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[PS4][GMT] Car Meet Weekly Event.


Recommended Posts

PS4 GMT Car Meets


​We are setting up car meets on the PS4 for those who have a passion for cars and meeting new people while having fun. We have hangouts, Ride alongs, drags and have random events

Important Information:

:Members Must add PSN: TheRacerboy5

:Members Must post their gamertag below

:Members Must be patient as I will notify members here on this forum and message on PS4 of upcoming events and times

:There Will be two PS4 chat groups created

One is to be used only by me to notify members of upcoming Events (Only I Have permission to comment in this one)

One is to be used for a members discussion where anyone can post and comment.

:Please follow rules when in the Meetup.

:If a member wants to leave message me personally here or on psn.

:Most importantly have Fun. :D

Feel Free to ask any Questions

Meeting Schedule


Tomorrow 24/09/15 : 19:30GMT

Saturday 26/09/15 : 18:30GMT

Saturday 03/10/15 : TBC

**********TIME ZONE CONVERTER**********

*** http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html ***

Edited by TheRacerboy5
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I like your concept here, Street Messiah have a community full of member who would love to be apart of this, Http://www.street-messiah.com check them out and post your message in the forums

Thanks for the advice will check them out when I get home today.

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Tonights Meetup Members













Edited by TheRacerboy5
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Car Meet Tonight 24/09/2015 at 19:30GMT

I will send out invites at 19:15GMT

Once you get your invite join the session and head over

to the Del Pierro Pier (The One with the Ferris Wheel)

Tonights Rules are as Follows.

(1) Any CAR is allowed to tonights meet.

(2) Please Respect other members and do

not kill anyone or destroy their cars.

(3) Please use gamechat Only as this is

important for things to run smoothly.

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