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what was your best 1 vs 1 deathmatch?


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we all know that the 1 vs 1 deathmatches have 1 big problem (other player can interfere with it), tonight i didn't really have that problem since a lot of it was on rooftops i even once blew up my oppenent's supercar with a homing rocket because he was trying to shoot me from it, it cost me $9k and a bad sport warning :whistle: , eventually i made my way to one of the subway entrances and laid out a couple of mines and killed my opponent again, after that he abandoned the deathmatch, i won 4 - 1. :cool:

what was your best 1 vs 1 deathmatch?

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All the ones I just texted back to the other player "LOL", followed with Sad Trombone horn as I'm leaving.

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I had a particularly memorable hilltop battle once with a mutual agreement to only use muskets.


It was the day I became a gentleman in fact.

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The time when I asked a random player if they could help me out to complete Daily Objectives with a 1v1 and not only did they accept, they made use of cover and tactics, didn't spam grenades or explosives and kept me on my toes for the full five minutes. Then a salute once it was over, and they went on their way. I think it was a 4-4 draw in the end.


Thanks dude, whoever you are :D

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There was this squeaker who was trash talking everybody in the lobby. Of course I was getting pissed by that, so I killed him a couple of times, on which he said that I'm a "little fag" (oh the irony) and sure enough, a 1v1 DM invite came from him. Ofc I couldn't resist so I accepted and rekt him 5:0. He was swearing and crying, it was soo awesome. After I won, he left :)

Edited by kulomet333
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The only time I really had any battles in free roam were in the first month.


Some assmunch in a buzzard kept bombing the area trying to hit me, ended up sniping him out with one shot to the head while he was moving full speed about a block and a half away moving from west to east at a difficult to hit angle.


Such a shame the 360 never had a record feature.

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At first i thought you were talking about the deathmatch jobs.


For the freeroam 1vs1 thing, normally i will accept it and let my crew mate to kick the ass out of that poor guy. All of which are the best for me.

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Most people who request deathmatches are are used to tapping square to respawn in COD and destiny, and don't actually want a deathmatch. Often a newbie. Just sayin'...

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Okay, this isnt my best 1 vs 1 but it was one of the better ones I remember. So there was some lvl 270 dude trolling a lvl 7. Just following him and blowing him up. I was like this is stupid. I'm lvl 344 at the time so I was like, come pick on someone your own size and so he did. I bombed his car he stole. Then he came after me in the stupid Kuruma, and I blew it up. Next he came after me with an insurgent. So I miniguned him out and he decided to try one more time. By this time I had 4 stars so I was hiding in an alley. The dude comes to me with his insurgent backwards and starts unleashing lead. I pop out 3 times and shoot with my heavy sniper. The third try, I killed him. Afterwards I noticed his insurgent disappeared and then at the bottom "blahblah has left". Totally satisfactory victory. This all occured while some other crazies were trying to kill me for killing the lvl 270. Gotta love the chaos in freemode.

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Well the obvious answer is 5-0. I don't really do those 1v1 because of other players, plenty of times we've took it to a death match though, 1v1 still but in a much more controlled manner. Had some really good games with some players who didn't play cheap, we both just went at it, nothing better than meting your match who plays clean and you have a good 10 minutes of sweaty palms and smoking like a chimney. Will happily take a loss in those situations.

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i only accept those things if nobody is in the inviroment and i know im gonna win.

i think they are kinda useless

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As I have said a few times on this forum already, my best 1v1 was back when I was on PS3. Me on foot vs a tank. Either he was a sh*t driver or I was extremely lucky. Anyhow, a few rockets later the tank was gone and the player left... typical.

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My favorite was when I got challenged to a 1v1, and walked away for a few minutes to get a drink because I merely had to finish it for a daily objective and didn't care if I won or lost. I come back with about 20 seconds left on the 5 minute timer to find I haven't died at all, even though the other guy is now driving towards me, probably finally realizing I was AFk. With about 10 second left, he pulls up to kill me, but not being AFK anymore I simply shoot him as he exits the car and win. I can only imagine how annoyed he must have been.

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Sentinel Driver

- Someone rushes at me

- I shotgun him

- He leaves

- I win with score 1 - 0

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