: I rest my case.

A 'S' appears on the map at the location of the thrift shop. When Malik arrives to the thrift shop, he is greeted by a very ecstatic Shaggy.

Shaggy: SHORTY!
Malik: FATTY!
Shaggy: *grips Maliks throat* f*ck you, bully.
Malik: *hoarsely* Chill, man, I was joking.
Shaggy: Me too, motherf*cker. Ah, isnt this nice? We meet again after all those years. What you been up to, n*gga?
Malik: Well, its all f*cked. My parents
Shaggy: Who cares, right? Yo, were up to something, aight? Were going to drive down to block market and grab a bag of dime, you in?
Malik: Bag of dime? Whats that supposed to mean?
Shaggy: Ganja? Weed? Marijayjay?
Malik: Oh shoot! Yeah, Im in.
Shaggy: Woah! Chill down with the enthusiasm, man. I know you probably dont have much green up north, but sh*t.
Malik: Nah, youre right. We dont. A bag of green usually costs around 300 bucks.
Shaggy: 300 BUCKS? Dude, that green better be golden. Ey, yo, let me think. How about you drive across the border flashing that fancy Canadian passport of yours and sell green for the double price in Westminster?
Malik: I would, but my passport was drawn.
Shaggy: What? For real? You cant go back to Canada?
Malik: Not legally, no. I never became a citizen of Canada so they banned me.
Shaggy: Damn, your government got no chill.
Malik: Eh, can we talk bout something else? This weathers nice, huh?

The rain is seen bouncing against the shops windows like a Patois woman on the dancefloor.

Shaggy: *shouts* YO, D! Theres someone Id like you to meet.
D: *walks toward the two cousins* Who you want me to meet, Shag?
Shaggy: Are you blind or something, n*gga? This is my cousin Malik. *Satirically* Hes all the way from, Canada. So be nice to him!
D: Oh, Canada, eh? *laughs* Whats up, n*gga? *sips on flask* You paying this fine bovine a visit?
Shaggy: Ah, you know. I just decided to stop by in east Motor City to watch the place that makes America great. Nah, man, I just got out of Michigan State
D: *takes another sip* The jail or the college? Judging by the way youre dressed Im guessing the last one.

Shaggy sees Maliks clothes and raises his eyebrows.

Shaggy: Man, those are my f*cking clothes.
Malik: Ey, Shag. Sharing is caring.
Shaggy: Get your own f*cking clothes. Heres a small donation, go get yourself something beautiful. Buy anything in here, Im feeling generous.
Malik: Thanks, man. Wait This is This is ten dollars!?
Shaggy: Yeah, I said I felt generous. Now go buy something. Ill give you a 50 percent discount if you suck my dick, n*gga.
D: What the f*ck, shag? You want your f*cking cousin perform oral sex on you?
Malik: Allright, allright. Ill pay full price. Whatever, man.
Shaggy: Man, f*ck you both.
D: Thanks, but no thanks, n*gga.

Malik walks away

Shaggy: IT WAS A JOKE! ILL GIVE YOU A DISCOUNT ANYWAY. *talks to D* Why the f*ck you gonna make fun of me all the time?

The player takes control over Malik. They are introduced to the thrift shop.

OBJECTIVE: Buy some clothes

(If the clothes chosen look feminine)
D: Oh, if it isnt Poppy Mitchell.
Malik: Go suck a baby dick, motherf*cker.
D: *laughs*

(If the clothes chosen look cheap and firm)
D: Privjet, comrade. How are we doing this day?
Malik: f*ck you, I had 10 dollars, so I bought clothes for 10 dollars. Motherf*cker.
D: *laughs*

Shaggy: So, are we doing this or nah?
Malik: Hell yes! Im ready to be high as a kite, n*gga.

Both D and Shaggy looks at Malik like hes a ghost.

Shaggy: *puts hand on Maliks shoulder* Do you think you are getting any?
D: Yo, be nice to the boy. He just got out of prison, man. Sharing is caring.
Shaggy: F*ck. Allright! But youre driving, cousin.
Malik: Sure thing. Where to?
Shaggy: The deal is on Missile Street in Block Market.

OBJECTIVE: Go to Missile Street.

Malik: Its D right?
D: Nah, man. My name is Daniel, but this dumb c*nt is too stupid to spell it out.
Shaggy: f*ck you, man. Youre lucky youre such a valuable asset.
D: *satirically* Wow, n*gga. Thats a big word. Good on you!
Shaggy: Ill f*ck your mom.
D: Go for it. I hear sextons earn a lot in this f*cked up city.
Shaggy: Oh, sh*t. Sorry, man. I forgot.
Malik: So, how did you lovebirds meet?
D: Love-meet.net, what else?
Shaggy: We make our living at the same place, fool. Couldnt you tell? You thought D was just casually shopping at a thrift shop? *laughs* Nah, n*gga, not even this cheep motherf*cker would shop at a place like that.
Malik: And you found a common interest in gay tantra sex? Thats so cute.
D: Yo, stop with the gay jokes, man. It was fun at first, but its getting annoying.
Malik: Allright! I was just trying to get down to good old Shags level.
D: Thats cool, but slow it down a bit. Joke about Shags weight or something.
Shaggy: Wait what? You gay, D? Im ok with that as long as you dont stick your dick in my mouth when Im asleep.
D: Uh, really? I mean Im not gay, but its good to know.
Malik: *smugs*

They arrive to Missile Street

Shaggy: Aight, n*ggas. If I remember right this is the spot right here, at the burger shot.
Malik: Youre kidding, right?
Shaggy: Nah, why?
Malik: I worked at burger shot before I did time. I can tell you some nasty secrets if you want.
D: You better shut your little canuck mouth, n*gga.
Shaggy: Yeah, dont tell us.
Malik: If you give me 50 dollars I will.
D: Id rather rip my ears than feed your syrup addiction.
Shaggy: Were doing this or what? That mesa got to be him.

