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[V-PC] List of all IPLs

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Hello, I have made a list that contains all the IPLs in the game. (Including the latest patches/dlc and the overworld)


Right now the list doesn't contain any position information about the IPLs.


If someone knows position data please post it here to fulfill the list.


List can be found here : http://pastebin.com/pwkh0uRP

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Here are a few coords:


airfield                // 1743.682f, 3286.251f, 40.0875fAP1_04_TriAf01          // -1277.629f, -2030.913f, 1.2823fbh1_16_refurb           // -623.6868f, -231.935f, 40.30703fburgershot_yoga         // -813.3f, 177.5f, 75.76fcargoship               // -90.0f, -2365.8f, 14.3fcanyonriver01           // -532.1309f, 4526.187f, 88.7955fcanyonriver01_traincrash //-532.1309f, 4526.187f, 88.7955fchemgrill_grp1          // 3832.9f, 3665.5f, -23.4fCH3_RD2_BishopsChickenGraffiti //1861.28f, 2402.11f, 58.53fchop_props              // -13.83f, -1455.45f, 31.81fchophillskennel         // 19.0568f, 536.4818f, 169.6277fcoronertrash            //233.9f, -1355f, 30.3f -The MorgueCoroner_Int_off         //234.4f, -1355.6f, 40.5f -The MorgueCoroner_Int_on          //234.4f, -1355.6f, 40.5f -The MorgueCS1_02_cf_offmission    //-72.68752f, 6253.72656f, 31.08991f62fCS1_02_cf_onmission1    //-72.68752f, 6253.72656f, 31.08991f62fCS1_02_cf_onmission2    //-72.68752f, 6253.72656f, 31.08991f62fCS1_02_cf_onmission3    //-72.68752f, 6253.72656f, 31.08991f62fCS1_02_cf_onmission4    //-72.68752f, 6253.72656f, 31.08991f62fCS2_06_TriAf02          //2384.969f, 4277.583f, 30.379fCS3_05_water_grp1       //-24.685f, 3032.92f, 40.331fCS3_05_water_grp2       //-24.685f, 3032.92f, 40.331fcs3_07_mpgates          //-1601.424f, 2808.213f, 16.2598fCS4_04_TriAf03          //1577.881f, 3836.107f, 30.7717fCS5_04_MazeBillboardGraffiti //2697.32f, 3162.18f, 58.1fcs5_4_trains            //2773.61f, 2835.327f, 35.1903fCS5_Roads_RonOilGraffiti //2119.12f, 3058.21f, 53.25fdes_farmhouse           //2447.9f, 4973.4f, 47.7fdes_farmhs_endimap      //2450.595f, 4959.929f //2383.756f, 4929.988f //2505.756f, 5023.988fdes_farmhs_end_occl     //2450.595f, 4959.929fdes_farmhs_startimap    //2450.595f, 4959.929f //2383.756f, 4929.988f //2505.756f, 5023.988fdes_farmhs_start_occl   //2450.595f, 4959.929f, 44.2575fDES_Smash2_endimap      //890.3647f, -2367.289f, 28.10582fDES_Smash2_startimap    //890.3647f, -2367.289f, 28.10582fDES_StiltHouse_imapend  //-1020.5f, 663.41f, 154.75f //-1018.913f, 603.2904f, 105.6611f //-1038.913f, 639.2904f, 135.6611fDES_StiltHouse_imapstart //-1020.5f, 663.41f, 154.75f //-1018.913f, 603.2904f, 105.6611f //-1038.913f, 639.2904f, 135.6611fdes_stilthouse_rebuild  //-1020.5f, 663.41f, 154.75f //-1018.913f, 603.2904f, 105.6611f //-1038.913f, 639.2904f, 135.6611fDT1_05_HC_REMOVE        //169f, -670.3f, 41.9fDT1_05_HC_REQ           //169f, -670.3f, 41.9fDT1_05_REQUEST          //163.4f, -745.7f, 251fDT1_05_rubble           //74.29f, -736.05f, 46.76fDT1_17_OldBill          //391.81f, -962.71f, 