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How would San Andreas have concluded if CJ refused to help Sweet take


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CJ is a bit submissive; he'll do just about any job he's asked to, whether keen or reluctant to. When Toreno has Sweet released from prison, Sweet's mentality hasn't changed a bit, and he still longs to get the hood back to how it was "back in the day", or at least before Brian was killed. The argument between CJ and Sweet was basically the only time CJ vehemently believes that they should just move on from the hood, to "better" things, like Madd Dogg's home in the hills and the casino racket in Las Venturas, however once again he is verbally beat down by Sweet, and agrees to take back the Grove. This is a pivotal point in the story, and leads onto the final leg.


My question is: how do you think the story would have ended if CJ told Sweet to stick it and fight the Ballas and Vagos himself?


This is my thinking: Sweet would probably have been killed, and Big Smoke would have eventually been taken out by the military after Los Santos had completely collapsed in on itself during the riots. The riots would have gone on for much longer and probably would have destroyed most of the city, seeing as how Tenpenny could escape, which is why I think the military eventually would have been called in. As for CJ, I think he would have gone on to become a high-ranking member of the Triad faction, alongside Woozie. Kendl would probably estrange CJ, but Cesar and CJ would remain amicable, if not good friends (despite Cesar marrying Kendl, who would have objections to that). I reckon she'd eventually come around though, and see the value in CJ's decision, the opposite of which led to much, much more loss of (gangster) life at his hands.

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The Game Story is based wholly on the "Family Blood" is a big thing, and it is with simple minded folks.

For the kinder who "demand" a Story; The game would not be worth playing without the "STORY".

Lacking imagination where the Player decides on his/her own story links it would be unplayable.

That Carl (in a fantasy world) could cut Sweet loose and live his own life is unthinkable. .


** Carl Johnson Appreciation Thread[/b]


**[/url]http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=461468 What kind of creep is Sweet

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That Carl (in a fantasy world) could cut Sweet loose and live his own life is unthinkable


But Carl did exactly that as he left his family behind and headed to Liberty City after Brian's death. I realize San Andreas is a tale of Carl's redemption and reconnection with Grove Street and his own family, however whisking his family off and out of the Grove wouldn't have been "unthinkable". Sweet could have changed his mind, listened to CJ for once, however it's back to square one during Homecoming. I felt a little perturbed by this, as nothing had changed after all the work I'd put in, all the money I'd made, and all the people I'd affected throughout the game.

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There is a difference between "Running Away" and the "Call of Family".

Sweet is Lazy, and Stupid. He's what?... thirtu-five or forty-five and a failure as a gang leader. His two best friends are making it for themselves in the Drug and arms business. Sweet is feeling sorry for himself

Carl's return to the Hood for his mom's burial (Which sweet did not wait) is an indication of Sweet's idea of family.

Carl's need to support the family when the mom died was paramount.

That Carl had to literally take over the important work is well shown.

It comes back to Carl is "Family Oriented", Sweet is "Gang Oriented". Sweet gets Family and Gang confused.

If Carl had the same thought pattern's as Sweet, Carl would have left him to rot in prison, and moved on.

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You seem to forget that CJ's brother had been killed when he "ran away". If there was ever a time for "call of family", that would have been it. CJ wanted out of the hood; I think Brian's death pushed him over the edge, and he escaped knowing he likely would never get his family to follow. Sweet probably saw this as betrayal. Yes, Sweet is gang-oriented, but he also cares very strongly about his family. He apologizes to CJ about being a dick while driving to Cluckin' Bell in Drive Thru. Can't blame him for having a go at CJ considering the circumstances: his mother's death and his crew turning into a bunch of crackheads.


That said, I think it was unfair for Sweet to be so steadfast in Homecoming. CJ had worked for something so much bigger and better while Sweet was on his ass in prison, but Sweet didn't appreciate it because it had no sentimental value to him, the way the Grove did. It really just comes down to different ideologies, but Sweet really seems to forget how many times CJ saved his ass (Sweet's Girl, The Green Sabre). CJ stuck to Sweet and the Grove during the riots; even when Cesar asks for his help, CJ refuses, and then Sweet "corrects" him again by reminding him "all your brother wants you to do is pay your debts". That's the only reason Los Desperados takes place.


Seems that Sweet is consistently pretty hard on CJ but he tends to accept (slow) change from almost anyone else (from beefing with the Varrios to a high-ranking member marrying his sister).

Edited by Helegad
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