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Remote trainer for GTA V (Android only)


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This is trainer which is installed on your android phone. No in game menus or keyboard shorcuts (just page down to enable mod). How much i searched this is first mod of this kind. :cool:

Now i don't have a lot of time to work on this mod, but i will try to update it as frequently as possible.


To make it work you need to have:


Currently with this trainer you can:

  • Teleport (15 predefined locations + you can save 3 custom locations of your choice)
  • Roll down/up windows, open/close doors (hood,trunk)
  • Turn neon on/off
  • Change time or sync it with pc time; change weather (8 options)
  • Spawn over 170 vehicles
  • Customize vehicle (engine, turbo, transmission, suspension, brakes, wheels, colors(primary,secondary, rims color, neon color), windows tint,plates (text and colors), bumpers, spoilers, hoods, exhausts, fenders, .....)
  • Map (currently just showing in game location on map on your phone, working on it to be like google maps :lol: )

You can download mode here and also find installation instructions. :)



Here is

showing latest version (3.0) not all mod features are shown in video:)


Currently working on improving map (current map sometimes doesn't work), after that vehicle spawn menu must be improved. Pls don't ask me about iOS version :sui:


More things and cmds is going to be added, when? i don't know. Already i spent over 40 days on making this mod (coding & design not most beautiful but will get a job done)

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