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''Unable to access rockstar servers''


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''Unable to access rockstar servers. Activation of GTA V requires an internet connection. Please check your connection and click Retry, or click Cancel to quit.''


I want to play GTA 5 now. I do not want to update the game, wait 40 minutes and then install all mods again. I am not interested in Online. I have never even tried it on PC and I never will. How do I solve this problem? Why do I even have to bother if i'm playing singleplayer? I am so damn fed up with all these idiotic updates.

Edited by Cyper
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Even if you play singleplayer in offline mode ,the game will ask you to connect to internet (cause of DRM),so connect to internet and launch the game , then you will be able to play offline for few times before asking again to connect to internet .....

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yeah only possible is to pirate the game and crack it, then u can play without internet but legit not possible sorry.


Not entirely accurate. I have a legit payed copy(Steam) that I use the crack on.

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This is so incredibly stupid. I do not have any problems with DRM. I am all against piracy in general. The problem we see now is that you're punished if you mod the game. Because every time it updates, it reset changed ingame files. Why.... just why? I understand if the game do it for people who play online to avoid cheating, but I never play Online, and I never will.

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