41.97fDT1_17_NewBill          //391.81f, -962.71f, 41.97fDT1_21_prop_lift_on     //-180.5771f, -1016.928f, 28.2893ffakeint                 //-59.7936f, -1098.784f, 27.2612ffarm                    //2447.9f, 4973.4f, 47.7ffarm_burnt              //2447.9f, 4973.4f, 47.7ffarm_burnt_props        //2447.9f, 4973.4f, 47.7ffarmint_cap             //2447.9f, 4973.4f, 47.7ffarmint                 //2447.9f, 4973.4f, 47.7ffarm_props              //2447.9f, 4973.4f, 47.7fFBI_colPLUG             //74.29f, -736.05f, 46.76fFIBlobby                //105.4557f, -745.4835f, 44.7548fFIBlobbyfake            //105.4557f, -745.4835f, 44.7548fFBI_repair              //74.29f, -736.05f, 46.76fferris_finale_Anim      //-1675.178f, -1143.605f, 12.0175fFruitBB                 //-1327.46f, -274.82f, 54.25fgasparticle_grp2        //-95.2f, 6411.3f, 31.5fgasstation_ipl_group1   //-93.4f, 6410.9f, 36.8fgasstation_ipl_group2   //-93.4f, 6410.9f, 36.8fhei_yacht_heist // -2043.974f, -1031.582f, 11.981fhei_yacht_heist_Barhei_yacht_heist_Bedrmhei_yacht_heist_Bridgehei_yacht_heist_DistantLightshei_yacht_heist_enginrmhei_yacht_heist_LODLightshei_yacht_heist_Loungehei_carrier // 3069.98f, -4632.49f, 16.26fhei_carrier_DistantLightshei_Carrier_int1hei_Carrier_int2hei_Carrier_int3hei_Carrier_int4hei_Carrier_int5hei_Carrier_int6hei_carrier_LODLightsid2_14_during_door //716.84f, -962.05f, 31.59f id2_14_during1 //716.84f, -962.05f, 31.59f id2_14_during2 //716.84f, -962.05f, 31.59f id2_14_on_fire //716.84f, -962.05f, 31.59f id2_14_post_no_int //716.84f, -962.05f, 31.59f id2_14_pre_no_int //716.84f, -962.05f, 31.59f Jetsteal_ipl_grp1 //787.3967f, -1808.858f, 29.8532 //814f, -1750f, 20f //790f, -1899f, 35f Jetsteal_ipl_grp2 //787.3967f, -1808.858f, 29.8532 //814f, -1750f, 20f //790f, -1899f, 35f jetstealtunnel //801.7f, -1810.8f, 23.3f jewel2fake //-630.4205f, -236.7843f, 37.057f Jewel_Gasmasks //707.2563f, -965.147f, 29.4179f layer_sextoys_a //-1157.129f, -1523.028f, 9.6327f layer_torture //-1157.129f, -1523.028f, 9.6327f ld_rail_02_track //2626.374f, 2949.869f, 39.1409f Michael_premier //-813.3f, 177.5f, 75.76f occl_meth_grp1 //29.4838f, 3735.593f, 38.688f Plane_crash_trench //2814.7f, 4758.5f, 47.9f post_hiest_unload //-630.4205f, -236.7843f, 37.057f prop_cheetah_covered //490.8999f, -1334.068f, 28.3298f prop_entityXF_covered //490.8999f, -1334.068f, 28.3298f prop_jb700_covered //490.8999f, -1334.068f, 28.3298f prop_ztype_covered //490.8999f, -1334.068f, 28.3298f railing_end //-532.1309f, 4526.187f, 88.7955frailing_start //-532.1309f, 4526.187f, 88.7955f RC12B_Default //330.4596f, -584.8196f, 42.3174f RC12B_Destroyed //330.4596f, -584.8196f, 42.3174f RC12B_Fixed //330.4596f, -584.8196f, 42.3174f RC12B_HospitalInterior //330.4596f, -584.8196f, 42.3174f refit_unload //-583.1606f, -282.3967f, 35.394f SC1_01_NewBill //-351f, -1324f, 44.02f SC1_01_OldBill //-351f, -1324f, 44.02f shr_int //-59.7936f, -1098.784f, 27.2612f smboat // -2045.8f, -1031.2f, 11.9f sunkcargoship //-162.8918f, -2365.7690f, 0f tankerexp_grp0 //1676.415f, -1626.37f tankerexp_grp1 //1676.415f, -1626.37f tankerexp_grp2 //1676.415f, -1626.37f tankerexp_grp3 //1676.415f, -1626.37f TrevorsMP //1973f, 3815f, 34f TrevorsTrailer //1973f, 3815f, 34f TrevorsTrailerTidy //1973f, 3815f, 34f TrevorsTrailerTrash //1973f, 3815f, 34f TRV1_Trail_end //-24.685f, 3032.92f TRV1_Trail_Finish //-24.685f, 3032.92f TRV1_Trail_start //-24.685f, 3032.92f UFO // -2051.99463f, 3237.05835f, 1456.97021f // 2490.47729f, 3774.84351f, 2414.035f V_35_Fireman //707.2563f, -965.147f, 29.4179f v_carshowroom //-30.8793f, -1088.336f, 25.4221f V_Michael //-811.2679f, 179.3344f, 75.7408f V_Michael_Garage //-810.5301f, 187.7868f, 71.4786f V_Michael_FameShame //-810.5301f, 187.7868f, 71.4786f V_Michael_JewelHeist //-813.3f, 177.5f, 75.76f V_Michael_plane_ticket //-813.3f, 177.5f, 75.76f V_Michael_Scuba //-810.5301f, 187.7868f, 71.4786f v_tunnel_hole //-14.651f, -604.3639f, 25.1823f v_tunnel_hole_swap //-14.651f, -604.3639f, 25.1823f yogagame //-781.6566f, 186.8937f, 71.8352f FINBANK // 2.69689322f, -667.0166f, 16.1306286f DT1_03_Shutter // 23.9346f, -669.7552f, 30.8853f DT1_03_Gr_Closed // 23.7318f, -647.2123f, 37.9549f DES_tankercrash // 1676.415f, -1626.37f, 111.4848f hei_dt1_19_interior_0_heist_police_dlc_milo // 464.097f, -997.810f, 24.915f {North Yankton} plg_01 // 3545.674f, -4681.895f, 114.206f prologue01 prologue01_lod prologue01c prologue01c_lod prologue01d prologue01d_lod prologue01e prologue01e_lod prologue01f prologue01f_lod prologue01g prologue01h prologue01h_lod prologue01i prologue01i_lod prologue01j prologue01j_lod prologue01k prologue01k_lod prologue01z prologue01z_lod plg_02 prologue02 prologue02_lod plg_03 prologue03 prologue03_lod prologue03b prologue03b_lod prologue03_grv_dug prologue03_grv_dug_lod prologue_grv_torch plg_04 prologue04 prologue04_lod prologue04b prologue04b_lod prologue04_coverdes_protree_end des_protree_start des_protree_start_lod plg_05 prologue05 prologue05_lod prologue05b prologue05b_lod plg_06 prologue06 prologue06_lod prologue06b prologue06b_lod prologue06_int prologue06_int_lod prologue06_pannel prologue06_pannel_lod prologue_m2_door prologue_m2_door_lod plg_occl_00 prologue_occl plg_rd prologuerd prologuerdb prologuerd_lod {/North Yankton}



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On 1/11/2020 at 6:17 AM, DurtyFree said:

Just dropping this in case some one still needs it, I have dumped       : 1018 ipls, 537 interiors & 4973 interior entity sets in total https://github.com/DurtyFree/gta-v-data-dumps/blob/master/ipls.json

Nice, can you compress navigation meshes (450+ MB).

+ Now something happened and cant download it at all.

Edited by gta.bullet

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On 1/11/2020 at 11:18 PM, gta.bullet said:

Nice, can you compress navigation meshes (450+ MB).

+ Now something happened and cant download it at all.

Sadly I have reached github bandwidth limit for this month.

Messagepack is already very compressed tho, I tried compressing it in 7z ultra, got it from 576mb total to 405mb. Will be pushed some time coming weeks.

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Nice to hear that. Will wait.

Edited by gta.bullet

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