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Daniel Evans' First Time Traveling


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Very rough draft. Came up 15 minutes ago, be my judge.




Life was suffering for Daniel Evans. Forty years of his life and yet, he had never truly experienced happiness. What was his desire anyway? He had had it all. A wife whom he made love to once every three days, two kids that got nothing but straight-A’s and a nice house in Ohio. But strange; Daniel still kept questioning himself the purpose of his existence until the day he passed away in a car accident. Granted, his life flashed before his eyes the moment he was dying and he saw himself living his life again. From the moment his mother gave birth to him, to his graduation, his wedding and when Timmy and Samantha were born. Or the moment when he found out about time traveling which led to the faith he had. Everything meant nothing now.

Daniel was more fortunately than most people, being born in a middle-class household in New York. Surprisingly, as a kid he was the opposite of an average Joe like he was as an adult you could imagine. Born an introvert, left-handed, never had any friend except for his older sister Nancy which moved out when she was only sixteen and landed on a killer job. Daniel came out of his mother’s womb when Nancy was only six. He never went to kindergarten and got straight into first grade, so socializing was pure torturing to him. He remembered his first day at school.

“Hi kids! My name is Mary and I will be your teacher.” said whom Daniel considered the most important person in his life.

“Hello, Mrs. Mary!” his whole class whispered.

“I want all of you to introduce yourself. How about you first, Kevin?”

“Hello everyone. My name is Kevin Hill and I am from Texas.” Kevin said.

“Good job, Kevin. And you, Lily?”


Lily was very loud about herself the whole time. Joe’s speech was funny and John’s was a long one. It was Daniel’s turn, “Hi…I’m…I’m Daniel.” Daniel mumbled and that was it. He didn’t even answer Mrs. Mary’s question about where he came from. It was embarrassing, but Mrs. Mary was a good sport enough to not tell his parents.


Daniel’s mother Barbara was cooking dinner and a question struck her, “How was your first day at school, son?”
“Um…find, mom. Mrs. Mary was very nice to me.”
“Great! I hope she’s not being too hard on you.”

“Not at all, mom. These eggs are just heaven.”


It was great. Second grade to fifth grade were fine. Then an incident happened. The incident. Daniel never knew what it was, but he finally found out when he learned about time traveling as a twenty-year-old. And boy, did it change his life forever.

Edited by Tikhung
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