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I loved my mother. I really loved her. That was why I decided to kill her. Someone had to do it, and it was me. My mother was a lovely lady in her mid-40s and come to think about it, there was nothing wrong with her. She was not abusive. She was not a narcissist. She always cooked me breakfast before I went to school and always took care of me when I, for instance, broke my arms. Everything was flawless, and I hated it. I hated the fact that she didn’t abuse me. I hated the fact that she didn’t think I was a failure. To be honest, I was sociable, always got Straight A’s and I hated that fact too. It was perfect. I decided that I had had enough of it. That I was to take actions. So I did. If my memory serves, it was a beautiful Thursday. She was, as always sitting on her bed writing something on her notepad. Next to her was a vintage-looking cup of idea. She looked and smiled at me like nothing was wrong. She still didn’t know.

“Mom, I have something I need to tell you.” I said with calm.
“What is it, dear?” she said and turned the notepad’s page, still smiling.
Suddenly, she felt like there was something wrong with her from the look of it. I wasn’t surprised, as I had spiked her with some chemical compound I found that was said to be very toxic, which formula I’ve forgot.
“What…is happening to me?”
"Everything is going to be okay." I lied to her as I held her in my arms.

She was writhing around on the floor for a while before she choked and died. What a relief, I thought. Then I forgot that she wasn’t my mother.

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this is kinda scary , to be honest.


goddamnit , why am i such a coward ? i'm feeling chills running down my spine already.

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