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Head to head crew challenges (PS3/Xbox360) make fast $


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Not sure if this works on new gen, but if you're on old gen, here's a guide and tips how to make fast money legit online.


Make sure ure in a crew, u have a friend? Get him to join ur crew...

Now create a playlist and add a race that you know well or add a race called 50 story megaramp for easy wins...

Now hover over that playlist in "my playlists" and press on R3 (playstation)

Now u will start a head to head challenge with this race, put up a wager of 10k

Now invite your friend and/or crew members, and invite a random from any of your "friends crews"

You don't even have to win! If any of your crew members wins, anyone in the race and in your crew will get victory money.

With a fast and easy race like the 50 story megaramp which is setup in a way that u will always win if u don't go up the ramp(just go straight forward to the finish) you will make 30k every 5 min, just keep doing it over with ur friend and invite anyone from another crew. This is easy and fast money, I made like 100 k in like 20 min just by racing someone who doesn't know the track...

Also the more ppl that join from other crews, the more money u can win...

Easy fast way, just let me know if anyone else up on this? I never seen anyone mention this...

But I find it the best way to make fast money, no ammo loss, quick races, let me know what u think

Edited by 8888
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