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Failure to Heist


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Heists are a great way to make money and play with friends but when we can't get friends to play hosts have to rely on strangers and hope they can cooperate with each other. This is fine because sometimes these strangers become friends but when we host and auto-invite I find players of low levels who haven't unlocked their own heists joining and sabotaging the heist setups because they don't know how to play the game yet. As set by Rockstar Heists aren't unlocked until each individual character reaches level 12 so is it really fair that players under level 12 can join other people's Heists and Set-ups?


Not trying to sound unfair but I don't agree that players under level 12 can join Heists or Heist Set-ups without unlocking their own first. Even if it is a second character of the same profile the character may not have the skills to successfully complete a Heist or Heist Set-up. If they could without issue Rockstar would not have locked Heists until level 12, which by then players would know the game better and would have possibly leveled their skills a little.


It's annoying to put time into a Set-up and Heist only to have the underlevel player die repeatedly because their skills are still at base level from starting the game. They may not sabotage intentionally but it ruins the gameplay for the other players who have unlocked heists and have the appropriate skills to complete it. I believe it isn't fair for players who have unlocked Heists and it may be something Rockstar overlooked.


Has anything like this happened to anyone else and what are your opinions?

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Maya Echo Visari

If I had it my way, heist requirements would be like this; You can't join a heist or a setup unless:


● You have a Heavy Vest and a helmet equipped in an outfit slot.


● You own at least the Special Carbine and Marksman Rifle.


● You are in posession of a personal vehicle.


● You have snacks


● You completed the Flecca Job.


I don't mind playing with randoms, but the problem is that they never seem to come prepared. I had a newbie ride shotgun with me toward an objective, but we actually failed it beforehand because she was taking arms with the standard pistol and got killed. So instead of going to the quarry, I lodged my car by the double red doors of Ammu-Nation so she'd be forced to enter the store if she wanted to get out of the car.


At level 10, I think maybe it might be time to buy a new gun.

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Some of the suggested requirements might be a little strict especially since Rockstar wants people to keep playing the game and joining online activities with other players but I understand your frustration. Since the Fleeca job is pretty much a tutorial maybe they should have at least completed that first. Joining social club would also give them some weapons and a decent starter car to upgrade enough to get them started.


It gets tiresome when very low level players join a set-up or even the heist finale and then other players have to babysit them to make sure they don't get killed. I'm a good sport in that if I see someone who's a little mixed up about what to do to explain it to them but if the person has to be monkeyguarded the whole time it takes away from my enjoyment of the game. Even if players do come prepared there still might be some accidents but we can eliminate the silly things if people are at least comfortable with the game before trying to join someone else's heist. Rockstar wants to ecourage people to work together in the Heists so I can see why they wouldn't put too many restrictions on it but if Heists are not unlocked until level 12 it proves that levels below that may not be prepared to complete heists as they are either not yet comfortable/competent of the game or their player skills may not be honed enough to survive and contribute effectively.

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that's why i usually kick any player below level 30 from my heists.

although i know that there are some exceptions to who this might be unfair but this is the best thing to do from my experience.

but still alot of players above rank 30 do the same silly things as they seem to simply refuse to read the instructions on the screen.

Edited by size_m
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Maya Echo Visari

I can never bring myself to get frustrated because this game doesn't really help the newcomer as far as I know. It pretty much just throws the game at them and you're on your own after level 6. The game provides little information for the player.


Bare in mind, I was spitballing ideas. And the idea that you have to buy snacks to join a setup is ridiculous, but I think the rest are pretty reasonable.


It took me 'till around level 30 or 40 before I realized I could buy and use snacks to refill my health. The game actually does tell you, but only for a brief moment that you'd be lucky to see it, while robbing a store or being chased by cops and/or players.


This game could really benefit from a simple in-game manual.

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Not everyone is friend-poor and has these problems. For my crew, we like to recruit those at low level ranks, and bring up their money and RP fast by getting them in heists, teaching them the ropes, and only letting them do what they can handle. If you got a problem with random low ranking players joining your heists, you can always kick 'em when you're the host.

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It's a good point, the game does kind of throw new players out there and I think it's really good some crews are supportive enough to help them out. New players are very eager to get into the game and it's a nice thing to help get them set up with the know how and some money. We could boot low levels but I don't think it's fair to have to do that and if Rockstar would intervene it would make gameplay more fair. I've booted players that are rude and intentionally mess around but new players just want to get into the game to level up, make money and advance so it isn't their fault but something Rockstar overlooked.


And carrying snacks and armor is wise no matter what level, I can't start a Heist without making sure snacks and armor are full. Might not always need them but it's good to be prepared right?

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Never join a post-Fleeca finale without good Snack/Armour reserves.


I've only been playing GTAO for a couple of months and I have to say, anyone joining The Pac SJ Finale below rank 30/40 is doomed.(I found out the hard way).


Eager to learn and earn cash at lowly rank 12 I thought it would be a good idea to join this heist. It wasn't. I got absolutely slaughtered.


Let's face it, the PSJ Finale is no walk in the park and on hard it can be brutal especially if NOOSE are involved. By the 3rd or 4th 'restart' lower rank snacks and armour reserves will be gone. leaving you with restart armour and little else. I didn't play the Pac S job again until I was up past 40. Not fair to the rest of the crew if you're the one dying all the time. LOWER RANKS TAKE NOTE lol.


Can I also just say. to higher ranks as well, there's no shame in wearing the heavy body armour for Humane labs Heist. (Valkyrie/Hydra/Finale).


You may look sharp in your grey suit and tie but you're still being a tool, just choose the heavy armour.


Good post.

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Both my characters are over 100 and I am always doing stupid stuff, because I am always instinctively testing the game. I accidentally beach vehicles like a fat man eats M&Ms. Some people may have only a level 12, but IT'S THEIR SECOND/REDONE CHARACTER

Edited by unc13bud
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More often than not it is a second character but the lower levels are pretty restricted when it comes to how much armor can be carried and skill stats such as strength which correlate with that character's health. It is possible to complete Heists with low levels but it notably harder, knowing the game does give people with low level second characters a helpful advantage though.


I also have a second character and in trying to do Heists I noticed the difference in difficulty from my first character especially since Heists become progressively more challenging. When Heists came out my primary character was already almost level 50 so there is some bias in my experience and I had made my second character a few months after Heists came out. I didn't have too much difficulty with helping out on the Prison Break Heist and Fleeca was a breeze because it was pretty much a tutorial and I had done all Heists with my primary character already so I knew what to do but the Humane Labs Raid, Series A and Pacific Standard Job gave me a hard time. When I joined Heists with my second character I was between levels 7 and 14 and I was killed off quickly unless I was 'carried' by other team members. I didn't feel it was fair to them and I know how it feels on both sides of the fence when I have to 'carry' low level players. New characters level pretty quickly in the beginning so there's not much need to rush into Heists, especially if they are second characters because they shouldn't be too hard up for money and there are other means of leveling up.

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