They walk out of the esperanto and greets the dealer behind the Burger Shot.

Dealer: Whats up, ese? Whos the funny guy?
Shaggy: Yo! Thats my cousin. You got the stuff?
Dealer: Yeah, its right here, homie.
Shaggy: Take this uh D, whats the dude called?
D: Thatd be Benjamin Franklin.
Shaggy: Right. Take this Benjamin whatever. *receives the weed*
Dealer: Take care, man.
Shaggy: Yeah, whatever.

OBJECTIVE: Drive home

D: Yo, Malik, mind driving me home?
Malik: No problem, where you going?
D: Just a block away from Shags house. You know, safety distance.
Malik: Of course. Damn, that deal went smooth. You sure we werent ripped off or something?
Shaggy: No? Why would we? Ive been using the same dealer for like 5 years now, n*gga.
Malik: But All the other deals
Shaggy: *laughs* What other deals, man?
Malik: I The movies?! I dont f*cking know, man. Youre telling me we just bought an ounce of herbs for 100 dollars and got away? sh*t.
D: You sure he aint been sniffing on that green already, Shag?
Shaggy: I think hes just mentally ill, D. Why the f*ck all of my family got to be so f*cked up?

D: Thanks for the ride, man. Holler at me on this number *hands note to Malik* if you want to hang out.
Malik: Sure.

They pull up at Shaggys house, but before they can enter, a man stops them.

Cream: Well, well, well. What do we got here? Youve been out shopping, Samuel?
Shaggy: No, we just got home from work.
Cream: Dont be stupid. You can smell the weed from Canada. Whos this funny guy?
Shaggy: Oh, yeah. This is my cousin Lick from Canada. Hes gonna be rolling with us until he can go back to Westminster.
Cream: Sup, Malik? My name is Harold, nice to meet you. Why cant he go back now?
Shaggy: Well thats the thing. He just got out of prison, and his Canadian passport is drawn.
Cream: No way. Aint you the funny fellow who owes my boys some protection money?
Malik: Eh I think you have mistaken me for somebody else, man.
Cream: Nah, n*gga. You that fool, aint you? Well, my boys want their money back or youll never go back to anywhere. Capische?
Malik: Allright.
Cream: Say it, man.
Malik: Say what?
Shaggy: Just say it, Lick.
Cream: f*cking capische, man.
Malik: Oh, capische.
Cream: Good boy. And, yo Shag. You can keep the weed, as a welcome gift to your boy Mr. Slowhead here.

Cream walks away and they exit the car and enters the house.

Shaggy: Welcome back to paradise, my brother, welcome back.

Reward: -
Achievement: Welcome back to paradise (Complete the first mission)


Edited by HipsterHillbilly
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Nice Update. I really liked that description of the Motor City Metro Area there :p

The mission was great. No better way to start off the plot in a Detroit based city than with a drug deal, imo. Waiting to see more. :)

Also, about the drugs table, I think you should report the post in question with the request of fixing the tables. That way, you're more likely to get a mod's attention :^:

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  • 2 weeks later...

I really like the Dark Net stuff. I'm more a face to face guy for getting my sweets but nothing says modern day more than buying your highs off the internet. Good sh*t.

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I think I got help with the table, now it should look well on the web version atleast.


How'd ya like the drugs table by the way, Tyla? I put a little difference in price according to the location, I think it should capture reality pretty well also.


Worth to mention is that there would be certain buyers in the game who would order massive amounts of drugs, not only a bag per buy. Malik could also hire people to sell them for him (taking a certain percentage, determined by the player, for himself).


Hmmm... Any feedback or ideas about the dealing gameplay is much appreciated. :)

Edited by HipsterHillbilly


Get more cheese than Doritos, Cheetos or Fritos - MF DOOM

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I like the concept, is it possible to get a better map?

What is your main pet peeve with it?


Get more cheese than Doritos, Cheetos or Fritos - MF DOOM

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I like the concept, is it possible to get a better map?

What is your main pet peeve with it?


It's just a land mass. No roads, no cities. Nothing.

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I like the concept, is it possible to get a better map?


What is your main pet peeve with it?


It's just a land mass. No roads, no cities. Nothing.Ah, well. I'm a lazy f*ck who's got no time for roads. I thought it would be easier to just divide the landmass into the different areas that they represent. If you'd like to create a better map, be my guest. :)


Get more cheese than Doritos, Cheetos or Fritos - MF DOOM

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I like the concept, is it possible to get a better map?

What is your main pet peeve with it?
It's just a land mass. No roads, no cities. Nothing.
Ah, well. I'm a lazy f*ck who's got no time for roads. I thought it would be easier to just divide the landmass into the different areas that they represent. If you'd like to create a better map, be my guest. :)



I'd request it in the 'requests' section. If you're lucky, maybe Graven will pick it up. He's pretty good.

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